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Joe Jonas is Shirtless

Joe Jonas is Shirtless

Joe Jonas goes shirtless in the new trailer for Camp Rock, the 2008 Disney Channel Original Movie starring the teen pop sensations the Jonas Brothers.

Camp Rock is set to debut on Friday, June 20. Watch the trailer below! Or click here to watch just the shirtless Joe Jonas scene on repeat.

Joe Jonas is Shirtless
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  • jade

    hes hot but not as hot as zac efron

  • jade

    oh im FIRST!

  • hannah

    Trailer Looks Cool.
    And Joe Is Hot. End Of.



  • Ashleigh jonas

    Joe is hotter than Zac Efron sorry

  • kara

    Zac Efron Is Hotter Than Joe sorry

  • kara

    i’m getting tired with these jonas brothers..

  • Brittany

    Sorry, but I don’t understand the attraction.

  • Emily

    who cares about zac? this is a trailer for camp rock and i dont remember seeing zac mentioned in this! loll dude i love watching that joe clip over and over and over..

  • vanessa hudgens_hsm_jobros fan

    omigosh! this movie looks AWESOME! i totally can’t wait to see it!!

    input: the concept looks hot, probably better than the hsm movies; but the actors in hsm look more talented in singing, excluding the “jobros.” though i bet they’re all better at singing than *cough*ashley tisdale*cough*&*cough*monique coleman*cough* demi lovato’s pretty, but her looks don’t stand out as much as vanessa hudgens. what’s weird to me is that demi always looks prettier to me in person than on camera… i read some where that they’ve been saying camp rock’s gonna be hotter than hsm 3, but how would they know that?? they’ve just started filming hsm 3, & no one but the people involved have seen anything! whatever tabloid started that is just looking for money. they’re trying to start problems w/ hsm fans. that’s just sick! maybe the camp rock concept is hotter, but hello? hsm is a SERIES! it’s the 3rd movie, they can’t just change everything!! i personally like the actors/singers in hsm better, but i’m sort of outgrowing the movies… camp rock looks more aimed to slightly older “kids,” so i’m sure i’ll like it! i’m also sure hsm 3 will rock!!

    -peace out

  • alicia

    that movie looks so LAME

  • nane


  • Marx

    Nick is cute too!!

  • nane


  • StillOnIt

    I agree he’s hot but not as hot as Zac :)

  • enid

    Wow, I must have watched this preview at least 10 times since last night. It really is everywhere. I must say, I’m quite excited for it! The soundtrack will probably be awesome, too. :]

    And Joe Jonas shirtless is never really a bad thing. Throw Nick and Kevin in there, and I’m a happy gal!

  • me

    its gonna be a amazing movie
    i`m so exited to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bea

    ahhhhh joe!
    that movie is gonna be amazing !!

  • http://donthave nessi13

    nop, He is hotter than Zac =D

  • Bea

    i love how joe plays a conceited lil bitch! haha XD

    those kids are amazing and camp rock is gonna be disney’s biggest movie ever!

  • Laura

    Naah, Zac’s hotter. ;)

    He’s quite hot too though.

  • yay!

    i love JB!!!!

    so excited =D

  • Rachel


  • jbloveee

    SOO HOTT!!!

  • Bea

    ahahaha i love the repeat vid.

  • zac lover

    i love joe jonas and the jonas brothers <3

  • heloo


  • stephanie

    i think that this is gunna be a very good movie
    and i think im gunna like it alot

    but of course this movie, and no other disney channel original movie will ever beat high school musicaal, or will never have the same impact that hsm did.

    ps. zac is way hotter than joe, and the rest of the jo bros

    but i cant wait to see this movie =]

  • lauren

    OMG this shirtless pic of JOE is sooo SEXY

    oh ya!

  • property of JB

    *SIGH* These boys are to good to be true!

  • babysis

    I can’t wait to see it!

  • angela

    Joe looks amazing

  • kat

    kevin jonas is definitely gay!


    You guys shouldnt compare joe to zac. JOE CAN BEATS ZACS ASS ANY DAY!!! I like zac too but joe is way much better! (Nick is better than joe)
    I gonna but it in order.

    Nick, Joe, Zac, and Kevin

  • eszti

    he’s hot!i love him!<333
    that’s all :D

  • GAabi chris

    OMG.. i cant wait to see it…is going to be the best disney movie ..i thing im gonna cry soo much !!

    the jo bros are sooo hot….and joe is hotter than zac efron all the jonas boys are..
    I LOVE THEM <3

  • audry

    doesnt joe look hot shirtless?

  • m2jb

    oh kevin is so funny! LOL!
    Group hug!

  • Nick?

    Dudee! Why can’t NICK be the one without a shirt? lol

  • joejonasloverr

    OMJ this is soo hott. i love joe so much AHHH!

  • burn

    Zac Efron Loooks way bettter without a shirt that Joe , and It’s also a lot hotter Joe is Okay, but Zac is hot, like there’as a ton of boys out there who are hotter than JB and ppl just like them cause of the good marketing they haven’t even sold that many albums, Taylor Swift is 2xplatinum, Miley is 3x platinum, and High School Musical is 2x platinum or so …

  • brendi

    OMG! joe is soo hot and soo sexy. love him<3

  • Emily

    i CAN NOT wait too see this movie :D

  • Emily

    Ohh and for the record..
    Zac Efron’s an ugly fag..

  • http://JoeishotterthanZacefron.comhaha Micaela

    Girls!, Please! Do not realize that Zac Efron step fashion?

    The boy of the moment is Joe Jonas!

    Zac Efron is horrible!

    Joe is hotter than Zac efron and point!

    Besides Zac Efron is either!

    For girls only like Zac for their “muscles”
    Joe like us around! EJ: their way of life, which is what good person! Etc. ..


  • Crystal

    yeahhh boyyy !

  • Krystine


    zac looks gay and he needs a belt while hes at it…

    NIck and Kevin are hotter than them toooo!!

  • Colie.

    Um, I almost had a heart attack when I saw that last night. =]
    Joseph Adam Jonas is SIZZLING hot. ;]]

  • poppy

    zac is so much hotter! He works out and is way more manly! Stil
    love jo bros though! Not everything has to be a cometition though!

  • ana

    why are you all talking about zack that he is ”hotter” than joe each of you got an opinion !