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Kate Moss: Best Dressed?

Kate Moss: Best Dressed?

After a long vacation in California, Kate Moss departs from Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday.

The UK’s Glamour magazine has released its annual best-dressed women list, where Kate Moss beat out fellow Brit Sienna Miller and Scarlett Johansson.

Kate, 34, also beat out actress Jessica Alba and singer Beyonce Knowles.

Kate‘s back with a vengeance,” said Jo Elvin, editor of Glamour. “Her maverick approach to fashion is an inspiration and shows us all how to be a little more daring and experimental.”

20+ more pics inside of Kate showing us how the best dressed go through airport security…

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  • made in paris

    ohhhhh yes she deserves it she’s from far the best dressed so casual rock simple chic and never TOOO MUCH neverrrrrrrr
    i think the best dressed are kate diane kruger charlize theron michelle williams and sometimes rachel bilson

  • Antony

    she’s the uglier model ever!!!

  • me

    For a 10 hour overnight flight back to London she’s dressed fine.

    Besides on British Airways or Virgin Atlantic [she'll be flying with one of the two] you get pajamas to wear on overnight flights [First Class/Upper class] & most people tend to change into them & have their clothes hung in the wardrobe by the flight attendants.

  • lol

    Best Dressed?
    No, no and quite simply, NO!! :(

  • Iris

    Hmmm…..this is debatable. To me she always looks like she needs a hairbrush, soap and a shower. I think her appeal is that she is a contrerversial celebrity but if she was an ordinary girl walking down the street you’d think differently.

  • legs

    best dresses? umm… don’t think so.

  • legs

    i meant dressed. lol.

  • justine

    Man… just don’t understand it….
    I really don’t like her style….

  • desi

    Definitely NO!!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty lame reporting, JJ. Beyonce is not even in the top 10 and you MOST conveniently did not mention Jen Aniston who is number 5.

    From Access Hollywood

    Kate Moss Tops Glamour Magazine’s Best-Dressed ListApr 08, 2008

    Glamour magazine’s top 10 best-dressed:
    1 – Kate Moss
    2 – Sienna Miller
    3 – Scarlett Johansson
    4 – Rachel Bilson
    5 – Jennifer Aniston
    6 – Alexa Chung
    7 – Reese Witherspoon
    8 – Jessica Alba
    9 – Keira Knightley
    10 – Victoria Beckham

  • anonymous

    Jared-why didn’t you publish the Top Ten List? Glad to see Jennifer on there-love her style!!!

    Quite a few of these ladies have very similar styles…
    Kate Moss
    Sienna Miller
    Scarlett Johansson
    Rachel Bilson
    Jennifer Aniston
    Alexa Chung
    Reese Witherspoon
    Keira Knightley

  • Cec

    I love her dress here…I love Jennifer Aniston and glad to see the list….but how come Victoria is on top 10?!!!!!!

  • Cec

    I love her dress here…I love Jennifer Aniston and glad to see the list….but how come Victoria is in top 10?!!!!!!

  • mimi

    while she looks unkept there, and please, most of us do when we fly and especially on long flights….she does have a great sense of style. the difference between kate and the rest of the women on the list is that she has an ORIGINAL sense of style, while the others just do the designer thing and nicely wear whatever is in style at the moment. i don’t any of the others are style-originators, whereas kate is.

  • Anonymous

    Posh was on both the Best Dressed and Worst Dressed list. Go figure.

  • pie

    I think Keira Knightley has a great sense of style. she always looks casual and nice!!!

  • Laura

    Kate does have a great sense of style. I like her. :)

    Yeah, why didn’t you publish the top 10 best dressed list? Rachel Bilson is never mentioned on here anymore which is a shame cos it’s obvious that the reason is because of the haters. There are only actually a few Rachel haters, but they post their thoughts over and over and she does have fans on this website who want to see news about her. You could have at least mentioned the top 5. Anyway Rachel has great fashion sense and I’m glad she got so high up. I was wondering where Vanessa Hudgens was on the list though. Yes she’s a Disney HSM kid, but she has great style and deserves to be noticed more for it.

  • billie


  • black

    Everyone is copiing her style after all………..

  • what ever

    Kate is nasty nothing but a coke whore

  • Star

    She’s a skank. She has no sense of style she’s just like every normal person. But well done to her for leaving pete doherty.

  • Dollgurl

    I love kate and she is so far the best dressed especially comparing to those others!

  • Danz

    I would say Kate Moss is one of the most uniquely dressed. That can go either way because while she usually looks good, I’ve seen her do her share of mistakes. That awful black leotard with the black and white fur jacket is one great example.

    Visit my fashion-on-a-budget blog at

  • L smith

    If you think she looks rough now wait ’til she gets to London. I always like to get on long distance flights clean as you feel so awful when you get there.

    Kate is great but I think the guys she dates have a big influence on her, this guy is scruffy, dirty looking…..hence, she is the same. I love Kate though, she’s brilliant.

    I also like Kate Bosworth and her style.

  • xxxxx

    kate moss obviously deserves this title. she’s way better dressed than any of those other people on that list.

  • remember da truth

    XXXX #27 and Mimi #16 You guys are SO RIGHT.

    Kate is an original, and EVERYONE looks bad sometimes, but for her it is extremely rare. Even on a long flight, she is wearing just the right clothes, and they are always interesting and pulled together. She can make her clothes look classic, or fashion-forward, and she is always wearing the clothes, not the clothes wearing her.

    Those just ranting about her being “nasty” know nothing of fashion. She is actually one of the most professional, reliable, and best models ever. The fashion world “forgave” her because she has never let her wild private life affect her job, and besides, everyone in that world parties (some people need to grow up and realize that, and learn the difference between drug use and abuse).

    Kate’s David Yurman pictures from a couple of years ago are some of the best photos ever taken for jewelry ads.