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A Tasty Kate Walsh Sandwich

A Tasty Kate Walsh Sandwich

Kate Walsh and husband Alex Young spend Saturday afternoon at a friend’s Westwood apartment and grab some gourmet sandwiches at Sandbag’s.

The 40-year-old Private Practice star was recently in Washington D.C. promoting the need for comprehensive, medically accurate, commonsense sex education programs.

10+ pictures of Kate Walsh enjoying some tasty sandwiches…

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kate walsh sandwich 01
kate walsh sandwich 02
kate walsh sandwich 03
kate walsh sandwich 04
kate walsh sandwich 05
kate walsh sandwich 06
kate walsh sandwich 07
kate walsh sandwich 08
kate walsh sandwich 09
kate walsh sandwich 10
kate walsh sandwich 11

Photos: Shinn, Bauergriffinonline
Posted to: Alex Young, Kate Walsh

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  • Carly

    is she pregnant?

  • LanieCroft

    Great new pics of Kate. she looks stunning. The knitten wool coat is great.
    Thanks JJ for the new Kate pics.

  • katesbiggest fan!

    kate rocks :)

  • abaybay

    a kate baby kate baby kate baby! that would be so cute! who knows maybe she is or maybe she just likes the knit thing! only time will tell ;)

  • Swedish

    Thank you so much ,. just perfect to start my day with some Kalex pics:)



  • Meme

    Kateeeee! is Love.
    Thanks JJ!

  • lol

    i love her jacket!!!

  • Tee-Jay

    Thanks for the pics JJ!
    She looks great!

  • gy loves kate

    thanks JJ!!! she looks stunning as always!
    Kalex is LOVE!!!!

  • Rae

    She looks beautiful! Her hair is still really dark though. I like this color a lot but I thought she was filming again soon?

  • Sheri

    This is pure speculation … but I wonder if she’s pregnant? She seems intent on covering her stomach here. Plus, she’s let her trademark colored red hair go back to its original color – dark brown. They look really happy together … marriage agrees with her :)

  • zoe

    she looks great! like her sunglasses and hair in the first photo.

  • S.

    Yay! Thanks JJ.

    The same sweater she whore in a Season 2 episode of GA? Why so cold Kate? It sure looks great and comfy, and very warm. To warm for noon, April, and LA…

    She is looking so beautiful, but Alex is beaming. Really nice of them to be able to smile after waking up with paps at their door.

  • Amanda

    That sweater is thick, way too thick for 68 degrees in LA, look at what she is wearing compared to what he is wearing. What are you trying to hide there Kate?

  • hmmm

    She looks like a old grand mother with her son!!!
    I kow her fans are going to jump to my throat because they thik she’s a goddess!!!!
    I DON’T LIKE HER, JJ is not a fansite so accept the critics, we’re all free to think what we want and express ourselves

  • Mitch

    I miss her red hair.

  • Mitch

    #16, You don’t need to be defensive. ;)

  • hmmm

    When you give a negative comments about some celebs, their fans are all crazy !!!
    I don’t like and don’t find she’s a good actress and I don’t find her so beautiful, she’s not ugly but not exceptional either this is my opinion so I share it, even if it’s ok or not with her fans!!!!

  • Mark

    hmm, I admire you, I’m from France, here she’s not very known, just for her apparition in GA.
    Personally, compare to Katherine Heigl (KH is hot),I don’t find KW beautiful,she has a jaw of a man, her eyes are globular and her teeth are too long! Sorry guys but it’s my opinion!

  • S.

    Kate fans don’t think she is a goddess.

    She Is a goddess. We just acknowledge the obvious.

    Not only she is drop dead gorgeous, she has her heart in the right place with the good work she gives her name to, and she comes with a great working brain. I would love her for her brain only, but do appreciate the packaging…

  • Jas

    Well said S. !!

  • Debbie

    Isn’t she suppose to be shooting a movie?

  • randi

    Oh stop fighting and both of you can be right.

    Kate looks great. I wouldnt exactly say shes prego and hiding something because shes on the thin side so it would have been picked up on by now. Look at the pictures from her speaking about sexaul education. Besides her hair color is constanly changing when shes not filming. A true KW fan would know that ;).

    That wool jacket is the exact same one Addison is seen wearing in an episode of season 2. Which ever episode Addison pulls into the parking lot at SGH and sees Mer putting the Hello Kitty band aid on her zit, thats what the jacket is from!

  • Chloe

    YAY ! New Kate pics. She looks great & they look a happy couple.

    Very sweet. Thanks Jared ! :)


    #23 Debbie – yep, shooting starts any day now. Kate must be finishing her guest-role in Greys, shooting the movie in New Mexico & then being back in LA by late May to start Season 2 of PrP. Busy girl !

  • Debbie

    Isn’t she required to go back to being a red head if she’s shooting Grey’s?

    Thanks for the movie shooting info.

  • hmmm

    you just prove my point, you can’t take a criticize!!! People are on their right to HATE her!!!
    I think she does all those charity things to make speak of her, she is now in a period where she does nothing, her show is on hiatus, her movie begins to turn in May and her epy apparition in GA is already turned so she find a way to talk about her!
    She does charity things, it’s great! All are celebs do it but all don’t need to call the photographers for that, I have more respect for those who do it discreetly, it’s more altruistic! KW is just trying to make speak of her when her news is empty!!!

  • Jen

    hmmm – I respect your opinion, just as you should respect others. The world would be a boring place if everyone agreed !

    I love Kate, she is my fav actress & very talented. I love the fact she is versatile & can take on any role. She is not a one-trick pony like so many actors. Like Shonda Rhimes said – she can do anything !

  • La-La

    I love that long cardie she is wearing. Very cosy :) I am so cold now I could do with it lol.

    Why is hmmmm getting so overheated about nothing ! Nobody said anything !! Stop trying to stir & take a chill pill.

  • Jake

    hmmm is waffling about nothing. Even the facts are wrong. Kate was on the set of Greys last week, her movie shoots NOW, & PrP starts back in May. Kate is busier than ever. She has spent the strike devoted to good causes, not attending every free party going like other stars.

    I admire Kate for speaking at rallies to promote good causes. We’ve seen that only a few celebs are good at public speaking & Kate can be relied upon by charities & causes to deliver the goods. Anyone can write a cheque, to actually speak on their behalf at Congress is another ballpark !

    Thanks for the photos Jared ;)

  • Natasa

    She is indeed the rare case of a celebrity with a great working brain.

    They were followed around all Saturday (first dinner, and now lunch pics). Alex is a very patient man :)
    Both of them are very smart, classy, down to earth…I love the way they handle paps attention, with dignity and smile.

    Thanks JJ!


    Debbie – Kate did say she thought she would be back to red for Greys, but maybe they decided against it, or else she was only back to red for a few days.

    Maybe she’s a brunette for the movie ! Wonder if she’ll ever go back to her natural blonde lol.

    I love the pics. Kalex are such a sweet couple. Wonder if Alex is off to Oz again to oversee his movie ‘Wolverine’.

  • Tara

    I like the fact that she is wearing Addie’s coat from S2 Greys :)
    Addie has such a great wardrobe. I so admire Kate, she is indeed a rare celeb who handles the attention with grace & uses her fame for good causes. Wasn’t it Marti Noxon who compared her to George Clooney saying they both have that rare quality of being charming & true to themselves both on & off screen.

  • *marie*

    Sweet cute couple. They are one of the few Hollywood couples that seem completely down-to-earth. I love how they always look so casual on the weekends. Kate looks so good without make-up. Can’t believer she’ll be 41 this yr !!

  • LOLA

    CUTE !!

  • Kate walsh is a cow

    hmmm, ITA with you!

    Walsh? VOMIT!

  • katie

    Aww, i love how they are always holding hands. V sweet. Kate’s hair does look reddish in these snaps/

  • Sam

    Thanks Jared. They both look happy. Lovely couple.
    Soooo looking forward to seeing Kate on big screen & with the relaunch of PrP in the Fall, lots more mag covers/articles.

  • love this woman !

    Kate is so pretty. She does look very much like a young Catherine Denevue, gorgeous bedroom eyes, great bone structure & that fabulous mane of hair. L’Oreal need to hire her STAT !

  • JA

    We love Addison here in England. It’s funny how all the reviews & critics hate on Meredith & praise Addison :)

    Private Practice starts here in July !! Hope Kate finds some time in her schedule to come over.

  • alexia

    i wonder if Kate becomes pregnant in real life if they will write it into show ? Addie wants a baby so maybe the hotcop will be the lucky guy !

  • Pete

    I love how Kate fans are mature & can post comments without resorting to the bitching that fans of other stars devote themselves to !

    In reply to alexia – Someone did say, may have been Shonda, that if Kate became pregnant in real life, they would write it in & not bother trying to hide it. Good news ! I’m sure other actors wouldn’t be as lucky.

  • Lina

    Kate is awesome. She rocks. And they both look so happy. That’s great.

    Hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I love Kate, but I respect people who don’t share my point of view. :) As someone above said. If everyone agreed, the world would be a boring place. Very true indeed.

    Maybe she’s going to have dark hair in Private Practice for the first few episodes too? So it would have been okay if she had dark hair during her guest appearance in GA. Or assuming that PrP will make an even greater time jum than GA she could have died her hair and died it back red again if she went back to red while shooting PrP.

  • debbie

    she is really really beautiful. i admire her.

  • jackie

    This two always look so sweet and in-love at the papz shots I’ve seen. They make me jealous.

  • Anna

    her hair is gross go back to red

    she is not a goddess the fans that thinks so are insane. she would think you are insane too

  • sabine

    pregnant or not, i’m happy either way because both kate and alex are glowing happy and it’s so heartwarming that they’re still so visibly in love after getting married. they’re an inspiring couple. have to note that alex is become extra-friendly to the paps this time around– maybe he’s decided to be become more smiley since the paps did help kate with her flat tire the last time? :) anyway.. thank you so much for these pics Jared, they brighten up one’s day.

    i miss kate on tv! can’t wait for the GA guest episode,, and also her new movie :)

  • katefan!


  • crazy_scared_gal

    has alex got 6 toes on his left foot or its just me XDD