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David Beckham: That's the Ticket!

David Beckham: That's the Ticket!

David Beckham gets pulled over by the L.A. Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles.

The soccer stud reportedly was pulled over for a traffic violation for making an illegal left turn on Fairfax and Sunset. Becks received a $160 fine and one point on his driver’s license unless he agrees to go to traffic school.

A spywitness says, “David was really cooperative. I think he knew he was in the wrong.”

25+ pictures inside of David Beckham getting a ticket…

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david beckham ticket 01
david beckham ticket 02
david beckham ticket 03
david beckham ticket 04
david beckham ticket 05
david beckham ticket 06
david beckham ticket 07
david beckham ticket 08
david beckham ticket 09
david beckham ticket 10
david beckham ticket 11
david beckham ticket 12
david beckham ticket 13
david beckham ticket 14
david beckham ticket 15
david beckham ticket 16
david beckham ticket 17
david beckham ticket 18
david beckham ticket 19
david beckham ticket 20
david beckham ticket 21
david beckham ticket 22
david beckham ticket 23
david beckham ticket 24
david beckham ticket 25
david beckham ticket 26
david beckham ticket 27
david beckham ticket 28

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  • giz

    awwwww babeee noooooooooo :(
    n LAST

  • mary

    i bet $160 is chump change to him

  • random

    Do you think the cop asked for his autograph too?

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    mary, i feel like slapping you in the back of your head. lol becks could wipe his ass with hundred dollar bills for the next year and not even think twice about it.

  • mari

    He’s so overrated. Who cares about him?

  • xewndar1

    im not suprised. left turns in los angeles is very hard. on coming traffic has the right of way so its difficult to make a left turn before the light turns red.

  • hi!

    Lame… Jared.. you put this up, but not his goal from his great game last week. Why is it that people only want to focus on the negative?

  • buckeyegurl

    Only word that comes to mind in regards to Becks is…YUMMY

  • the oc fansite

    Haha, that cop must have gotten the surprise of his life!

  • jocelyyn (: !

    i do,

    i wish i could be the cop lol

  • amber

    lunch money

  • yolanda

    why do the paps just happen to be there the moment beck’s gets a traffic fine?

    is the usa swarming with paps that much?

    they are freakin’ everywhere!

  • James b

    Man, I would love to be that officer. I’d pull him over and tell him I’d need to take him in for further inspection. A much closer inspection!

  • legs

    he’s goodlooking but his arm tattoos looks dirty.

  • eddie jones

    that’s one hideous looking car, sort of like his old lady. This guy has bad taste in women and wheels!

  • fan

    You can’t be serious. I love his eyes. He’s charming. BTW, did you guys see his profile on ‘Rich kis’? Is he lonely?

  • 007

    lol easy money right there!

  • Zidane

    hi! #7
    Beckham had a great game? When? When England lost against French? Or when England got kicked in World Cup? I have to agree with you!

  • remember da truth

    Yolanda #12, good question!
    Fairfax and Sunset is a place near where a lot of celebs would be for restaurants and shopping, so they might have been on their way somewhere or following someone and then got this picture.

    Becks is smiling — he’s so cute!

    Turning is hard there, and if you are used to driving on the other side of the street anyway, it could get confusing.

  • simon

    becks is the best

  • http://msn Lips,tits,all for the kids

    Yeah .

  • http://msn Lips,tits,all for the kids

    Yeah .Give him a ticket, and let him strip too.

  • http://msn Lips,tits,all for the kids

    Lucky thing i wasn’t a cop i’ll let him strip to get out of getting a ticket. YEAH .SHAKE IT BOY, SHAKE IT.LOL.

  • hi!

    Hahahaaaaaaaaa… Last week with the Galaxy. I’d just rather see celebrities being shown what they are meant to be doing, rather than driving around.

  • Box

    #15…he got no taste in wheels?? are you serious or are you just being ignorance?? that Cadillac we’re seeing here is just one of his cars…and back in his house he has all of the Exotic cars you dare to dream of!

    and #12…it turned out in another report that he was actually was “running” away from those paps who were following him all day at the time. that’s why they got these pics…coz they were the one who was chasing him. and being a foreigner there…i think he just got confused of which way to turn while in a hurry! ;p

  • Box

    #15…don’t be such an ignorance – Becks has no taste in wheels?? that Cadillac we’re seeing here is just one of his cars. back home he has all of the Exotic Cars you ever dare to dream of!

    #12…in another report, it turned out that he was actually running away from those paps who was tailing him all day! that’s why they could get these pics. and being a foreigner there..i think he got confused of where he should turn while he was in a hurry! ;p

  • oye

    The only excuse he has for making an illegal turn is that he isnt used to the roads. The suggestion that he isnt used to driving on the right, instead of the left as we do in the UK, is bullshit because he spent 4 years driving in Madrid…on the right side of the road.

  • bet betty

    Sh!t. Face.


  • ellie


  • matt

    I know that cop, he’s my brother-in-law!!! I beat all you!!! haha

  • the cops uncle

    yahoo way to go thats my nephew

  • smiley

    Matt.. you’re so funny. But I beat you.. that’s my HUSBAND. Not sure who the “uncle” is though.

  • zidane

    Well, I guest you right. I am kind of pissed off, you know. I mean who can bend a ball like him? He is a good football player, I must say. A good bloke too, what I hear. The old woman of his is not my problem. And his blasted fashion is not my kind of taste either. But he is a hell of football player, innit?

  • carrie

    wow that my brother bitches but ill never be able to beat the wife thing