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Anderson Cooper Loves Thigh Dancing

Anderson Cooper Loves Thigh Dancing

CNN host Anderson Cooper filled in for Regis Philbin on Friday’s Live with Regis and Kelly!

During one segment, Coop looked on as Kelly Ripa demonstrated some exercises from her Physique 57 class. Anderson looked wildly unconformable as he refused to participate in any of the exercises.

“I don’t like doing any exercises that draws attention to me,” giggled Anderson.

Here are the movements Coop was supposed to join in on: Thigh Dancing, The Lasso, Triceps Can-Can, The Pretzel and The Power Plie. Watch the video below of Anderson giggling his way through Physique 57 movements.

Anderson Cooper Loves Thigh Dancing
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  • jane



    thats funny i love kelly she is so cute and totally makes the show so fun!


  • jocelyyn (: !


  • jocelyyn (: !

    not u_u

  • Jessica

    hilarious. i love kelly. and anderson is just so funny.

  • Buzznet

    I nominate this as possibly the Worst Article Ever

  • GARY

    cooper is always so self conscious. He’s so stodgy and can’t laugh at jokes or do anything that would prove he’s like the other stupid half.
    good journalism, but tends to sneer at every given opportunity at those he thinks are lower than him.

  • clarity


    What are you talking about??? He is witty with a great self deprecating sense of humor

  • jami

    I thought that was very funny. Anderson should have been a better sport, though. He was SO embarrased it was ridiculous

  • Flisbeth

    That was funny! You gotta love him….typical Anderson that was!

  • The mole

    I love when Anderson co-hosts with Kelly. You can tell she likes having him there and that he likes being there.

    Him being so embarrased during the exercise segment was just too cute for words.

  • Bob

    Has Anderson Cooper come out of the closet yet? It’s quite obvious he’s “batting for the other team”, ladies.

  • natalie

    #12 no I dont think he’s come out yet, but its pretty well known, isn’t it?

    I love Anderson.. he usually has to be so serious so I like seeing him out of his element a bit lol

  • Samantha

    Well everyone knows Anderson Cooper is a homosexual he probably thought the exercise would make him appear or look gay. Maybe Anderson is self conscious? I mean its not exactly a secret Anderson is a homosexual. Everyone in New York City already knows.

  • Alexandria

    he is not gay!

    he is so cute and has huge mucscles (yay!)

    i think he did what any man should do…thrusting your crotch and pliaying on national television is not cute…and definitely not manly.

    2 thumbs up!

  • Janie

    Is he gay?

  • Ida

    Aww, he’s cute!

  • carrienae

    Kelly is always hilarious. The two are so funny and cute.

  • HI

    Anderson is a gentleman, those exercise is kind of like for women, you can see he dose work out a lot & is in great shape. I indeed he is a excellent journalism. :)

  • Tommy

    He totally got a boner at the

  • 007

    This is tooo funny!

  • Marieme

    Thank you so much for showing this, JJ! This segment was pre-empted when the show aired on Friday so I missed it.

  • Rae

    I love Anderson. He’s so cute.

  • ronnie

    Anderson actually has a great sense of humor and can be very funny, he just gets self-conscious when Kelly tries to force him to get out of his comfort zone. He was even turning red when Erica Hill and the guys on his 360 crew were teasing him with the same exercise routine that he refused to do.

    And yes, he’s gay, we females really lost out on this one. :(

  • Jenni

    whattttttt he is really gay..nooo

  • Jessica Nyquist

    Those two are hilarious. Very cute.

  • Renee

    Noooo~ HE’S NOT GAY.

  • Mike

    I grow more in love/lust with this man everyday!

  • jeff

    Um, Renee, honey, quite simply: yes. Get over it.

  • sally

    lol, of course he’s not familiar with a term for something he *doesn’t have*. Love his show of discomfort. That was adorable. Of course I’d have loved seeing him do those moves even more, but alas he’s in an occupation where he can afford to be shy.

    Kelly certainly seems to know Anderson’s orientation — it’d be kind of creepy if she routinely did what she does to Anderson to a guy she considered het.

    Frankly, though, I don’t understand why we girls who lust after this beautiful anchor have to *get over* him being gay. It’s not like any of us has a chance of getting him, man or woman. Isn’t it *better* that we can imagine him being in some hot guy’s bed, rather than some hot *woman’s* if our orientations run to men, no matter which gender *we* are? It sure is for me. Not that either of those fantasies doesn’t make me a pretty creepy fan.

  • david

    this guy is ridiculous, he’s everywhere you turn… i don’t see why so many women go crazy over him.. he’s pale as a ghost, dull, has the worst laugh in the world, and says the word “like” 300 times in a minute…
    his journalism is nothing exceptional when compared to journalists outside the US…
    i guess having a family name still makes all the difference

  • ronnie

    Can’t let that negative comment about Anderson be the last word. Anderson’s gorgeous, stylish, classy, intelligent, funny, sexy, mysterious, driven, adventurous and an excellent journalist. Plus his little giggle is adorably cute. A great guy.

  • Denise

    Why is it that every time someone is good looking and refuses to discuss their sexual orientation publicly, they are assumed to be gay? It’s good journalism to not make your personal life public.

    If he is not gay and has a lady friend she is one lucky woman and I am jealous!