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Kate Walsh is Hair to Change

Kate Walsh is Hair to Change

Private Practice star Kate Walsh gets her hair did at the Chris McMillan Salon in West Hollywood on Wednesday.

If you haven’t already, watch Kate at the airport striking up a conversation about her upcoming one-episode return to Grey’s Anatomy at

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kate walsh chris mcmillan 01
kate walsh chris mcmillan 02
kate walsh chris mcmillan 03
kate walsh chris mcmillan 04
kate walsh chris mcmillan 05

Photos: WENN
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  • Yuck

    She looks old and boring. What’s the hype? There’s so many other better looking and talented actresses.

  • legs


  • Mike

    I lover her….especially when she has her read hair…its very pretty….

  • sarah

    So why are you watching about her like a morron, if you think that they’re better actresses than her???!!!
    Go look at other shitty actresses and people like you and get a life!!

    Anyway Thanks JJ for the new pics, pleasant for the Walshaholic!

  • S.

    Yay!Thanks JJ.

    Love this woman. She has a working brain, and never ceases to amaze as an actress. Not one of her characters is nothing less than a full character, a full person distinct and detached from her. I can’t stand tose actresses that play the same character over and over. Kate is one of the few that doesn’t.

  • Natasa

    Thanks for pics!
    It is a great way to finish the day (it’s 4 am over here in Serbia).

    Kate needed a hair campaign like yesterday.

  • jamie


    I have been sick all day. This makes me feel soooooo much better. Thank you JJ.

    She looks so cute. I love her outfit. I love Kate.

  • Lexi

    I love her! She’s so gorgeous! Thanks JJ for the pics!
    Haters, get a freaking life!

  • Kim

    More pictures!!! Thank you so much, JJ
    You need to keep them coming!

    I miss the red hair so much, but she looks nice with dark hair too.


    aww she looks gorgeous!
    Thanks 4 the pics JJ!
    She is so pretty!

  • g

    I like her top and jacket. Is she pregnant?

  • jess

    Thanks for the pics!
    What’s with the baggy tops?? she has a good body, she should wear something a little tighter!


    why is everybody asking if she is pregnant??
    I dont see her pregnant.

  • Bauergriffinonline

    TONS more Walsh pics at BauerGriffinOnline

  • Kim

    #14, I don’t get the “everybody” it was just one person with the question.
    But yes, I don’t get that either. She doesn’t look pregnant, at all

  • Amanda

    More baggy tops….

    Thanks JJ.

  • Adette

    So does this mean she’s going back to being a red head?

  • Bauergriffinonline

    43 Walsh pics EXCLUSIVELY from BauerGriffinOnline

  • essie

    she sorta looks like sigourney weaver with that color

  • Rae

    She looks tired. And not thrilled to be seeing paps. Even tired she’s beautiful though.

  • No Name

    Thank you Jared & BauerGriffinOnline :D

    Keep those Kate pics coming.

  • S.

    #21 she doesn’t look tired in the other pictures.
    JJ picked the only five she wasn’t smiling.
    Naughty JJ.

  • No Name

    I agree S. those pics from BauerGriffinOnline had most of her smiling.

  • jamie

    Thank you so much Bauer and Griffin!

    Holyshit that is a shitload of pics. She was followed all day.

  • g

    I did not say she looked pregnant. I have seen her other threads where she was wearing a long big sweater and one with another baggy top. Her fan made the rumors in other threads.

    You do not pop out with a huge belly at the beginning of pregnancy. She may just have a little bump forming. Covering up her tummy for a distraction like so many pregnant celebs do before the announcement.


    thanks Bauer!!! she looks amazing!
    You made my day!

  • Swedish

    Thank you so much, the pictures are great , Keep it up.

    P.S. if you don’t like Kate, why are you then wasting your time on watching the fabulous pictures of her.. Seriously get a life.

  • Kate walsh is a cow


  • zoe

    i dont like her new hair…but she looks cute with her outfit

  • Jeannette

    sorry, but she looks horrible in this pics


    I personally don’t like her, I don’t support someone who has no children come give advice to parents about how to educate their kids!
    If she wants to campaign among youth about protection & sexuality, ok!!
    But come to preach, no, I don’t accept it, the day she will have children, youth, she’ll see how hard it is!!!!

    She’s not terrible on this pics!!

  • dont mess with kate!

    Stupid bitter ppl go talk shit abt ur mothers!
    Kate can do whatever she wants to do!! mind ur own business!

    And she looks beautiful!

  • S.

    #32 sarah she didn’t preach. She used her fame to get attention to the fact that according ot the CDC 1 in every 4 teenage girls has an STD. That abstinence only, is not working, that they should add medical information to the curricula. With numbers like that it should be everyone’s concern, and not only Kate’s, that teens are really educated.

    Besides denying people, no matter what age, information that will allow them the informed decisions pertaining to their health could be construed as a case of an infringement of their human rights.

    Oh, and Kate is always more than beautiful.

  • tao

    i so prefer her in red hair :-(

  • Lila

    Love it!
    Proud Walshaholics unite!

  • Milan

    She has the “don’t piss with me” look.

  • brit

    WOW WOW WOW alot more pics.

    She looks cute.

    I love her to death! Thanks JJ

  • Jen

    Thanks for the pics Jared & esp. Bauer. Us Walshaholics are happy !!

    This must be the hairstyle for her film role :)

    I love how she’s chosen a role in a thriller/apocalypse movie & is not playing the same character in yet another romcom like so many actresses. Versatility & talent means she son’t be stereotyped like so many others.

    Plus Kate + Paul Bettany together on the big screen = hotness !

  • Walshaholics rule!!!

    We sure are happy! If kate starts filiming by April 14 as someone posted over the PrP boards, lets hope we can get some kate pics on the set.

  • jamie

    More Kate pics here from another pap agency:

    Jared, can you post all the Bauer stuff? Thanks.

  • denise


    Kate is awesome.

  • Karla

    I love that outfit, the top & jacket are so cute.
    Kate is so fab!
    Thanks for the pics & everyone else for all the links x

  • Sam

    Thanks for that Bauer link, loads of pics there. The paps really did trail her all day ! Kate handles it with her usual grace :)

  • Kirsty

    Her hair looks red again ! Love her.
    Thanks for photos.

  • Karen

    I’m sorry, but it’s driving me crazy, especially since Bauer-Griffin says the same thing: “gets her hair did”???? Seriously???

    When the sun is on her hair, it definitely looks red. Maybe they did all her GA scenes outside!

    I can see it now: in three years she has a baby, and everyone who’s been swearing she’s pregnant since Sept. 1 will be gloating, “See? I told you she was pregnant!”

  • Brainysmurf

    Thanks for the pictures, Jared. And thanks for all the links to even more pictures! I am a Walshaholic so I really appreciate them.

    Kate looks great, but I don’t think she’s pregnant. She wears loose tops a lot it seems.

  • AddieLove

    LOL Karen. Too true. It will be the same people who thought she married last year because she was pregnant !

    Photos of Addison’s return to Greys are up

    Looks like she has scenes with all the key players in her Greys days.

  • Natasa

    Thanks AddieLove!

    I thought that return of Addison to GA is a terrible idea, but now I am SO EXCITED about this episode.

  • katiebee