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Clay Aiken: Look Ma, No Hands!

Clay Aiken: Look Ma, No Hands!

Clay Aiken promotes his starring role in the Tony Award winning Broadway musical Monty Python’s Spamalot with a handprint ceremony at Times Square’s Planet Hollywood on Tuesday in New York City.

Claymates will soon be rejoice — a new CD next month will be released by their almighty Clay.

The album’s title track, “On My Way Here,” by OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, offers “a little bit of something for everyone, from symphonic-type ballads to upbeat, edgy stuff,” according to USA Today.

On My Way Here will drop nationwide on May 6 and a summer tour will kick off in July.

35+ pictures inside of Clay Aiken‘s handprint ceremony…

Just Jared on Facebook
clay aiken handprint 01
clay aiken handprint 02
clay aiken handprint 03
clay aiken handprint 04
clay aiken handprint 05
clay aiken handprint 06
clay aiken handprint 07
clay aiken handprint 08
clay aiken handprint 09
clay aiken handprint 10
clay aiken handprint 11
clay aiken handprint 12
clay aiken handprint 13
clay aiken handprint 14
clay aiken handprint 15
clay aiken handprint 16
clay aiken handprint 17
clay aiken handprint 18
clay aiken handprint 19
clay aiken handprint 20
clay aiken handprint 21
clay aiken handprint 22
clay aiken handprint 23
clay aiken handprint 24
clay aiken handprint 25
clay aiken handprint 26
clay aiken handprint 27
clay aiken handprint 28
clay aiken handprint 29
clay aiken handprint 30
clay aiken handprint 31
clay aiken handprint 32
clay aiken handprint 33
clay aiken handprint 34
clay aiken handprint 35

Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty; Photos: PNP/WENN, Workum/Bauergriffinonline
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  • _nika

    what has he done to his face!



  • yaya

    wow…really…he is one ugly looking dude.

  • kathy

    Clay is soooooo gay..its time he come out the closet

  • shorty

    that is one nasty girly man

  • CJ

    Looks like he’s decided to wear Jennifer Aniston’s haircut from the 90′s.

  • tanisha

    He looks kinda weird, don’t you think?

  • chris

    let me find out you hoes fenna get off of my nigga clay like that cause he can sing his ass off yeah he might not have made american idol but he still making millions off of them songs he got so watch out now

  • Blah Blah

    i hate his hair so much!!

  • H

    Love him!!!

  • AM

    Can’t stand this ugly hick.

  • Ely

    Ugly. He looks just like peppermint patti from Charlie Brown. Gay, straight, whatever, there is no need to be so icky with the look.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    ayo, forreal, this bish is disgusting looking. jared, dont post pictures of this bish anymore, please!

  • Dani

    He’s So adorable! Thanks Jared :)

  • Mischa

    hes gotten hottt i would def do him

  • Marianne

    My mamma always told me that stupid little things need to put people down so they can feel big. I see there are quite a few little stupid things in here. And jealous little things too. But it’s ok. Cos Clay is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • katie


  • Barbara

    I agree with comment #16. Clay can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. He has talent, charm, personality, humility, a huge, caring, giving heart. that’s what matters the most. he is a quality human being and a man of character- just to quote Jeff Foxworthy!



  • faith
  • Vangie

    Clay is one of the hottest celebrity and a lot of people are jealous of him
    He is so adorable, cute and very funny with a great voice
    He is laughing all the way to the bank

    Way to go Clay

  • bataglio

    looks like he’s demo-ing something he’s very adept at in those mug shots.
    …and marianne, your mamma pro’lly told you that because you were a stupid BIG thing…

  • bolishopin


  • random

    I think he’s getting weirder.

  • jean

    Clay did win AI2-absolutely NO question about that. Two producers admitted Clay received 80 percent of the vote EVERY week he was on. Yes, Clay does need a good hair stylist, somtimes. I agree. But he is just about the most exciting all-around performer there is out there. (Check out the thousands of videos of Clay on He has done more than all the other AI alumni put together. And you homophobes are just a bunch of immature idiots. Yikes, can’t believe adults can think the way you do. Amazing-seems like another life-form has been created!!!

  • Jane

    Thanks for the song link, Faith! Wow, how the hell did Ryan Tedder end up working with Aiken?

    Anyway, it’s not bad.

  • Stajay

    Ah the hater and jealousy just continues to amaze. He looks like a typical guy who could care less about hairdos, trying to have a little fun while on the job. More power to him. Shame for the haters that the guy just gets more popular, more coverage and acclaim, and ain’t going anywhere, except up.

  • susan

    I LOVE HIM !!!

  • Megan

    yer hes pretty much the ugliest man i’ve ever seen…

  • monica

    Love him!!!!

  • sasha

    he looks like ready give someone a bj if u know what i mean

  • http://JJ.COM Blip


  • Laurie

    He may not look his best, but he can sing his face off and he’s sweet, funny, and smart, too!

  • collor

    The magazine HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP reported he is dating beautiful girls on service richkiss. com. these days. The stupid man uploaded some hot pictures there and wants to find his sweetheart. But he is said to ask his lawyer to take some actions against the magazine!

  • JO

    Why do so many fellows assume all women prefer linebackers with thick necks, or guys that look like a Rolling Stone? Clay Aiken has perfect features and the happiest smile I have ever seen. Many thousands of ladies prefer a softer look than some of these guys that look like they have been run over by a train.

    That assumption could cost you a great gal gentlemen.

  • gypsy marie

    ew. he is so creepy. he has really changed since he was on idol. think his head got a little too big.

  • Renee

    Clay looks great, even better than he did on Idol, and I love his new song!

  • Hannah

    GAWD!!!! Those huge celeb have to endure a LOT of flashes for their fame.
    Some of the pics are good, some are not.

    Pretty usual for celebs.

  • trace

    Thanks for the great pics. He looks adorable.

    It is ashame that so many jealous people feel compelled to post stupid and ridiculous comments. Stupid is as stupid does.

    He’s a sweetheart and is extremely talented. He is laughing all the way to the bank. Good.for.him!

    You go Clay :)

  • Jen

    Would love to see the people who are so critical Of Clay Aiken. Maybe they should show us a picture and let us weigh in on how they look. Usually its the people who look the worst that are so critical of others.

  • Dani

    These comments about him looking wierd and stuff are just stupid little kids and they don’t matter. Clay is a huge star and they can’t change that no matter how awful they act. So Pfffft! That goes for Jared too. It was mean of him to choose one of the few not so great pictures. What a jerk!

  • who?

    creepy! what a freak…

  • Jan

    It blows my mind to read some of these rude and ugly comments in here. Yall sound like a bunch of school aged kids spouting off at the mouth so they can sound “cool”. Why can’t yall learn to act like adults instead of spoiled kids? If you don’t like Clay, then don’t come here and look at his pictures. I most certainly don’t go to sites of stars I don’t care for.

    1) Clay is most certainly not an ugly man. He is quite nice looking actually and has a heart of gold.
    2) The gay comments — Clay has said he is not gay and I believe him. Those who think otherwise, you know this how? I’m sure just by reading your posts I could come up with some statements about you that aren’t true, just from my own opinions. Just cool it. Those are your opinions and not based on fact.
    3) Whether you love his hair or not, one thing is easy to love and that is his kind and caring heart. I think he’s gorgeous, but if you don’t…look beyond the face into the heart of man who gives and gives to make a difference in the lives of others. If you can’t say something nice about someone like that, then just learn to keep your mouth closed.

  • Darlene

    Clay is a quality human being! He is so much more talented than most people on the radio. I have met him and been to several concerts. You want to see a great show, then get your tickets! :o)

  • boots

    Awwwww he says he thinks they’ll put his hand prints up in the kitchen.
    Oh my gosh! When did he get those gorgeous hunky shoulders? It looks like Spamalot has been good for him. He has filled out in all the right places. Excuse me I think I have to go thud!
    Ok one more look at his green eyes.

  • Marianne

    Hey, ”bataglio”"… Boy, you must have a crystal ball if you THINK you can tell how much a person weigh just by their comments! I must have hit a nerve when I talked about “”stupid”" uh?? LMAO!!! At least, I have the guts to sign my real name.
    Another thing my mamma told me… stupid little things are scared and hide behind pseudos. LOLLLLLL

  • nancy

    Wow…Could you have picked a more awful picture of Clay…Why doen’t his PR Dept forbid such an awful reprsentation of him on the internet. He is so cute in concert and inperson. He sould fire his PR dept…!!!

  • k

    maybe he wants to be a woman…so ugly his face

  • Sara

    Love the pictures! Actually there is no summer tour in the works according to Clay’s official site. Sorry for the bad news.

  • tennie

    My motto is if you can’t say anything good about someone KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.Anyway ,CLAY could care less about what some of you IDIOTS say.You are not giving him a paycheck.You’re just wasting your time being envious of him. That little green eyed monster is getting the best of you ,right?