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Rachael Ray is a Food Bank Flirt

Rachael Ray is a Food Bank Flirt

We’re going to pump you up!

Rachael Ray shows “her girls” in a revealing, low-cut dress at the 2008 Can-Do Awards Dinner at Pier 60 at NYC’s Chelsea Piers on Monday. The event marked the 25th Anniversary of the hunger-relief program, Food Bank For New York City.

Ray, 39, was accompanied by her husband, John M. Cusimano, the lead singer of the rock band The Cringe.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rachael Ray’s new look? YUM-O or YUCK-O?

10+ pictures inside of food bank flirt Rachael Ray

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  • Marisleysis

    Ewww, her boobs look like 2 little potatoes. She needs to cover those up!

  • Kristina

    Pantyhose?!? I wasnt going to say it didnt look that bad, it was a little too cleavage friendly for my personal taste but jesus the pantyhose with the shoes? I’m a fan of Rachael Ray but wow.

  • kate

    Um. Something just looks wrong there.

  • kate

    Her boobs just look, I don’t know, too high? And I expected her to be way busty-er. Why are they so high???

  • jake

    Her revealling outfit is inappropiate, especially for the event marking the anniversity of the hunger relief program, to much cleavage always equals trash

  • Ha!

    Wouldn’t have a problem with the dress if her boobs didn’t look so weird. I kind of like the haircut, though. She needed a change.

  • oh snap!


  • Me

    She needs implants…

  • cARRIE

    It amazes me…. With all the money this young woman has made, thanks to being one of Oprah’s pets, she cannot hire a “professional” to design clothing appropriate for her specific and unique body structure?

  • tAYLOR

    He needs a shave.
    She’s pretty, but yuck.

  • Tanda

    Tuck your twins back in, Honey. This look does NOT suit you!

  • Bubbaness


  • ra

    What??? Her house doesn’t have any mirrors? Surely if she’d seen how she looked, she wouldn’t have gone out like that…surely…..

  • velvett

    Being around ovens and stoves has cooked her brain if she thinks she looks good. Yuck the boobs wreck the whole look. We know now she has saggy boobs and I really didn’t need to see that.
    Money doesn’t always equal good taste.

  • Helena

    What’s up with her boobs?

  • Maeghan

    I hate her. Her smile reminds me of Jack Nicholson’s Joker from Batman.

  • rita

    ugly cleavage.

  • jeni

    YUCK-O! What the heck is wrong with her eyes too! She looks horrible….like she is trying to hard! I don’t really like her for some reason.

  • mary

    she is one of the most annoying women on the planet and her boobs make me want to throw up.

  • mary

    she is one of the most annoying women on the planet and her boobs make me want to throw up.

  • Kendall

    Pantyhose??!? That outfit is hideous! Doesn’t suit her at all!

  • Joanne

    This look does nothing for her. Her boobs look strange and she should keep em covered.

  • martha

    she looks so uncomfortable….. poor gal….

  • so

    cute hair cut

  • legs

    eww to her boobs.

  • shorty

    one loud mouthed broad + one hideous dress + pantyhose(wtf?!) + the ugliest boobs on earth + = one RACHAEL RAY


  • groundhogday


  • ewww

    They do look like potatoes LOL…..

  • calarkie

    Everything about her disgusts me. This is beyond over the top. Yuck!

  • mERCY

    I totally agree with Jake (#5) in how this outfit is totally inappropriate to the event as well as to her image as so-called fcelebrity oodie/food critic. I don’t understand why she aspires and tries so hard to be like some body-baring starlet when she doesn’t even have the goods? I remember her posing in some magazine in some provocative outfits a few months back. Those were also EEEWW!

  • lovesong

    Her boobs are somehow disturbing, seriously theres something wrong with it! o____O

  • bobbi

    The look is not good. Tuck them in girl!

  • bejeebus

    even if you have PERFECT breasts, this isn’t appropriate….and she DEF does not have perfect breasts.
    i think she ruined my lunch. some people just shouldn’t even try to be sexy…..especially if they resemble an oompa loompa in physique.

  • Nicole m

    lmao. Her boobs look ridiculous. And it is so trashy.

  • creativegirl

    I love her new haircut – but this dress does NOTHING for her.

  • denise

    she just looks…weird. Ugh, I can hear her annoying voice in my head.

  • Annmarie

    She doesn’t look good. Neither does her husband. They both need some fashion advice. Maybe they should go on that show “what not to wear”…
    Why is she wearing stockings? And those shiny ones to boot? yuck.
    I think she is attractive but that dress does nothing for her. Sorry, Rachel you need a lession in fashion and get one for your hubby while you’re at it!

  • Summer breeze

    Rachel Ray should have enough common sense not to go for this look. It looks so uncomfortable I feel like throwing her a towel. The first time I saw this pics…isaid, “what the heck happened to you?”

  • Anon

    She has definitely had work done to her face. All you have to do is go back to before she got adopted by Oprah and she was not so famous, and look at her now. She looks very good…on her face. I think her boobs are like…adolescent…ya know? Like if she was 12 and just started growing them. They need help.

  • aimee Pickens

    Why oh why would she show off those boobies? They look bad enough when she has a bra and a shirt on!

  • sewgirly

    Hair and make-up look great, but that dress – eww it does nothing for her. If anything it makes her waist look thicker and her boobs look saggier. Maybe she should get a three way mirror.

  • the dq

    EEEEEEEEKKKKKKK……………her chicken cutlets are making a run for it to her armpits!!!!!!

  • the oc fansite


    This woman IRRITATES me!

  • potty mouth princess


    Rach dear, we know you’re too big to wear petite clothing, but you and your man on a leash can take the clothing you spent thousands of dollars on to a TAILOR and have them properly altered to your….uh…unique…body types.

    Leave the shiny Spanx pantyhose and tacky gold jewelery (with silver shoes, bag and cool-toned dress) at home as well. Ever heard of silver or black onyx? I’m sure you have some in that shiteous collection.

    I guess this goes to prove you can take the girl out of the trailer, but money can’t take out the trash.

  • christine

    For godsakes, didn’t her mother ever tell her, “IF IT DON’T LOOK GOOD, DON’T PUT IT OUT ON THE FRONT PORCH!!!…For 1, noone wears nylons anymore,(especially not shiny ones)..2, theres way to much pattern going on and that necklace just..ugh..3,I am now totally convinced that she and her scuzzy husband are made for one another. She won’t ask him to shave, and he likes having a has been slut on his arm. They are both gross!!!!!

  • D

    I think she had her boobs reduced and the reduction made them looking retired.

  • Here’s The Deal

    Wow, the twins are really high up, huh?

  • postwatcher

    You people are retarded. Her chest is fine, the dress is not.
    End of story.

    I guess your only concept of the female body is 1. barbie 2 porn

    You people ……especially you women are morons.

    Natural is better then Frankenstein boobs with scars!

  • postwatcher

    You people are retarded. Her chest is fine, the dress is not.
    End of story.

    I guess your only concept of the female body is 1. barbie 2. airbrushed models

    You people ……especially you women are morons.

    Natural is better then Frankenstein boobs with scars!

  • sarah

    her husband looks like he wants to kill himself. and if i had to look at those little raisin titties every day, I’d probably off myself too