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Orlando Bloom is the Prince of Persia

Orlando Bloom is the Prince of Persia

Orlando Bloom has landed the lead role in the next big budget franchise, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, according to recent reports.

Orly, 31, will rake in a reported $40 million for all three pictures. The first pic will be directed by Mike Newell (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Donnie Brasco). June 2009 is the tentative release date and filming will start in Morocco.

If this is any measure of success, Bloom certainly knows how to make a successful threesome. Pirates of the Caribbean, anyone?

FYI: High School Musical hottie Zac Efron was also rumored to be in the running for the role. And remember, this casting news hasn’t been officially confirmed by legitimate news sources yet. So stay tuned!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Orlando Bloom playing The Prince of Persia?

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  • Laila

    This is so cool! I miss Orlando! He’s such an amazing actor and such a sweet guy.

  • jj


  • Jennifer

    I like Orlando and everything, but… WTF? he doesn’t look Persian at all!

  • L.

    Yay! Love him.

  • mossy

    sounds like career suicide. and his career is already in need of resuscitation.

  • http://justjared mrs channing tatum


  • maria

    i think he will do good he makes really good epic movies

  • lol

    Jared must be reading the threads. LOL at his thinly vailed joke in third

  • Orchid

    I look forward to seeing him in those movies!

  • kay

    can you say TYPECAST? will orlando EVER be in anything other than epic big budget franchises? jeez

  • Georgia Lass

    Sounds lame to me. Most of these movies based on video games don’t turn out too well. It doesn’t surprise me that they’re looking at Orlando for the part, though. I don’t think any serious actors would want their names involved with it.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    what… they couldn’t get johnny depp? lol at least bloom knows his place and leaves the real acting to others.

  • bejeebus

    he just seems a little too delicate for me as far as men go….

  • Mike

    Love him!

  • troy

    I think this is a smart choice, Orlando Bloom may be not be the next Brando, or De Niro but he does good in those roles. It doesn’t surprise me that Jerry Bruckhemer and Disney chose to go wtih him.

  • oh snap!

    Orly can do it Hes a much better actor than Zac Efron WtF was they thinkg about him

  • erika

    yay love him =]

  • Julie

    Love him!!!

    Please go to and vote for my friend #10 BryeNicole. She is the 2nd photo


  • Sabriel

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! He’s soooo wrong for it!!!!!!!! It should be Oded Fehr!!! At least he’s middle eastern, for goodness sakes!

  • Tracy


  • faith

    why? Bloom cannot carry a movie on his own. Anyone remember Kingdom of Heaven.

  • Ellen Armstrong

    Bloom handles this kind of film well. He does well with physical roles and special effects. He’s basically experienced at the kind of action required.

    And, he looked great in a turban in Kingdom of Heaven. Give him a good heavy tan and sure, he could play Persian.

    True most video-game based movies are junk, but the sci-fi genre was laughed at until Star Wars. Pirate movies were dead until Pirates. The material has been waiting for a great script, great director and great visionary to put everything together into a successful film. Is POP going to be the breakthrough film for video game to film success? Time will tell.


    Pure gossip. Cinema Blend, a RESPECTABLE website unlike the source of this gossip had this to say:

    UPDATE: This story seemed to come out of nowhere, so after reading Ed’s report I shot a quick email to our contacts at Disney looking for confirmation. Their answer? “There is no truth to these rumors.” Well that rumor died quick. If you look at the story closely, you’ll see that it actually comes from the British celebrity news syndicator WENN, not The odd thing is that WENN would report this story without even bothering to ask Disney about it. It literally took me five minutes. I wonder where they came up with it? Either way, there you have it. Orlando Bloom is not in Prince of Persia. No way, no how. – Josh Tyler

  • Face

    Good lord, talk about type-casting. All he plays are delicate, beautiful characters. Princes, elves … gah

  • evelyn

    the role should go to Zac!!!

  • Orange Clockwork

    IT’S A RUMOR!!!

  • the shiznack

    he looks nothing like the character in the game – Orlando is a scrawny lookin’ fella compared to the character who is well built and athletic

    and the game itself got repetitive and quite boring, it tries to be like a male version of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider but fails miserably

    look at Hitman: a brilliant game and story but the movie absolutely butchered it and then set it on fire

    as for Zac Efron – b!tch please, yeah and Miranda Kerr is gonna be playing the princess LMAO

  • O.M.G.


  • zefron_bbv_grabes_corbin fan


    I CAN’T STAND “Orly”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE don’t let him get the role!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hmm… zac efron would probably be a better pick. he looks more the role & he’s the new thing. orlando bloom is OUUUUUUUUUUUUUT! much more kids would go see it if zac was starring. either way, i think vanessa hudgens would be happy w/ either one ‘cuz her celeb crush is orlando bloom & her real-life bf is zac efron. though, she’d probably be happier if zac got it LOL

  • fan support

    Orlando Bloom is much better actor and more experience actor than Zac Efron. Orlando Bloom has done action pack movie. He is one of the top actor that will bring in lots of money. Orlando Bloom captures audience of all ages, but mostly adults. Zac Efron only capture kids. Orlando Bloom has been Lord of the Ring (all three) and all three of the Pirate movie. Plus he has made an action pack movie on his own. He is up there with George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, and Densel Washington.

  • memyselfandI

    Orlando has the experience and the looks for this movie! I hope it’s TRUE! GO ORLANDO!!!!!

  • William


    Orlando Bloom Not the Prince of Persia

    A rumor is spreading fast through the internet (we believe it originated at World Entertainment News Network, aka WENN) that Orlando Bloom has landed a $40 million payday to star in a movie trilogy based on the “Prince of Persian” video game. The rumor stated that he had beaten competition from Zac Efron to take the role and even said that Jerry Bruckheimer will direct.

    Walt Disney Pictures, however, tells that there is no truth to these rumors.

    What we do know so far is that Mike Newell (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) is expected to start shooting Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time soon at Pinewood Studios in the UK and in Morocco as well. Jerry Bruckheimer instead is producing the film, which the studio is targeting for a June 19, 2009 release.

  • rafaela temporim

    siiiiiim Orlando Bloom o MELHOR (LL)

  • Erica

    it’s too premature for Zac to be considered for those roles; he’s much too young and inexpereinced as an actor and has a long way to go…not that he cannot develop into a actor of credibility cos i believe that given the right roles the boy can also prove himself…i’ve seen him in derby stallion and he was a young boy then and there was already some depth to his acting…so i can see him thrive in this business as long as he gets the right roles suitable to his age and character…

    Zac can pass for a persian boy given his exotic features and surely he would have made a handsome prince but its not yet the right time for him…. he has some growing up to do first and i think tat he also has so much on his plate right now…

  • suzette

    as much as i love zac i really believe orlando is much much better for this role, i don’t know it just fits him

  • -Fráh

    wowwww !!


    plxxx *.*

  • Halli

    JOHNNY DEPP carried those pirate films, not Orly here. You can see how successful Johnny’s other films of late have been… but Orlando on the otherhand is good as a supporting actor. I predict the film won’t do well and than the other planned sequals will be cancelled and byb bye to $40 million. Ridiculous amount of money to offer to a man many in Hollywood find confusing as to why he is this famous at all.

  • troy

    #34 I completely agree. It’s just way to soon to expect Zac to be able to carry a francise like this. After all Zac’s only feature role to date was a supporting charcter in “Hairspray.” Let’s wait and see “HSM3,’” “17 Again,” and “Me and Orson Welles” perform before saddling the boy with the responsibilty of carrying a frencise like this.

    As I said before if this had been true Orlando Bloom would have been the right choice. With the “Lord of the Rings” and “Pirates of the Carribean” francises on his resume he has the track record.

    Maybe someday Zac will headling this kind of francise but just not yet.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    bloom’s not a leading actor – should never be.

    and this “prince of persia??” movie.. look who bloom was in competition with for the lead role, that alone tells me how bad its going to be. lmaooo i bet he BARELY beat out the hsm kid.

  • have a cupcake and smile

    I love Ollie but someone else in that role would have been great.For instant, Sean Faris from Never back down or Shia Leboufe from Transformers.
    The casting diector should get Odette Fustman from Cloverfield to play Ollie’s love interest.

  • Georgia Lass

    Whoever mentioned Orlando’s name as on a par with Denzel Washington needs to have a his/her head examined. Denzel is an Actor (capital A) while Orlando is an actor. The difference – one (Actor) takes the work seriously and does great work that gets nominated for major credible industry awards while the the other (actor) is mainly a celebrity who is in movies. I appreciate the fact the some people like or even love Orlando. Many people like/love McDonald’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s fine dining.

  • Emily

    Still hope to see Zac in this movie, maybe not replacing orlando, at least along side him :]
    he is amazing, isn’t he.

  • OJD_Baby

    For all you fans saying that Zac would be a better pick
    pshh! bitches please!
    Orlando Bloom is a much more maturely talented and experienced
    actor than Zac Efron will ever be!
    Zac Efron can be the King of Disney or what ever you girls call him
    but come on! dont ever say that Zac can pull that role off

  • shaky


    ZAC EFRON f u c k i n g SUCKS BALLS !!!

    i hate that faggot

    “zac efron is a better pick” YEAH RIGHT HES A FUCKING BISEXUAL FAGGOT

    you cant compare orlando bloom with zac efron because ORLANDO BLOOM IS HOTT. have you ever heard this from an 11 year old ?? well theres a first time for everything


  • karmakey

    I think Orlando is a highly underrated actor. He would be an excellent choice for this role. I hope it does come to fruition. He’s a hard working actor, and he is taken seriously or he would’t keep getting roles. He chose to take a break from movies. I hope now he’s ready to get back on screen. He did a stint on stage in London to show that he is versatile. I don’t know why people have to hate. He will be around in the movie biz for a very long time.

  • shaky

    i played the video game and orlando bloom
    is a better part for this role, TRUST ME !!

  • Bre

    Interesting selection… who knows… I’ll go see it :D



  • Acrox

    Sabriel @ 04/07/2008 at 6:02 pm

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! He’s soooo wrong for it!!!!!!!! It should be Oded Fehr!!! At least he’s middle eastern, for goodness sakes!

    Agree with this. They can make Fehr look younger by cinema magic, if needed.

  • WHAt

    Not cool Bruckhiemer. I think they should have gone with an unknown sexy actor, not a wooden predictable one. We’ve seen him in this role before IE: Kingdom of Heaven!

    WRONG CHOICE, it will ruin the movie.

    How about some actor with arab descent or a bollywood actor?