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Jennifer Aniston & Orlando Bloom: More Than Friends?

Jennifer Aniston & Orlando Bloom: More Than Friends?

Jennifer Aniston and Orlando Bloom are more than just friends, claims OK!

The pair dined together at a March 25 charity event at Eva Longoria‘s Beso restaurant.

“They were like heat-seeking missiles,” one eyewitness reveals. “They came together, threw their arms around each other and shared a big hug. I saw them in a booth next to each other and Jen was looking at Orlando like he was her favorite person in the world. She looked like she wanted to grab him and make out with him!”

Um, no.

Any blind person could see Orly and Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr and happily seeing each other.

P.S. Disney shot down rumors that Mr. Bloom will not be starring as The Prince of Persia. Arrrrrrrr!!!!! Jake Gyllenhaal has supposedly been offered the role, according to Latino Review.

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  • vanfan

    isn’t he going out with someone though..?
    miranda somebody?

  • vanfan

    also, FIRST

  • april

    “She looked like she wanted to grab him and make out with him!”
    this makes Jen desperate looking for mr. goodbar.

  • me

    Jennifer is linked to a different man every week. It’s ridiculous.

  • kay

    this story is SO bullsh*t. he’s seeing miranda and she’s dating herself. obviously. haha



  • sasha



    She’s not good enough for him, but I do want her to find someone already!

  • samara

    orlando too good for her , and he would drop like a hot potatoe


    He is not with MK only!
    All those pap pics were set ups
    That is what any blind person can see, jj

    OB has not denied this and its been going on for weeks now
    with the rumors.

    Did anyone see those pics of him hanging out with three other women on Friday night at foxtail??
    That says a lot more than set up photo ops

  • memo to Jen

    Stop the collagen injections already.

  • orlando and the 3 ladies

    So jared- if Orlando is happy with Miranda then why pray tell me did he take 3 women home with him after picking them up in a nightclub last friday night with a male pal? (pics on elflady)They werent playing scrabble I’ll bet.

    Oh and Jared we see through you- we know that you and Miranda are pals…so give it up you are biased- face it, they aint exclusive bro!

  • bea

    this is stupid. he has a beautiful young gf.

  • ricki

    So because he was with three women and they all entered the car together, that automatically means that they had while sex together? How do you know that they didn’t know each other from before and are just friends? Geez you people and your overactive imaginations.

  • @bea

    Really where?

    All I see is orlando acting like a single man picking up women in a nightclub last firday night- the paps caught him doing it!!- him and Miranda are prob effbuddies at best- why can’t people do the math???

  • rotten piece of a$$

    What a difficult choice for Orlando. Let’s see, Victoria Secret Model or One night stand with a 40yr. has been tv star? hmmmm…dilemma!! dilemma!!

  • old threads

    For those Jen fans just tuning in, This all seems like damge control for OB.
    Read the old threads on OB and MK and you will see that she keeps saying they are dating but he keeps acting like he is single.

    Jen and OB are great friends and both have the same PR and management team so they probably put this out there as a distraction for both of them. It keeps coming up in the press.
    I wonder if its true that JA really does have another bf that she is trying to keep hidden.

  • miranda says-orlando does

    Miranda can say what she likes, but Orlando will always counteract it with actions, he has done since the start- thats odd.

    She says we are “very very happy” yet the same night he is put hitting on 3 women and caught taking them home in the back of his car with his mate ready for some group sex….

    I think Orlando likes his women far too much. And sex with as many different ones as possible.

  • Kate

    She looks like Ashley Tisdale, I guess that what happens when you see the same plastic surgeon. What a bunch of clones!!!!!

  • dilemma???

    To # 15
    What a difficult choice for Orlando. Let’s see, Victoria Secret Model or One night stand with a 40yr. has been tv star? hmmmm…dilemma!! dilemma!!

    dilemma??? Where? One night with JA is worth much more than holding hands with MK!

  • 40yr.$lut

    Didn’t he already deny the rumor when it first started? Back when they went to some wedding in Mexico. Huvane PLEASE stop pimping the h03 that nobody wants!!! she may tighten her face, but nobody wants a loose oochi-coochie!!

  • @ricki

    Because he didnt arrive with them for a start, it looks bad either way, why didnt he take his girl out with them- she was in town apparently? You are very niave, Bloom is known to like his women in clubs- you tell me why when he was with miranda did he come onto Vernoica Taylor? And it was caught on film??

    Believe it or not people dont have to be exclusive in a relationship, it is common these days- wheres the harm?

  • MMM

    She looks like Heather Locklear in that picture.

  • oz press vs everyone else

    Funny how it seems the only place that picks up the MK stuff is the oz press.
    The rest of the world has been running this JA thing as much as they can,

  • Jaded

    Whoever is responsible for this cover photoshopped the hełł out of both of them. Enough of the airbrush already!

  • curious

    tell me why when he was with miranda did he come onto Vernoica Taylor? And it was caught on film??

    Do you have link to video or pics of them?

  • oz press vs everyone else

    MK and OB probably really did break up around NY time but
    he has been letting it drag on in the press and doing those photo
    ops to help her use his name and land some gigs.
    Last friday he was out parting AGAIN without her but with a car full of other chics. You can see a link for the pix on the thread of him at the getty.
    Be real folks, if he and mk are that serious(if they are even dating at all) what guy leaves her at home and parties with other girls?
    Doesn’t mean they went home with him-who knows. But it didn’t look good.

  • Helena

    Thank god he’s not in that Persia film. He ruins everything.

  • ms.goodey

    I Hope He’s A Keeper She Has Nothing But Bad Luck,They All Run.We Will See.I Want Her TO Keep Someone………………….Or Is It Huvane Who Just Wanted Her On Magazine…Did He Pay or Did Jen Pay Tabloid.

  • @25

    It was on x17′s website, Bloom came onto Taylor in a nightclub, (he was seeing kerr at the time) and her ex boyfriend went crazy at him, in the video orlando gets into the car to sort it out with the mad guy and you can hear him say “I didnt know she was your girlf”.. the ex boyf later told the press that Orlando had grabbed Taylor inappropriately, the same night he had the crash after leaving the club.
    Here is the story sbout it with links to the vid- hope its still there:

  • why does orlando like em young

    Why duz orlando like a 6 year gap between him and his lovers? There was 6 years between him and Bosworth too – tis very weird why it has to be 6.

  • ms.goodey

    Is She Morphing into Heather Locklear ,Oh Well The Old Chick Needs A Man.But Warning Always Remenber Michael Jackson’s Face.Be Careful Be Glad For What Looks You Have………We All Get Old.

  • link one

    here’s the link from last friday night when he was out with a bunch of other girls

  • joss

    jennifer is too good for him…
    even though orlando looks a bit odd with MK…kate bosworth and him were a good pair

  • veronica taylor

    She is a babe!

    Shame she hadn’t jave been interested I think she is much hotter than Kerr, at least she has a great body AND face, Kerrs body and face was much hotter years ago, now she is getting skinnier and her face is all grannified- my fave angel is marisa.

    Take it from a guy, Kerr aint all that it is only cos she gets naked. And even then that only tells us she will fuk us easily, the body is a bit “adolescent looking” REAL guys- like me like the full tits and curves

  • ms.goodey

    #30 LMAO…….

  • http://@29 curious

    Thank u. I missed that part.
    As wrote in other thread, IMDB wrote that OB and MK dating since 21.02.2008 i don’t know how they calculate and why they choose that date. But poor Jen, she spend an evening with a friend and she will be watered by dirt from MK crazy fans.

  • link two

    It looks like OB is into playing the field still-good for him!

    here is the other link from Friday night pics

  • ms.goodey

    They sureeeeeeee lookkkkkkkkk Purdy.

  • Damon Kidwell

    I have had the pleasure of working with Damon, a few years back on some fashion shoots, he is a good man, and of course was going to come to Veronica’s aid, after Bloom touched her like that- Damon is an honest guy and never made up what had happened that night, he was furious as I think you can tell in the video.

    As for this story, Jennifer Aniston is said to be dating a guy in Beverly Hills who owns a bar. Orlando Bloom I would imagine is a little too immature for her if anything like the “Veronica Taylor” incident is anything to go by- what a slimeball.

  • ms.goodey

    #34 Yeah and we have seen her spreads in mexico.

  • in the land of the blind

    Oh, Jared, you’re pathetic attempts at helping randamay are so transparent that EVEN A BLIND PERSON could see through them.

    OB is seeing MANY MANY MANY people, not just dearest randamay.

  • Ana

    they have the same manager or publicist or something. this reminds me of the time when they were photographed on some vacation together but it was really they were at the same party for their publicist or someone.

  • Jacqueline

    Maybe he’s into polygrip, and vagisil

  • hmm

    young cabbage faced panty model who has to latch onto me to even get a gig modeling for some Target type store, dumb as a post, insists I do these pap set ups so she can get her face in the news to help her career, drags her mom who looks like she has seen one too many plastic surgeons, and seeing that future ain’t pretty

    hot woman who can take care of herself, isn’t using me to pimp herself out. Intelligent, mature, fun, doesn’t insist I do set ups with her, has her own money and career, and makes the Miranda chick look like a teenager.

    yeah how does he choose
    you idiots 39 is far from old, her bone struture means she will still be pretty when Miranda’s face has caved in on itself.

  • @43

    when you are 39, I hope people will say that about you, lets see if you find that funny. I’m only 26 but know that 39 isnt old these days.

  • @41

    lol! But does he like her that much or does he just like to stir the pot?
    By running this OK post he is helping the JA rumors get out there and he knows he is going to get a ton of hits. JA and OB = big bucks!
    Wonder which he likes more!

  • juls

    lol lol
    yeap right!!!
    poor hag!!! her PR man will do anything to keep her in the public eye…specially with her new flop movie coming out in december….lol

    OB a star, sexy, and dating a young hot model….why would he go out with an old has been? these magazines are full of sh..!!! and JA PR man is crazier than ever!!!!

    they may be friends but lovers not in a million years!!! every1 including me has called Angie a slut by it’s starting to look like Jen is the slut she is with a new lover every week!!!! Or so her PR man wants all of us to believe….

  • piper, with a low

    # 29 @25 @ 04/09/2008 at 3:14 pm
    FYI… citing x17 is a big mistake!

    They helped spread the NOLA wedding that never was and they’re in prime position to pay the Parker-Longorias for that false infidelity story.

  • older woman orli

    He has had an older woman before when he was 17- so I’m sure that was some of the best sex he has ever had too!

  • imdb

    Boyfriend of Miranda Kerr [February 21, 2008].

    Very good friends with actress Jennifer Aniston.

    I wonder who posted this is OB’s bio at IMDB. If I recall, MK said in an interview recenlty that they have been seeing each other for several months. Several is three or more isn’t it? This date would make it less than two months. Nit picky I know but damn.