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Bar Refaeli Wants to End Human Trafficking

Bar Refaeli Wants to End Human Trafficking

Supermodel Bar Rafaeli, aka Leo DiCapro‘s girlfriend, joins Somaly Mam and model Petra Nemcova at the Somaly Mam Benefit at NYC’s Tribeca Rooftop Grill on Tuesday.

At the event, The Somaly Mam Foundation featured the premiere of the movie Holly. The film tells the story about a young girl caught in the web of the sex slave trade in Cambodia and the man who tries to save her. Holly was shot on location in Cambodia, including many scenes in actual brothels in the notorious red light district of Phnom Penh.

Proceeds from the evening benefited the Somaly Mam Foundation, which aims to raising global awareness about sex slave trade.

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli supporting Somaly Mam

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Photos: Amy Sussman/Getty
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    :):):):)) THANKS JJ


    PRETTY !!

  • Laura

    Good for her. :D

  • Laila

    I love her! She seems pretty level headed. Despite the fact that she is with my future husband, I like her. :)

  • lilly

    I really dislike Bar. I cannot put my finger on it but she irritates me so much. One question: She is supposed to be a super model but apart from charity events you cannot see much of her. Why is that?

  • jake

    For an Isreali girl she is very pretty, most isreali girls are not that pretty with there distinct features, not being racist or anything, she could pass off for her a German, I can see why Leo likes her, if I didn’t know it already I would’ve never guessed she was israeli

  • lila

    i think she looks so much better than petra!! she is so beautiful

  • lila

    i just read your comment and sorry… she looks VERY israeli. there are soo many girls in israel that look like her. its a complete mixture some have blond hair blue eyes and some have dark olive skin and brown eyes. considering soo many israelis are european looking, or mixtures of spanish/ mediterranean/ european looking.

  • Vegi

    Jake– you ARE being racist (maybe you don’t mean to). Have you been to Israel? Do you know a lot of Israeli girls?
    For anyone who does know, it’s very clear you have no idea what you’re talking about.
    Israel is just like the US– a mixture of people from all over the globe. Tall blondes, short redheads, skinny brunettes. White skin, brown skin, black skin. Israel has it all.
    That includes, believe it or not, beautiful people.

  • Helena

    She’s very cute!

  • salma

    she has a sweet face but sorry she’s FATTTTTTTTTTT look at those legs they ‘re too big SHE’S NOT A REAL MODEL SHE’s more that size 4 SHE’S QUITE BORING TOO AND ANNOYING SHE’s PRETTY BUT HAS NO APPEAL

  • Ha!

    Not fair! She’s gorgeous and cute all at the same time.

    Salma, you’re crazy. It’s just a bad angle. They don’t put fat women in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, hon.

  • tom c

    I see nothing special about her. She looks so plain, not beautiful.
    She looks like she’s 14 yrs old or something.

  • Martinilush

    Bar is really pretty, but her outfits drive me crazy! Half the time what she wears is so unflattering – like why on earth is she wearing sheer black pantyhose???? It looks awful!

  • Helena

    #11. you must be anorexic.

  • http:/lea Lea

    I hate that she took Leo from me (wink, wink) but she is stunning. Imagine their kids!

  • ck

    Are there any “pro-Human Trafficking” celebs?

  • Jake

    I didn’t mean to be racist, and I have met my share of israeli girls, there is plenty of them in Canada, and even more of them at my university and I just find that most them have distinct features, almost very ethnic, that you wouldn’t necesarily say Beutiful, thats why when I saw bar, my first peception was she is pretty for an israeli girl, your right every groups of people do have their share of beautiful people and some not so beautiful people, its just when you compare israeli girls to brazilians (like gisele), americans, canadians, east africans, israeli girls tend to not come up as the most beautiful girls, call me shallow, but we live in a shallow world

  • Marie

    I don’t know what it is about her… but she is stunning.

  • sarah

    #11: Bitter much?
    She looks amazing. Unlike your typical model, she looks like she actually eats and exercises to stay thin. Her body is perfect

    #18: lol you’re not racist. Israeli girls from Israel are usually really pretty. It’s not the same if a person with whatever nationality lives in a different country. They are surrounded by a different culture, mentality, pressures, etc.

  • lilly

    She is not fat but she is definitely not on the skinny side as you would expect from most of the fashion models. And I have to agree she tends to wear unflattering clothes. ( her previous charity event, also the black tights were unflattering )
    #12, don`t you think the SI pictures ( and all the other fashion photos with other models ) are photoshopped to a certain extent? And as much as I don`t like Bar I didn`t necessarily refer only to her. I don`t think there is one model out there whose pictures were never corrected.
    I kind of think that she is overrated because of Leo. She is a gorgeous model rather on the average side and she gets way more attention and credit than she would get otherwise.
    Petra Nemcova should stick with her original hair color. Brunette works for her the blonde doesn`t.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    that’s nice and all but sometimes i wish clothes-hangers would just shut up.

  • wondering

    instead of aka you should use oka = only known as…
    one good point mentioned earlier. if she is a supermodel why cannot we see pictures or read about her super photo shoots or fashion shows?

  • oh snap!

    WTF this biotch is UGLY

  • Rita

    She seems to be quite involved with humanitarian causes! In addition of being a gorgeous young woman with healthy looks and flesh on her bones!!! Good for Leo DiCaprio! He has found a lovely companion.

  • Tiffany

    She’s just not pretty to me. She is one of those people who has all the features that are supposed to be beautiful, but they just don’t come together. She has nice colored eyes, but I’m just not seeing what all the talk is about. She does have a cute shape although she doesn’t look like she works out at all. Her body would be damn near perfect if she hit the gym.

  • ihb

    Well, Bar seems to show up at these charity events but I`m not that sure about how involved she really is. Showing up is one thing but what`s beyond is another. Petra Nemcova has her own foundation and she is certainly known for her humanitarian work. I personally haven`t heard anything like that about Bar.
    She is pretty but nothing outstanding. There are so many models like her who are pretty but not remarkable. The only thing that makes her somewhat special is her boyfriend.

  • AWWWWW!!!

    She has a beautiful girl-next-door look and/or classic look!

  • Tom

    Judging Israeli women by one or two Israeli girls you’ve met is just plain stupid. I’m in the military and traveled the world and Israeli women are definately the hottest around, and absolutely better-looking than Brazilian women. I’m sorry but Gisele is not even remotely attractive. I’m sure you’ve never been to Germany because Bar sure doesn’t look like any German girls I’ve met.

    Ironically Bar is far from the prettiest Israeli woman I’ve seen. There are so many more attractive Israeli girls than this chick. Don’t get me wrong Bar’s fine but even in her home country she’s not that special.

    Bar doesn’t care about anyone but herself but so what? She’s a rich model with a very famous Hollywood boyfriend. Bar wants to be photographed and that’s the only reason she shows up at these events. The girl is milking her 15 minutes of fame for all it’s worth and I don’t blame her.

  • ihb

    I don`t know about Israeli women in general but I know two models from Israel who are way more gorgeous and stunning than Bar. Shelly Hazan and Shiraz Tal, beautiful girls who top Bar any time. But, hey, they can`t all date Leo. Apparently Bar is the lucky one.

  • Edila

    SUPERMODEL????????? OMG she is just a average cute girl.

  • L

    #30, you are correct. Someone posted a link here, or some other blog, to Shelly Hazen. Bar is pretty, but that girl is stunning. I was pretty shocked at the comment about Israeli women not being attractive because they are known to be beautiful and come in all varieties. The men are hot too. Every country has beautiful and not so beautiful people.

    As for Bar, Tom is right, she should milk her 15 minutes. LD is not going to settle down with anyone for a long time.

  • Cocò

    I <3 her!

  • Ella

    I think she’s really pretty, and she does not even have to put on alot of make-up to prove it! Thats true beauty….

  • wondering

    Bar`s skin is not that great I think she should have used something. Her eyes and lips are ok. I agree with the girl-next-door title, cute, average.

  • kara

    I don’t understand… sometimes justjared calls her “Bar RAfaeli” and sometimes “Bar REfaeli”… what is her name ? Is this complicated to write it correctly ?

  • Jayhawk

    Bar is average.Petra, though is one of the prettiest models there is.

  • lilly

    Petra is the gorgeous one here but I think she should return to her original hair color. Brunette is much much better for her.

  • Mikeygreeneyes

    I don’t know what this talk about Bar is all about. Comparing her to Petra I have to say that Petra is soooo much prettier. Besides, look at the pictures. There are only a few on which Bar laughs and she stands there like a broom stick. Petra rocks. She can work the camera. Bar? Not so much. And yes, Bar looks German. I work for an international company and have to travel quite a bit. You meet girls like Bar in Germany but also in Israel. I agree with the previous posters who said that there are far prettier girls in Israel. Don’t get me wrong. Bar is cute but far from being a super model. She doesn’t have the little something you need. Her greatest achievement? Being DiCaprio’s girlfriend.

  • Tiffany

    To settle this “she looks German” thing. Of course she looks german. A lot of German Jews moved to Israel after the war so some if not all of her people probably are from Germany originally. There are a ton of third and fourth generation Israelis that are European descendents so it’s not a suprise that she looks the way she does.

  • ihb

    I totally agree with #39.

  • tom

    No, Bar does not look German! I’ve been to Germany and women there do not have the exotic look that Bar has. Israel has many exotic blonde blue-eyed women who definately don’t look European. That’s what’s so great about Israel. The women are just so different and alluring that they don’t resemble women from other countries.

    Bar’s mother’s family is from Russia and I think her father is Sephardic, which is what Jews from the Middle East are called. Jews are a distinct ethnic group which means that they don’t look like the majority of the population of the country they live in, which is a good thing.

    Shelly Hazan is so hot! Leo would have picked her instead of Bar if he had to choose between them. Bar cannot compare to Shelly Hazan. Not that many women can!

  • sap

    #6-jake- you know what , just to prove u wrong , u r invited to come to Israel. u dont realize how many beautiful people u will see on the street, its EXACTLY like USA. So you’re wellcome to find out before u say meaningless things.

  • Mikeygreeneyes

    I second that.

  • jennifer

    She most is actually the most beautiful model of all, Bar have a real woman body, she is feminine, she has curves and a beuatiful and sweet body, love her. Go Leo and Bar .

  • jennifer

    sorry, Beatuiful and sweet face!!!

  • jennifer

    Is good to see that Bar cares about important things as Leo, they make a wonderful couple, in a rare moment in a interview that Leo speaks about Bar he said that likes her because she’s a very down-to-earth girl and I have sure that this is that more care to him. Sorry for my bad english!!!

  • it’s all good

    petra all day and night thank you

  • sandi

    i dont love bar bud i do love the way she look. she is natural and her body is ver hot! i do think that she is famous now because of leo. her eyes are gorgeous! i have never seen such eyes before! bud leo can get better! like(megan fox) bar rafaeli is the most hot woman that leo has ever dated!! that true! she is way hotter than gisele! gisele is stupid! she dont disurf to be number one model! bar has to be that!

  • Francesca

    Nothing special-weird tiny tiny eyes. Slight piano legs. Puffy cheeks. Odd sad, mentally challenged expressions.

    Not as painful to look at as the ultimate Jo Camel faced big nosed tranny Gisselle. Does Dicaprio have terrible taste or what?