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Tom Cruise and Suri Play at the Park

Tom Cruise and Suri Play at the Park

Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri Cruise enjoy a daddy-daughter day at a Los Angeles park on Tuesday, March 25th.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Suri Cruise are two of Hollywood’s most talked about babies and both appear ready to be big sisters.

Earlier this month, Tom Cruise met with former boss Sumner Redstone of Paramount Pictures, who decided not to renew Tom’s contract in 2006.

10+ more pics of Tom and Suri playing at a local park…

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tom cruise suri park 01
tom cruise suri park 02
tom cruise suri park 03
tom cruise suri park 04
tom cruise suri park 05
tom cruise suri park 06
tom cruise suri park 07
tom cruise suri park 08
tom cruise suri park 09
tom cruise suri park 10

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  • http://msn Lips,tits,ass is horny

    Sweet kid.

  • http://msn Lips,tits,all for the kids

    Her dress is so pretty. I’ll love to see her , Shiloh and Z on a play date.

  • Stefanie

    she’s adorable! but I don’t like him at all!

  • katie

    He’s such a freek! Why is she dressed like that to play at the park? nice sweater Tom you look like Grandpa…..Dork

  • legs

    it’s nice to see suri spending some time in the playground and be a kid. btw, she’s adorable.

  • super sasha

    suri is very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    yes, the dress is gorgeous, and Tom looks ready for a more formal engagement. Look at the people in the background in jeans and tees. That dress probablyl cost hundreds to play in the park is crazy. Regardless of dress, it is nice to see a Hollywood day out with the kid at the park. Rare!

  • legs

    what happened to picture#5?
    did she fall from the slide? too cute.

  • huh?

    is that the first time suri ever visited a playground???

  • Miapocca


  • againstteenpregnancy

    This is so staged!! After everyone has been wondering what has become of Suri, grandpa Tommy takes her out for some fresh air.
    Alert the presses: Suri lives, but now Katie has gone missing! Freak show with that family.
    The church of scientology probably only allows its followers a certain # of hrs. per year spent in the great big open.

  • Miapocca

    He is truly a midget..look at those short stumps he is standing on…

  • di

    She’s sweet, but WHY have they painted her nails to match the red ribbon???

  • Maria

    She is adorable! Why is she dress like that:? how can you have fun dressed like that? this look more like a photo oppt. I think his pr people are trying to fix his image again. He is an a-hole that keep messing it up.

  • bejeebus

    that poor little girl….normal people (non-scientologists) will always be wary of her and it’s all her freak daddy’s fault.

  • bejeebus

    p.s. did anyone notice the eiffel tower on her dress???? is that supposed to be a seemingly romantic reference to where tom and katie got “engaged” (signed their business papers that gave him her soul for all eternity in exchange for a computer chip and a barney’s charge card)????? if so, GAG!

  • Bob

    That’s pretty cool. I was at a park yesterday with my kid. Wouldn’t it be funny if you were at a park and all of a sudden Tom Cruise showed up?

  • Michele

    what is he selling today?

  • susie

    Yes she is adorable, in a beautiful dress. She is just as adorable as thoudands of other children, nothing exceptional here. But she looks
    sad just like her Mama and she looks a bit lost.

    She’s had her hair stylized and her nails painted……….pathetic……this
    is how TC is going to salvage his image and career? They create a set , cameras roll and Suri is the star performer, is this fair? Just cause TC is hated, he shouldn’t be using his daughter like this. Of course he loves her but he not doing right by her.

    Kids that are exploited like this don’t grow up feeling good about themselves, they are used as pawns and feel it. Many wind up in
    rehab. or worse. I fear for Suri.

  • Omar

    Is that a dress for playing in the park? No – then it’s surely a photo op? Poor child.

  • zoe

    gorgeous dress but seriously, what kind of kid wears that to play in a park? its nice however, to see some bonding between suri and tom.

  • k.c.

    jeeez why put your kid in clothes like that to play at a park??!!!

  • Christy

    Wow….Scientologist actually play in the park….oh wait….she’s not playing….she’s standing next to her dad!!

  • remember da truth

    Okay, yes, we all know it’s not appropriate play wear. BORING comments here.

    Someone said it’s rare to see Hollywood kids at the park, but they aren’t paying attention. Jen Garner, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Jude Law have all been seen taking kids to the park. And many more to the beach. Dumb comment!

    More interesting is where is Katie? Not like she actually works, and why is Tom dressed like that?

  • nona

    yeah, just the outfit you dress your toddler in to take to the park. and if he’s so friggin concerned about security, why’s he hanging out in a public park.

    what a load. glad to see his stupid nazi movie is being shelved.

  • gypsy marie

    That dress is white. Oh, the stains!
    I believe tom was on set…hence the dorky sweater.

  • klf

    remember da truth,
    And YOUR comments are ALWAYS boring.

  • rose

    I have a 1 1/2 yr old daughter and i would NEVER put her in her pretty dresses to go to the park. Tom, does she own any jeans at all? they don’t cost that much!

  • B
  • me


  • rolf

    She is so ugly sorry

  • Rayt

    bit of an inapropriate outfit for the park.. hah. She’s a cutie, but that haircut they give her is awful.

  • me

    Why can’t 2 years girl wear dress in the park? What’s wrong with that , she is little girl not boy. All little girls wear dresses. She can’t be all over the place,because she can fall,it’s normal that she stands with her father maybe she is shy,,,,, I think a lot of people try to make a big deal from nothing.

  • KarenA

    So very cute. Thanks, Jared!

  • jo

    She’s not as cute as she used to be.

  • see ya

    O #24 go away…

  • Ha!

    The dress is not some couture original. It’s from Janie and Jack and probably cost $40 at the most. Suri seems to like to wear dresses – what’s wrong with that?

    I’m no huge Tom Cruise fan, but people are seriously starting to nit pick about some stupid crap.

  • so

    I don’t think she’s that cute! She looks like a brat.

  • lahrah

    She looks like the little boy from The Grudge……but I’m less scared of him.

  • Janie

    Shei s adorable but who the hell dresses their child in a white dress to go to the park? I can’t stand Tom Cruise! He is an idiot!

  • Rayt
  • me

    The problem is that in our modern world everyone wears jeans and sometimes it’s hard to say who is in front of you man or woman…..
    So here we go: girl in dress looks strange

  • sheer

    Maybe the two just stopped at that park on their way to somewhere. I’d seen Suri in pants at a zoo with both her parents. Anyway, their kid is adorable. I love her dress having Paris printed on it.

  • Yvonne

    A dress like that is perfect for garden parties, tea parties, weddings or luncheons but not for a little girl to play in the park. She needs movement freedom and that dress quite restricts her from that. Everything always looks so staged at the Cruises. I wonder whatever happened to the two older adoptive kids. We always see Tom, Katie & Suri and Nicole, Keith and the baby bump but where are the other two kids and why were they kept out of publicity all these years and why does Tom frolics around with Suri so publicly these days – weird people those Cruises.

  • what?

    I agree with all of you who are commenting that that is a strange choice of outfit for a fun-filled day at the park!… so silly when you know that they paid an exorbiant amnt. of $$$ on that- just to get it dirtied up at the park! So, unbelievably wasteful!

    freaky parents= poor, poor child!

  • Ivana

    Girl is cute, and Tom is freak!!!

  • Rayt

    the dress is only $38! It’s not “an exorbiant amnt. of $$$”. But I do agree its not good for the park.

  • Annika

    Suri looks really unhappy.

  • Ha!

    Someone explain to me how a dress “restricts movement”? We have no idea if they JUST went to a park or stopped there on the way back from somewhere else or on the way to another place. Relax people. It’s a dress, not a straight jacket.

  • lahrah

    A straight jacket would make a lot more sense. Especially one for daddy.