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George Clooney: I Am Not the Godfather

George Clooney: I Am Not the Godfather

George Clooney is denying reports he will be the godfather to his pal Brad Pitt‘s fifth child with Angelina Jolie.

Recently, Clooney reportedly joked to paparazzi outside a Los Angeles restaurant that he had been asked by the celebrity couple to be godfather to their child.

Clooney‘s rep made a clarification and said that the Leatherheads star was only joking. “He was just having a joke,” said the rep.

Leatherheads made around $13.5 million in ticket sales in its opening weekend, failing to meet expectations of $16 million set by the studio.

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  • estelle

    Thanks JJ. Now I have 3 threads to catch up on.

  • Alwayshungry

    I can’t believe news sources were using paparazzi for sources in the first place.

  • ln

    George is everywhere nowadays. Too much publicity is not a good thing!!!!!! Looks what happened to his movie LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • soopx

    Nice seeing these three….


    Why does he even feel it necessary to respond to stupidity? He needs to take a page out of Angelina and Brad’s playbook. Otherwise it just looks like he’s using the Brangelina baby to try and deflect attention from the galpal’s exploits.

  • ???


  • LL

    yeah but he looks like he could play one in the movies. LOL

  • kay

    i knew he was kidding as soon as i read the quote from the paps

    they asked clooney, “are you the godfather?”

    and he said, “yes, i am”

    OBVIOUSLY he was just joking!

  • clooney fan

    Amy Winehouse Giorgio Armani Gig ($1 MILLION)! George Clooney and Julia Roberts offer Winehouse Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Celebrity May Gala

    The list of who wants Amy Winehouse is growing. If you thought the Louis Vuitton show during Paris fashion week LALATE told you about was big, wait til you hear this one we have for you.

    LALATE can now tell you that Giorgio Armani, host of the biggest social event the spring, has asked his co-chairs George Clooney and Julia Roberts to get Amy for $1 million!

    The event is the celebrity smash gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute, New York, on May 5.

  • the oc fansite
  • LMAO

    Clooney is Not Kidman’s Baby’s Godfather:
    There were reports last week that Nicole Kidman had asked George to be the Godfather of her child but Clooney’s rep says, “They are friends, but George was not asked to be the godfather.”

  • Adele!

    Its a shame about Leatherheads! I thought it looked quite good =]

  • wtf

    wtf ,this is not a Brad thread, it is a george thread. I am back to Brad thread.

  • Betty

    I have noticed at Blockbuster’s lately that George Clooneys latest movie is just sitting on the shelf-no takers! All that joking and laughing isn’t this how Tom Cruise started his down fall? And George, you could take some acting lessons from Mr. Heston films, instead of bashing him…shame on you!

  • um

    George’s ex was much prettier than his current one.

  • PArdyHardy

    Do their other kids have godparents?!

  • Anonymous

    Clooney = Mr. Box Office prison

  • http://rosaarmygirl lol

    yahh…. I love his pay attenend joke to reporter…. Good joker person LOL

  • talktalktalk

    I know that this guy likes to talk, but I don’t think I am gonna believe what comes out of George’s mouth, unless I will want to.

  • TheTabloidsChic

    Who thought he was anyway?!
    Bey and Jay out after wedding

  • well

    clooney is an artist. he’s really a good writer and can really direct. If I were and up and coming actor/actress, I would try to cozy up to him. he’s connected up the ying yang and can get dumb movies greenlit. dont hate the playa hate the game.

  • glen

    I still wonder why he was the “sexiest man alive” once or twice. Not a fan of his facial features.

  • narf

    Can he be my godfather?

  • clooney fan

    George Clooney Julia Roberts Amy Winehouse Performance Invitation $1 Million: Amy Winehouse Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Performance $1 Million

    George Clooney and Julia Roberts have tapped twenty-four year old Grammy winner Amy Winehouse for a $1 million performance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute 2008 Spring exhibit on superhero fashion. The May 5th benefit gala, to be chaired by legendary designer Giorgio Armani, with George, Julia, and Vogue editor Anna Wintour sitting in as co-chairs, will feature more than seventy costumes and couture designs from the virtual world of supernatural fashions.

    “Amy was taken a back when she learned that Clooney and Roberts were after her….She hasn’t really taken it in – and keeps saying that her life is getting more surreal by the second.”

    “After the Grammys, it was expected Amy would be in demand. Clooney and Roberts’ reps have been phoning her offices and sending dozens of emails to convince her to take part. She’s seriously considering their generous offer.”

    “Giorgio has made no secret to his friends that he would love to work with Amy. He sees this party as an ideal opportunity to sound her out about future projects together.”

  • Anonymous


  • anon

    He’s the Cary Grant of our times and that’s saying a lot.

  • Anonymous

    People magazine : Clooney not sexy.
    Time magazine : Clooney can’t act.

  • Passing Through

    Porgie probably made the story up to drum up some interest in his new dud of a movie. He knew darned good and well the razzi were going to report what he said. He could have said at the time that he was joking, but it kept his name in the news for a few days, “…and by the way, I have a new movie coming out on April 4!” That’s what famewh#re’s do and Porgie is nothing if not a first class famewh#re.

  • OMG

    OMG PT you better hide yourself when the promotions for Burn After Reading start because you obviously can’t handle George just being himslef. You are gonna go bat chit caca when you see the both of them promoting the movie. You will be seeing and hearing all kinds of real and imagined things.from George.

  • OMG

    I meant himself.

  • OMG


    OMG PT you better hide yourself when the promotions for Burn After Reading start because you obviously can’t handle George just being himself. You are gonna go bat chit caca when you see the both of them promoting the movie. You will be seeing and hearing all kinds of real and imagined things.from George. It’s gonna be crazy on this blog.

  • Molly

    At least someone still believes in god. Unlike the rest of the scientology crew. What do these children of science have? Bill Nye the science-father?

  • Grace

    If your IQ is over 60 it’s always pretty obvious when he’s answering in a sarcastic tone.

    And the movie was actually good. The only reason it didn’t attract much of the 30 and below crowd is nothing blew up, got chased through the woods by something trying to kill it, it didn’t have an explicit sex scene, or someone having to remove their own limb with a power tool.

    God forbid anyone know and appreciate the classics like Bringing Up Baby or His Girl Friday.

  • Alwayshungry

    It was obvious he was joking. I don’t see anything wrong with George being George and I’m not going to dissect and find “motives” behind everything

  • alia

    thanks for the new thread, jj! :D

    but I don’t think the kids have god-parents; considering they’re not catholic…I know the JP’s chose many religions to introduce to their children; not just catholicism/christianity.
    They prob. think of him as Uncle George :)

  • original jpf

    Thanks JJ. I’m a GC fan and it’s cool how he, BP, MD and DC all enjoy what in my opinion is a genuine friendship amongst themselves. I pat them all on the backs for always willingly giving of their time & support to each others various humanitarian works, and I love the Rat Pack pt 2 offscreen/onscreen comraderie. I adore George’s dad more, but GC is up there lol.


  • Cool

    At least George is class have a lot of sense of humour and is more intelligent than the idiot pitt Bull, something the bull doesn’t have and could never equal.

  • Yes

    George is show business royalty.

    His cousin Migeuel Ferrer isn’t too shabby either with his branch of the tree.

  • hey fans

    Have you guys been following the situation over at such drama. To make it brief, she’s been running a beautiful and informative website for about 3 years then she said enough. In essence it seems like some seedy publications and gossip writers have been pilfering from her site with her not being credited. This is significant because George’s press agent had officially been sending that site exclusives, for the site only. It seems like a lot of nastiness went down behind the scences with these news organizations in addition to her just being paint tired. That site was not her source of income, it was hobby. Sounds like jealousy to me on the part of other bloggers and catty gossip hounds.. She said nothing will change her mind about reopening/updating the site.

  • fyi

    Somebody Has to Be in Control
    The effort behind George Clooney’s effortless charm.
    by Ian Parker
    April 14, 2008

    George Clooney was at home in Los Angeles one afternoon in mid-January, a few days before he flew to Sudan in his new role as a United Nations “Messenger of Peace” (an appointment that overlooked reports of a recent public scuffle with Fabio, the leonine model). Clooney, who is unusual in being both very famous and, apparently, at ease with the fact—he can sometimes look like a spokesman for celebrity itself—was sitting on a long pale sofa, alongside Sarah Larson, his girlfriend.

    His manner—nonchalance underpinned, it seemed, by vigilance and self-scrutiny—carried the suggestion that almost any divergence from banter was unforgivable artsy narcissism.

    This is probably the performance for which Clooney, now forty-six, is still best known, even as he has become a Hollywood emperor, not to mention a left-leaning activist and a friend of Senator Barack Obama’s. Clooney is America’s national flirt, a pitchman on talk shows and red carpets who, against the background hum of the world’s lust and envy, is lightly ironic, clever, and self-deprecating, with furrowed brow and bobbing head, and a gyration in the lower jaw suggesting something being moved around under his tongue.

    Clooney is one of a very small group of people who, when asked to consider the most satisfying parts of their lives, begin to describe business meetings: “Sitting in a room with a bunch of people who don’t want to make a film that you know is the right film to make. You’ll say, ‘You guys are going to hate this.’ I never thought I’d be in a position to say to someone, ‘I know you don’t want to make this movie, but if I’m doing it for free I can get it done somewhere.’ ” One can imagine the avidity with which Clooney began a career in film directing. He said to me that directing was “a thousand times” as satisfying as acting; “I consider my life as being a director.”


  • TiredofthisCrap

    The last word from was that she was working on something and the site wasn’t closed down indefinitely. Maybe you should e-mail her before you start spreading things, she’s good with responding to fans. I do miss the site, it was excellent. The funny thing is she always included links or sources to where she received the information, she just wanted everyone to do the same. Maybe she is waiting for George Clooney to come to his senses and get rid of the problem girlfriend, then there will be less gossip mags stealing info or coming there for info.

  • Orchid

    I think Clooney’s jokes are getting stale!

  • groundcontrol

    I still think George is quite the man. He’s obviously aging but I think that has more to do with his health problems which really take their toll. Still, he can pull it together and look gorgeous.

    I enjoy his sense of humor and manner while acknowledging that he’s far from perfect. But I think he has a decent heart and he seems to be trying to handle his celebrity with a certain amount of grace and humor. So he falls flat sometimes, at least he’s in the game.

    Unfortunately, every clip or promo for Leatherheads that I’ve seen looks awful. Downright embarrassing. I kept thinking is this the BEST of the movie? Yikes. I was sort of looking forward to seeing it at least on DVD, so glad to hear someone enjoyed it. I hated Brother Where Art Thou (whatever its title). Just hated it.

    As for his women – who cares? Not my problem. I don’t see a gun at either of their heads.

  • Tiger

    Interesting “hey fans” I am a regular at all the Clooney sites and I never heard the behind the scenes chatter. What is your source of information? I understand Clooneystudio closed her site down for lack of time to commit to it. As sad as we were to see it go, we respected her decision and wish her well.

    Thanks for the new George thread Jared. I saw the video where George answered the paps question about being the new baby’s God parent. It is funny to me anyone is making a big deal about it. Looked like George gapped off his question and responded just to shut him up. :-)

    I can’t imagine the Jolie/Pitts would need God parents for their children. If they don’t believe in marriage, can’t imagine Christening their child would be high priority to either of them.

    God parents are in place so if anything happens to the parents, the God parents would step forward, I can’t imagine George with 5 children suddenly. Hopefully if the Jolie/Pitt’s do have God parents, they will choose the members of Brad’s family over their celebrity friends.

  • Julie

    Darn! I think he would do a good job!!!

    Please go to and vote for my friend #10 BryeNicole. She is the 2nd photo


  • anonymous

    thank goodness!

  • lol

    Angelina has talked about Maddox’ s godmothers but I don’t know abut the rest of the kids.

  • A. Nonny Mouse

    tiger #44 “Godparent ” is not a legally recognized relationship in any of the United States. It is strictly an honorary position. If you want your children’s godparents to raise them after you’re gone you have to put it in a legal will.

  • anustin

    oi leaderbrain thread!

  • Tiger

    haha yes I know Nonny Mouse.But, thanks for the legal tip.