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Natalie Portman @ Good Morning America

Natalie Portman @ Good Morning America

Natalie Portman promotes her new road trip love story, My Blueberry Nights, at Good Morning America on Monday.

In the Wong Kar Wai-directed film, the 26-year-old actress plays Leslie, a lying, wicked, life-saving professional gambler. Nat talks a bit about her role and the accent she used for it. She also talks more about FINCA and her vegan shoe line. Watch the GMA video below! My Blueberry Nights is in limited theaters now.

FYI: According to, Nat is not only acting in a short for New York, I Love You, but she’s also directing one. The anthology film is a sequel of sorts to the equally amorous anthology film Paris, I Love You.

Natalie Portman @ Good Morning America
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  • Helena

    She made her accent up. LOL.



  • SOFF

    she is so pretty and so talent.
    love u natalie!

  • kroq

    Kevin Bacon is acting in Scarlett Johansson’s short. She hasn’t filmed the segment she’s directing yet. She has filmed a short for Mira Nair that she is acting in.

  • Anon

    I love Natalie. I don’t mind that Jake is dating Reese. But I wish it would be Natalie. They would make the most beautiful couple in the world. Bar none.


    omg she still looks so pretty i loved her in where the heart is that movie was so cute…


  • Jenny Joe

    Thanks JJ, I love any coverage of Natalie..

  • Arab.Aquarius

    i likey likey like her

  • Raven

    OMG! Can this girl be any prettier and sweetier?! Wow! Some one very beautiful that has a brain. Natalie’s new movie Mr. Blueberry night’s looks great too!

  • wc

    It is a great interview, she looks better than ever.

  • NatalieandHayden4ever!

    Love NAT!
    She is a fine example of a celebrity. All she does for FINCA and has her own Veggan shoe line. She is busy and successful in her movies and keeps busy instead of shopping and media whoring. She stay’s healthy and does not get into trouble with DUI’S and such. :P

    More actresses need to be like Natalie. Natalie is a refreshing sight then some media whoring talentless hacks sucking the threads on jj. Keep on bringing more threads on Natalie jj! :D 8)

  • Molly

    She’s so pretty. and talented… why can’t hollywood have more of her?

  • Neos

    Rachel Bilson’s Ok but Hayden should be with Natalie, no doubt about it! They so look good together!

    @ Raven, for one of the very few times LOL, I agree with you about everything you said about Queen Natalie <3

  • SRN

    can’t help crying whenever i hear some of those FINCA stories. truly amazing.

  • Celticgreeneyes

    Seeing Natalie today on Good Morning America I almost cried hearing Natalie’s FINCA story. Natalie truly has a heart of gold! :)

  • matahari


  • matahari


  • alberto fraga

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  • carl new

    Do you think her feet stink?

  • Raven

    @ Neos,
    Well…What a pleasant surprise! We can actually agree on one thing! :lol:

    Yes Neos! I cannot agree with you more! Hayden should be with Natalie! They would be so adorable together! :D

  • rien

    Alberto Fagas, somehow you inspire me

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  • alberto fraga

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  • someone

    I watched Blueberry a few days ago and I really enjoyed Natalie’s talented touch to carry her characters so plausible. She’s a very charismatic and superbly substantial woman. I’m in love with her.