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Milo Ventimiglia Shops Snowboards

Milo Ventimiglia Shops Snowboards

Heroes hottie Milo Ventimiglia shops snowboards, boots and bindings at the Burton store on Melrose in Los Angeles this past weekend.

Hope things with him are still going well with costar Hayden Panettiere!!

The third season of Heroes will start up on Monday, September 15 with a three-hour premiere.

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milo ventimiglia snowboarding 01
milo ventimiglia snowboarding 02

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  • Alexandra

    1st!! He is looking HOT!! =]..LOL

  • the oc fansite

    Milo is looking good!

  • Hypa

    O DEVIL !

  • oh

    that’s a Custom X snowboard

  • Me

    effin perv!

    Ever since I heard hes dating that child – hes been a turn off!

  • hero


  • YODA

    He needs to ditch the trollina. She’s sucking the coolness out of him.

    Yeah, ew.

  • T

    Those pics are HOT.
    I’ve never been snowboarding but I feel like I would be horrible at it lol.

  • http://out outlander

    Omg ewwwwwww!!
    He’s so old, ugly and wrinkly now. What happened to him?!

  • jackie

    3 hour premiere? That has to be a joke. No one is gonna watch Heroes for three hours straight especially with how bad the show has gotten.

  • sharon

    ^ Maybe they are just going to show the last two previous episodes and then then a new episode. Or maybe they have made a special recap show of the first season and the first half of this one to refresh peoples memories.

  • Thea

    He is a disgusting perv! why can’t he deal with a woman closer to his own age. I don’t get a stink about nothing he does. She is stupid one day she will look back and miss her youth then trying to get it back and she is 40 years old.

  • NO way

    NO way will I watch heroes.

  • kaka

    That’s one hot pic :)

  • erica

    #12- What the heck is your problem?? Please go and learn how to write better English because trying to read that seriously gave me a headache.

  • Alfred

    Why is Milo so fucking cute!!!!! I miss him

  • Mika

    Pe-do-phileee. And yes I do know the technical definition of the word and that technically he isn’t, so don’t get your panties in a bunch.

    Just because he and Hay are of the same height doesn’t make it right.

  • _nika

    but people he likes them young LOL.
    he looks good.

  • daisy

    I really don’t see what the problem is with the whole HALO relationship. There is blatant chemistry between them, she’s a consenting adult (it’s really patronising of oldies to be like ‘she’s sooo going to regret this’ – what going out with a really hot dude? I don’t think so!) besides, it’s not like he’s a hugh hefner or anything. I just don’t see what there is to be grossed out about, they’re two pretty hot people with a lotta love for each other. LONG LIVE HALO!

  • maria

    damn hayden’s a lucky girl!!!

  • tata

    Get over it people! Care about your own lives please

    Milo is hot, and hayden and him are in love.. sooo just get over it.. it’s getting REALLY boring , your bitchness… thank you!

  • Rae

    3 hours? That’s a lot of heroes at one time.

  • carly

    He looks f***ing hot, I don’t care what everyone says…


    am I seeing things, or he’s wearing different shirts in the two pics? And the watch is different too! WTF?

  • lola

    he’ssss sooo freaaaakkinng hot !!!!!!

  • SickandTired

    He is a handsome guy. He comes off weird though. Can’t put my finger on it. Oh well, its his life

  • http://q tattoo


    lol STFU! She’s not an ”adult”. She’s still a teenager.
    You are saying that they are both hot … well then who cares if they
    started dating when she was maybe 13/14 cause she was still ”hot”
    that time and Milo was younger and ”hot” that time too.
    Also oldie Muhammed married Aisha when she was 6 and the holy dude that he is waited till she was 8 to consummate her. They were together till he died in her arms when she was 18. ^_^

  • daisy

    Reply to tattoo:

    Fair point about the ‘hot’ thing and I apologise if my comments came across ignorant or offensive but I wasn’t really trying to use it to justify anything (Just that they make a really cute couple – if he really was a paedophile – obviously it would not be acceptable even if they were both ‘hot’). Furthermore, what I meant about her being a consenting adult, is that isn’t it that when Americans turn 18, they’re legally adults? – it was simply a response to others who’d called Milo’s actions paedophilic. I agree that the age gap between them is mahussive and I did find it wierd to begin with but you must admit that having America recognise 18 as an initiation into adulthood and legal responsibility fully supports the fact that when you are 18, you are on the cusp of adulthood- it’s totally different to being 13/14, which is when alot of youths only just hit puberty and are leaving childhood behind.

  • http://q tattoo

    The AOC is 12-14 in some countries. ^_^ So it would be ok there.
    She’s only ”legally” an adult but she’s still a teenager.
    Because if she was underage then she would ‘legally” still be a ”child” even if she was 15. And 15 year olds are teenagers not ”children”.
    Anyway, just because something is ”legal” doesn’t make it morally right. I actually don’t give a crap about Halo, I don’t like either of them.
    I’m just tired of older guys thinking I’m fair game and hitting on me just because I turned legal a few weeks ago. ^_^

  • you’re all idiots

    Never mind the fact that none of you have any right to judge Milo or Hayden since you don’t KNOW them, or that it’s pretty boring that none of the paps can mention either of them without mentioning the other, how about the fact that neither of them have actually CONFIRMED that they’re dating. Holding hands in public is not proof of a relationship. Hugging, him having his arm around her, etc, aren’t proof either. I’ve got guy friends, and we hug and hold hands all the time, and I’m not dating any of them. Get over it and move on, people.

  • jayecipher

    OMG so much bitchiness <333 love it =]

    i was obsessed with Milo, then the truth of HaLo hit me :O i nearly cried. I then started to think he was disgusting, him waiting til she was legal and that a 30yr MAN was dating a TEENAGER i dont think it was right, but then i got a life and got over it, SO excited for PATHOLOGY and the interviews next week =[]

    AND i will be defo watching HEROES wooooooooo can’t wait!!!

    Check out then search heroes or milo ventimiglia. I’m heroesfan4eva on the site just so you know =]

  • jayecipher

    #29 they are actually dating btw it was confirmed way back, he announced it at this restaurant.

  • you’re all idiots

    A direct quote? Or just a secondhand quote from an anonymous “witness” or “source”? Because I’ve yet to hear a DIRECT quote from either of them.

  • you’re all idiots

    And besides, even IF they are dating, what gives any of you the right to judge? None of you KNOW them. He’s not some dirty old pervert luring an innocent little girl into the back of a van with candy and a puppy. She’s not a child, and it takes two people to make a relationship happen.

    If they’re happy, why not be happy for them? I’m betting most of the girls who are saying “ewww” are jealous of Hayden and most of the guys are jealous of Milo, not that any of you would have the stones to admit it.

  • http://umno You’re gay

    #33 You’re gay. You know that right?
    You are judging people here you don’t know by calling them idiots but you don’t think people here have the right to judge creepy Halo.
    Why don’t YOU get over it and move on.

    I think Milo should get with Adrian Pasdar who plays Nathan.
    They are soo cute together. <3 <3

  • you’re all idiots

    I’m gay? Well, no, not at all. I’m a girl and I like guys. But you use “gay” to insult me…and yet you think Adrian and Milo should BE gay…uh, all right then.

  • ad

    I love this man to death.

    As for who will watch three hours of Heroes… well diehard fans and there are pleanty of them. Me included.

  • christina

    He’s dating a nasty little troll.

  • hey


  • hey