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Paris Hilton: I'm So in Love with Benji Madden

Paris Hilton: I'm So in Love with Benji Madden

Paris Hilton professes her love for boyfriend Benji Madden in her latest MySpace post.

The 27-year-old hotel heriess was recently in Canada and can be seen pictured below with Elisha Cuthbert‘s younger sister, Lee-Ann Cuthbert (she’s a buyer for Abe & Mary’s). Paris picked up loads of clothes at Roots for pal Nicole Richie and her daughter Harlow.

Here’s what Paris just blogged about:

“Hey everyone! Just wanted to check in and say hi! I’ve been on tour with my boyfriend [Benji] for almost a month now. We’ve been everywhere from South Africa to all around Europe. It’s been so much fun! I’ve never felt so happy and in love, [Benji] is such an amazing guy and life has never been better! :) It’s so much fun going to their shows every night, I now know every song by heart. I love Good Charlotte, they rock!! All the guys in the band are so cool and sweet and it’s been such an amazing and memorable experience. In my free time, Ive been checking out all your casting videos on the casting site for my new MTV show,, there are A LOT of fabulous and interesting contenders. I cannot wait to start shooting this show!! It’s going to be a blast!! So if you haven’t logged in yet, go to the site and upload a video, I watch every single one. Also, I was in Montreal a couple days ago for my new shoe line launch, which was a huge success, the shoes are there top seeler there and at Macy’s. I want to thank you all for coming, it was great meeting you all. I love Canada!! Canadians are awesome, so genuine and real! Thank you for all your letters and kind words, they mean the world to me. Also I met the host of one of my fan sites, he was so nice and sweet and has a really cool site, go check it out. Well, I gotta go, cause my boy is about to go on stage and I want to go out there and watch him. Also, later I will post some pictures I’ve taken throughout my travels this month, and I’ll be blogging more often to keep you guys posted on what I’m up to. Love you all and thank you for all your love and support! Love always, Paris :) xoxo”

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  • bejeebus

    she must get a discount from the company that produces valtrex by now since she has brought so many new and lifelong customers into the fold. she’s such a waste of life.

  • kathy


  • Emily

    dam right canadians are amazing!

  • me

    What exaclty is Paris famous for?

    Can she sing?

    Can she act?

    Does she give back to humanity in meanignful ways?

    Does she support charitable organizations with her time and money?

    Or is she famous because she is a Hitlon and a sex tape of hers “accidentally” ended up on the internet?

  • It’d be great

    If Paris finds true love with Benji and Nicole is with Joel. I saw Joel on MTV Cribs. I think he is completely cool. I knew he had to be for Nicole to get pregnant like that. She was with her other fiance for years and that didn’t happen, so she must have really wanted Joel. They got all kinds of tattoos, but Joel just seemed so down to earth and normal. He also prays to God. Wow. I wouldn’t have expected that.

    It seems unlikely that since Paris is from the Hilton clan that she would be with a guy like Benji, but I think he is probably just her style. The Madden boys rock.

  • Good charlotte freak

    This woman needs to be dragged out into the street and shot. She is turning Good Charlotte into a joke. I pray that she doesn’t get knocked up with Benji’s kid. That would be the worst mistake he has ever made.

  • anonymus

    I wonder if Nicole is ok with Paris kind of following her footsteps..

  • ewwww

    She’s so unoriginal. she dates the twin of her former bff’s husband. Ewwww

  • Dancer

    #4 Me
    Well, she isn’t famous for her geography or writing skills either!

  • rowis

    ewwwww she came so close to where i live!
    must move now

  • ty

    RUN, ROWIS, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bubbaness

    She’s just an inch or two away from full-blown retardation.

  • Molly
  • whatever

    So this is the flavor of the month for Paris… whippee! I thought she was going to turn her life around after her jail stint? That lasted long. And she’s newsworthy why? Does she have a job? a life that isn’t someone else’s? She’s only notorious for being a party girl… who cares about her!

  • Nicole
  • angell cakes

    yes #3, canadians are amazing!! i love montrealers, lol i wonder how her french was, especially downtown! my friend saw her there

  • ral

    Canadians can’t buy her shoes at Macy’s coz there are no Macy’s in Canada ! She IS REALLY STUPID !!!

  • me

    # 9 you are right!

  • Alison

    How many times have we heard her say this about guys over the years???? I am sure she will be saying it about someone else again in a few weeks time. Benji should have stuck with Sophie Monk – at least she is not a waste of space.

  • Have a cupcake and smile

    She is a horrible horrible human.

  • chris


  • Vshizzle


  • Ely

    Big friggin’ deal!

  • xyz

    I hate everything about her… but I loved her sunglasses! anyone knows what’s the designer or brand?

  • http://justjared clueless

    suck suck suckerrrrrrr

    I cant stand Paris beakface- she is so crap i dont even know how to describe it!

    Nicole Richie was soo smart to dump her.

    Can’t wait for Paris and Benji to break up. they would have to be the ‘wrongest” couple in the history of celebrity. Its so obvious Paris is just attention seeking trying to crash Nicole’s perfect life. Suffer Paris, you’re so jealous you will NEVER have what Nicole has cos you’re a faker.

    Somebody please tell me Paris is barren cos it would be abuse for a child to have her as a “mother”.

    Honestly thought the Madden boys were cooler than that? Obviously Benji is not the intelligent one. I suppose Joel is still ok cos he’s with Nicole :)

  • rachel

    angell cake #16

    I tell you how her french is: For somebody who said that LONDON is a part of FRENCH, her FRENCH must be as understandable as COCKNEY (you know what they say about cockney: you have to be born as a londoner to understand it).

    I read somewhere, that she fell on her mouth (literally) on the street of Prague, and then she said: PRAGUE?! NEVER AGAIN!

    I feel so sorry for the street of Prague, and thank God that she forbids herself to come to Prague. Prague without Paris, what a Paradise!

  • remember da truth

    Funny, yes, following Nicole’s lead now. Notice how she doesn’t mention nicole in her blog. If you’re dating the brother of your former best friend’s fiance, wouldn’t you mention also seeing that person on tour?

    It’s so obvious she’s jealous of Nicole and trying to steal her thunder the only way she knows how — having sex with a guy.


    hhahahah did any of you see her stack out the front of a eatery and her supposed so in love bf just steps straight over her – doesnt even help her up!!! Classic !! Paris eats DUST serioulsy you all need to see…

  • ghis-in-paris-france

    you guy (@ me : 04/08/2008 at 4:33 pm) sound different from stupid and idiot american people all over internet. I am surprised to see you have the same questions as me about how a bastard chick can be famous in a country? if ok, it means that people are bastard also.
    Thank u so much.

  • nandile

    haha i remember when she was here. she went to all these orphanages and little girls went and gave her flowers as if she was their role model (like they even knew who she was) puhhlease. why she came to south africa puzzles me. yeah sure the concert was awesome but i don’t get why she HAD to be there. pffft paris hilton…. like we need her

  • albus

    Believe me GoodCharlotte freak, Paris will try hard to get knocked up by Benji. She laid eyes on him ONLY because Nicole got Joel. She’s so ridiculous she lives her life through stupid headlines. She wants her story of the two “friends” getting the two twins. I don’t believe in her feelings for him.

  • jade

    Oh,please,Paris is love with Benji,this week. She has said she was in
    “Love” with every guy she went with.

  • breeezybaby

    the sunglasses are from urban outfitters.

  • janet

    The poor excuse for a human are the ones who sit and judge people when they have no room to judge because there is not one person in this world that is perfect. So back off her.

  • elise miisu

    I just wanted to comment & say keep up the quality work.

  • Shane

    Canadians are genuine… genuinely bland.