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Reese Witherspoon @ Idol Gives Back

Reese Witherspoon @ Idol Gives Back

Reese Witherspoon (in L.A.M.B.) is nothing but smiles during the taping of the American Idol special, Idol Gives Back, at the Kodak Theatre on Sunday in Hollywood.

If you haven’t already seen, check out the pictures of Reese visiting a New Orleans Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) Freedom School for Idol Gives Back.

Watch Reese‘s appearance this Wednesday, April 9 @ 7:30-10:00 PM ET/PT on FOX.

15+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon @ Idol Gives Back

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • nane


  • Helena

    Cute dress, but red shoes do NOT go with black dresses.

  • ick

    PR hound and not aging very well.

  • Demie

    when are ashley and vanessa gonna be on idol gives back?

  • t-cup

    what a fugly woman! another photo op. trust me she does not care about minorities , they only do it so that people will think how nice they are , and support any bullshit movie they make. The only one that seems sincere is nutty angie and brad, they donated millions to great causes , unlike these other celebs they do it for real not to have photo ops with black kids.

  • lilyanne

    I love the dress. I initially also thought “red shoes?” but the red shoes do the outfit make it more casual and “fun”.

  • Halli

    Ok, I’ve been seeing Reese on the charity circuit alot lately. Is she actually financially contributing to these charities or is this just another photo-op for a PR hungry celebrity?

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    there’s not a seeing person in the world who can say she looks good. with a face like that she better give back! she needs to give back to every motherfcuker in the world whoever seen one of her films.

  • Regina

    #8, you’re such an idiot. You try too hard to be funny. I bet you’re really ugly for you say all this stuff. Oh and Katie Holmes is plain and homely, not a goddess. Hate to break it to you.

  • releka

    I like Reese, she hasn’t given me a reason not to.

  • kathy

    reese is cute

  • Anon

    Reese has been spending a lot of time in New Orleans on behalf of the Children’s Defense Fund. She has been active with that group since she was in college, long before she was famous. A lot of famous people really do stuff to make a difference. They are setting a good example. Before anybody criticizes Reese, tell me, what are you doing to make your community a better place? Do you donate money or clothes or something? Do you volunteer your time with kids or old people? Do you visit hospitals, read to kids, help literacy projects? WTF do you do that you can criticize her? I’m just curious. As for her not being pretty, I think she is really pretty. She smiles a lot more then she used to when she was stressed out with a husband who cheated. . She tried to make her marriage work, went to counselling twice to hold things together. I am glad she is in a happy place now. Jake is a beautiful person inside and out, and so is she.


    Charity is a beautiful thing however MS. Witherspoon is far to public about how charitable she supposedly is there is alot of insincerity in this chick. I smell a really big PR push to try and save a career in decline so to speak. Needs to have a high profile relationship with a photo op every chance she gets she really is out doing herself. She appears with a plastered fake smile trying to make all see how wonderful she is it is really sad. True charity doesn’t need a photo op.

  • Helena

    Well said, #12!

  • amanda

    Reese does a lot of charity work, she just doesnt feel the need to take a camera crew with her to document it.

  • shorty

    she’s a cutie

  • Rse

    Reese is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. Her little “uglinesses” are all so lovable and interesting in my eyes.

  • anonymous

    Sorry just don’t get this one.Seems fake to me…always has..always will.

  • Hmmmm

    amanda @ 04/07/2008 at 7:53 pm Reese does a lot of charity work, she just doesnt feel the need to take a camera crew with her to document it.

    What are you trying to say the Jolie Pitts bring cameras ever where?

  • jade

    I love Reese and I think she is beautiful.

    Famous-Shame on you,for saying those things about Reese!

  • Anonymous

    Reese looks like shite – way too tanned. She’s also one of the biggest phonies in Hollywood.

  • Rse

    Reese make some people feel so uncomfortable or ugly themselves, of course they hate her.

  • denise

    Reese has been involved with charities ever since she started her career in hollywood. And yes, she does contribute money, she was the founder of a children’s organization so obviously she contributed money people! How come people are criticizing her for being on Idol gives back when there are other celebs doing it as well?

    I think she is one of the most real and honest people in hollywood. Angie does more in other countries while Reese does a lot within the states, both of them are very admirable women in my eyes.

    I love reese, I think she is beautiful on the outside and the inside. She is a good role model for all women. At least she is not out getting drunk every night and getting caught with drugs and going in and out of random night clubs. She is making a good name for herself, which is a lot more that we can say for most women in hollywood.

  • Rse

    I think that Reese has haters is a natual thing cause her beauty makes them so uncomfortable. but she has and will always have much mush more fans than haters.

  • Susan

    I like Reese. I think she’s a beautiful woman inside and out.

  • !?!?!?!

    Ok! she ins’t ugly but her chin…. ewwww

  • Spooning

    Famous U got me laughing so hard I cant breathe

  • Rse

    a good decent person has ugly crazy haters only means one thing: she is powerful.


    I think Reese is a big fake phony as well. She always comes across that way and little miss goody two shoes. She has been in the spotlight alot lately doing whatever with or without Jake to get more PR attention. I agree that she is doing all of this because she is trying to save her career and get more people to like her so they’ll see more of her future movies. Unfortunately she is not desireable anymore and ageing badly. By the way, there are many other celebrities out there that do charitable work that do not publicize it because they don’t feel the need to do that.

  • buckeyegurl

    denise @ 04/07/2008 at 8:50 pm

    I completely agree. She actually seems to have her priorities in order which isn’t very common in Hollywood. I much rather see Reese in posts on this blog than Paris, Lindsey, or any of the other trashy drugged out ‘starlets’ that frequent it toooo often.


    Reese is not that beautiful, but she have something quite natural in her look, she seems like a strong woman with full confidence. :-)

  • zoe

    she looks cute. why are ppl bashing her?
    she might not be gorgeous, but she’s definitely pretty. she’s talented and has 2 adorable children! i think she’s a very approachable and full of confidence woman.

  • solaris

    Fake? Watch Pleasantville, Cruel Intention, Election, and my favorit Walk the Line. She can sing, she can act, she knows how to take care of her children, she said goodbye to her pretty-boy-no-good-husband, she does charity, she is humble …that is beauty for me. Physical beauty is only skin deep for me. I prefer to spend a day with her than with Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes or even with Ryan Phillipe his majesty himself!

  • v

    Charity is a independent work!
    When we dedicate to do charity we must work for the organization. It isn’t possible to have 2 jobs!
    All money whose the people donate can disappear if nobody take care about. It is necessary logistic organization too.
    The maneger of Reese Witherspoon are very dirty and the reports too.
    Look how Leno treats Ryan Phillippe very bad in his last interwiew !!! He try to destroy the image of Ryan Phillippe with bad joke about homosexualism…
    Leno treats Jake Gyllenhaal very well when he go there . The scene that he made with Ledge puting his penis in his butt was ok!
    It seems like Leno would be paid to make this kind of reportage against Ryan Phillippe.
    The leathers of Hollywood whose protect Reese Withewrspoon are very violent too. It seems like they killed the paparazzi Todd Wallance because he had an argument with her in Disney Park. After this conflict this paparazzi would be found death in Brenwood Motel
    Jake Gyllenhaal work for lot of Mafias in their films. He works for weapons Mafia and Medicine Mafia too.
    The Medicine Mafia win lot of money with AIDS drugs. There are one of then whose are killing the people called AZT. Lot of doctors would be killed because they are making campaign against this kind of drugs and another one have death threatten too!

  • solaris

    The practice of charity is giving help to those who needs. If you can not help them physically, then money. You do not have to work in a charitable organization.
    V, it is such a heavy accusation that you wrote there. Killing a Paparazzi? For AZT, I believe it is a public domain now, I think it was since 2005. The things are, like or not, if you agree with copy right, then you have to agree with what Burroughs Ph. did. Dr. Broder and co. worked for Burroughs Ph, So like it or not, they had the rights to produce it. I did not aware that AZT killing people. I though they help those who infected with HIV. There are always side-effects since it is chemical stuff.
    Jake works for Mafia? Are you telling me he is a member of NRA? Sorry, I do not believe you, not a single word.

  • v

    Roman Polansk must go out of USA because he practice pedophily and because the police had suspect that he take part of the sect of the morder of his women Sheron Tate and he help this man to kill her.
    The director Victor Salva abused of a 10 years old boy during filming a film in Disney Studios. Wood Allen had problem by police because the actress Mia Farrow accused him to abuse her 2 adoctive children. Nowadays he lives with one of them. And there are lot of pedophil actors in Hollywood.
    These people have lot of money and they thing taht they can dominate everybody and they bribe every authorities. Police, judger etc…
    You dirty people of Hollywood forget that the world very far away from this brothel that they had builded, the people are stupid !T
    The biggerst mistake was to through away all the garbage whose seems like their dirty houses and looks like their dirty parents in our home. !
    The films with violence, pornography and the dirty private life of actors and actresses. Their bad examples are a school for murderes, robbers and prostitutes of our society.
    You forgot that lot of mothers and fathers must work hard and they can’t stay with their children all day long. The people haven’t chance to have a very big hole in their buttt when they sit and making nothing at home like the actors and actresses.
    They forget that unenployment , divorce and the death or abandon of father are the cause of poverty.
    Hollywood is a very negative film industry at present!
    Yes, Jake Gyllenhaal is a corrupt person and I suspect that he and Reese Witherspoon practice prostitution in Hollywood studios!

  • Ha!

    v – GO AWAY. You change your name and come on to these threads with the same ridiculous, broken English rants every time you see her name. And you make NO SENSE. If you’re trying to make a point about the corruption in Hollywood, again, you’re doing it in the wrong place. Get a life, will you? Seriously? Reese Witherspoon is the person you choose to spew this crap over? Go find a Paris Hilton thread, would you? Please?

  • cARRIE

    As compared to most of Hollywood, she carries a very bright light. I love the red shoes with her black shift and they would be balanced with a handbag.

  • v

    Ha! cARRIE


    I will say what I thing. I have this write and I have the responsability for the things I say too. With my broken English. Reese Witherspoon has bad caracter and she is worse as Paris Hilton.
    I wouldn’t have all the garbage that Hollywood produce in my house or nearby with their bad examples.

  • Ha!

    You are still making no sense. Weirdo. Why are you here?

  • Ivana

    Ha! He is here to torch people with his long and useless comments…LOL

  • v

    You are always asslicker! You and your friends live in illusion world!

  • Ha!

    I agree Ivana – His/her comments are like a puzzle without any solution. I just think its hilarious that who ever it is keeps ending up here saying the same idiotic crap over and over. Apparently they were really hurt by Reese Witherspoon at some point in their life. Honestly, it makes me more curious than anything else because it’s difficult to understand just baseless hatred. Did she fail to give them an autograph? Turn down a drink at a bar they tried to buy for her? And the funny random rantings don’t help either.

  • Ivana

    Ha! I don’t understand him either, he make his conclusions like he knows things for sure, the truth is, that he doesn’ t know anything….
    He waste his time on site like this, and he plays with our nervs …

    V, if you hate Jake and Reese so much, what you doing here, go on other site and spread your hate there!!!!

  • Ivana

    Ha! My english is also broken!!! :-)

  • Ha!

    You write a heck of a lot better than v. I can understand what you’re writing!! :)

  • Ivana

    Ha! Thank you!!!!

  • solaris

    V, I think you should ask Dr. Broder if he could create a new pill for you, for what I know your syndrome are typical for somebody who suffers under CEREBRAL FLETULENCSE.

  • v

    All thes pills for people whose have mental problems kill the people too. Last month a neighborn whose had a daughter with such problem died.

    Try to get some information about medicine. Perhaps a good doctor can help you. Or try to have interesse about people whose are living around you! Perhaps you can find a good book!
    It is better then clean the butt for mediocre people like Reese Witherspoon or Jake Gyllenhaal and lot of other garbages of Hollywood!

  • v

    I have told but I will repeat Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are the most corrupt actors of Hollywood.
    The managers of Reese Witherspoon are very violents and if another death of paparazzi or another people…
    I would like to see how this industry and their dirty actors will go downhill.