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Natalie Portman & Devendra Banhart Laugh a Lot

Natalie Portman & Devendra Banhart Laugh a Lot

Natalie Portman and heavily bearded musician pal Devendra Banhart spent some quality time together, laughing at a book store in SoHo, New York, City on Wednesday.

The pair was seen kissing and there is photographic evidence. Seems like this is true love!

Natalie and Devendra (both 26) were seen in each other’s arms walking through the West Village on Tuesday.

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62 Responses to “Natalie Portman & Devendra Banhart Laugh a Lot”

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  1. 1
    Quency K. ™ Says:

    no! be with Hayden Christensen (perfect couple)

  2. 2
    kay Says:

    he’s gross. but typical. natalie’s a smart indie girl. she has to be with an ugly bearded rocker. it just makes sense right?

  3. 3
    Raven Says:

    OH! GAWWDD!!! Natalie WTF are you thinking girl?! God! This gorgeous girl must have low self esteem is all I can say. This guy looks like a Ben Laudin groupie! Icky Poo! :( BOO!

    @ Quency K,
    I cannot agree with you more!!! Hayden and Natalie need to drop the excess batsh*t baggage and f*cking get together! Hayden and Natalie would be a total power couple and adorable together. The two need to wake up!! BOO! BOO!!! :(

  4. 4
    ASHI JIJI Says:

    THANKS JJ…:):):):):

  5. 5
    kroq Says:

    For ***** sake, get over this Hayden Christen ****! Those Star Wars movies were some of the worst films to ever be made. Good for Natalie for breaking out of that atrocious Star Wars rut.

    Maybe Natalie is happy with Devendra. Good for her. She should be with someone that makes her happy, no matter what they look like.

  6. 6
    amy Says:

    hmmm not sure what to say…

  7. 7
    Nina Says:

    Raven, what the hell is wrong with you. If she is dating a guy like him doesn’t mean she has low self esteem, it shows she’s not shallow for one thing. Who the hell are you to say she has low self esteem? You don’t know her or him, she likes him and he likes her is all that matters.

    Natalie and Hayden were an on-screen couple on a stupid film I don’t get why “they need to wake up”-don’t you get what acting is? They were ACTING. They don’t need to hook up in real life, plus he’s with Rachel Bilson.

  8. 8
    Nina Says:

    ps-how old are most of the people on this board when they write stupid comments about people’s looks and judge celebrities with there “LOL!” “OH MY GAWD!” crap, I’m guessing 13.

  9. 9
    Sebastian Says:

    maybe you don’t like Dev’s looks but he’s so cute,he’s alot into his indie-psych-folk life and music,he’s an artist.

    they made my day,nice mix.

  10. 10
    jughed Says:

    My opinion of Natalie Portman just went up, like, 37.55678%! Even though I can’t listen to Devandra Banhart’s music without laughing (he sounds like Tiny Tim playing a toy piano, IMHO), I’m sure he’s a very swell guy to spend an afternoon with.

    Kudos to Nat for making the NY paps take pictures of a cult indie crown prince.

  11. 11
    Cammy Says:

    hand him a razor and he can be a hottie…

  12. 12
    jenny Says:

    @ cammy

    couldn’t agree more with you ;)

    PS: love the fact that she’s hanging out with indie guys :D

  13. 13
    jenny Says:

    @ cammy

    i totally agree with you ;)

    PS: i love the fact that she hangs out with indie guys!!

  14. 14
    mollyslips Says:


  15. 15
    Sarah Says:

    Wow what an awesome pair!!!!! I absolutely love Devendra! amazing songwriter and singer…….I think they’re prefect for each other, but he just does alot of drugs :x but he really is a gorgeous man! and extremely nice! :) I can’t wait to see more of these two! :D

  16. 16
    Anna Says:

    they are a couple, People has a pic of them kissing from their walk the day before

  17. 17
    Arab.Aquarius Says:

    she’s awesome. glad to see her happy with someone

  18. 18
    purple poo Says:

    @ Nina,

    I totally agree with you, Raven is a superficial idiot. I think the one with a low self esteem is Raven, she is a constant critic of others to make herself feel important. Devendra must be a really nice guy and Natalie sees the beauty in his personality which would make his exterior more attractive. I’ve been with a guy that I thought was average looking but when I got to know him and realised what a beautiful personality he had all of a sudden he looked gorgeous. It’s nice to see a young actress hanging out with friends because she enjoys their company, not because it could raise her celebrity profile.

    It’s a shame to see some things never change, I thought with time Raven would go up and show some maturity..

  19. 19
    Rae Says:

    He’s hotter here than he was in the last pictures.

  20. 20
    Helena Says:

    #1, shut up! They might look perfect, but they might be perfect for each other. These two look cute together! It’s not about what YOU want.

  21. 21
    Helena Says:

    Oh and did I mention Hayden was a shítty actor?

  22. 22
    jenny Says:


    I totlly agree. They’re both so talented. They fit together perfectly.

  23. 23
    p Says:

    there is video of them kissing out there, pretty conclusive I think. Do your research

  24. 24
    bam! Says:

    I actually think he’s quite hot looking…ok I don’t like the massive beard but if he trimmed it a bit, smartened it up, or shaved it all off, he would look very hot…I think anyway… ;)

  25. 25
    katien Says:

    Their laughter seems so genuine. And in a relationship that matters most. That you can be happy in each others company. I always knew Natalie is one of the brightest starlets out there. that is why she goes for talented, bright, witty guys and not for show dogs.

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