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Project Runway Moves to Lifetime

Project Runway Moves to Lifetime

Project Runway will be network hopping from Bravo to Lifetime starting this fall, according to Variety.

Runway producer The Weinstein Co. signed a five-year deal to move the show to Lifetime, a female-geared network owned by The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Corporation.

As such, Bravo owner NBC has filed a lawsuit against the Weinstein Co. But in a statement, the Weinsteins thanked NBC and Bravo for helping the show get to where it is today.

The Weinsteins said, “[But] having Lifetime’s unique cable reach will ensure that the show will continue to grow and expand in the years to come. Lifetime is one of the strongest cable networks in the industry, with great leadership and a true commitment to original programming. We are very excited for the many new opportunities that will now be provided to ‘Runway’ and its fans and look forward to premiering the sixth season in November 2008.”

The fifth season of Project Runway will premiere on Lifetime in November.

NBC and Bravo really dropped the needle on this one!

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  • Molly

    Where did this come from?? What just happened?

  • natalie

    WTF?! So will the format and stuff change? P.R. is a Bravo show and I like it there…. ugh this sucks..

  • LOLI


  • Erica

    Bad move on the Weinstein brothers’ part. Project Runway is a Bravo show and I bet so many people will be tune out simply because it will now be on Lifetime.

  • Ashley

    I think Project Runway has only had 4 seasons. So I think they would be going into their fifth season.

  • MyEyeisonyou

    My eyes are tired. At first I thought that was the Harry Potter actor .

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Ashley!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    lmao @ lifetime.

    only – old, sad, depressed, pathetic women watch lifetime.

    less ratings.

  • next!

    It’s over. No one will admit to watching a woman’s network. it was nice when it was on Bravo

  • santeezy

    they sho did!!

  • santeezy

    they sho did!!

  • oh snap!

    WTF Lifetime sucks, Stay on BRAVO please

  • Isis9

    I can almost understand this. Bravo! has so much reality TV going on right now that is so similar to PR that perhaps Weinstein is afraid that viewers will overload on Bravo!, stop watching PR if it’s on that channel. There is Top Chef, Real Houseives of Orange County, Real Housewives of New York City, Work Out, Step it Up and Dance, Make Me a Super Model, and that’s just the ones I can think of immediately. Bravo! is pretty much RLTV 24/7 these days, which is too bad. It used to have a lot more variety on it. Perhaps there’s just too much same-genre competition. I don’t know that Lifetime was a good choice to go to, for the reasons cited above (only old ladies watch it), but I only hope that the writers and producers that made the show a hit will stay on. In any case, the last season was kind of blah anyway. Maybe PR is running out of gas and is being put in the back of the lot before it starts leaking radiator fluid.

  • octrophywife

    Bad idea! Who the hell watches Lifetime?! Bravo markets the hell out of PR. And they can cross-market with all those other shows! Christian showed up on Make Me a Supermodel. Where would he be if PR was on Lifetime? ARMY WIVES?!?!

  • Louise

    As long as everything remains the same (staff, timeslot, ect) this could help PR’s ratings. I’m almost positive that Lifetime is in more geographical areas than Bravo. People who were unable to watch the show will now be able to. But this could also blowup in PR’s face. Lifetime doesn’t have a lot of original programs that are hits. I think Army Wives (it is a good show) is their only highly watched show. I don’t know if Lifetime has the promotional savvy to maintain PR’s popularity.

  • kathy

    what is wrong with life time? am confuse

  • Alyn

    ew… can’t stand lifetime. I don’t even know what channel its on. I probably won’t watch. Lifetime also doesnt play shows over and over like Bravo does.

  • Lill

    I bet its because Disney owns Lifetime and the show was produced while The Weinsteins were still under Disney. I bet its in the contract.

  • newyorker

    Jared, I read that 5th season is on Bravo. 6th season in November is on Lifetime.

  • marianna

    I don’t like Lifetime channel. The woman in danger movies make me sick. I will tape Project Runway and skip anything that has to do with the Lifetime channel

  • dee

    I cannot stand Lifetime. Other they have those teen pregnancy movies or the mother trying to escape her abusive husband and now, there is also Project Runway! Bad move by Bravo and NBC!

  • csxyz

    Definitely a bad move. What were they thinking?

  • Nicole

    who the hell caresss?! it’s the same show no matter what channel it’s on. sheesh.

  • jc

    who’s that chick on heidi’s back?

  • sa

    all these lifetime bashers. well lifetime has a more expansive audience than bravo. bravo isn’t offered on cable in my city. lifetime is one of the top cable networks and the top network among women (believe it or not, do your research).

  • Lill

    #26. I don’t need to do research. I could care less who watches Lifetime. I don’t watch it and I don’t like it so more than likely if Project Runway moves there I won’t be watching.

    I don’t call that bashing I call that stating an opinon.

  • lily

    they are seriously milking this christian cow to the max.

  • Jessica Nyquist

    The show will probably lose some fans after moving to Lifetime, but it will probably also gain some. More people have the Lifetime channel. Not everyone gets Bravo. I will watch it either way. It doesn’t really matter to me. I could care less.

  • RC

    Christian is a gorgeous woman! LOL

  • fiercechipmunk

    That pic is hilarious, in a perfect world we will all ride a supermodel to work. BTW, Lifetime is so awful it hurts my soul. Sue em till they bleed NBC.


    BAD IDEA! I hold weekly showings of the Bravo series PR and I speak for all of my friends when I say moving PR to Lifetime will be an expensive MISTAKE for the corporations involved.

  • Alyssa

    Bravo best hold onto it, I don’t want to see none of these changes that Lifetime wants to make:

  • tweet

    Its already November,
    Did I already miss the start of Season 6??