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American Idol 7 — Who Got Kicked Off?

American Idol 7 — Who Got Kicked Off?


Click inside to find out which contestant got kicked off of tonight’s American Idol

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The other bottom three: Syesha Mercado and Carly Smithson

FYI: Idol Gives Back donations have so far reached $60+ million

VIDEO LINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain speak (Watch here)

Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks sing “No Air” (Watch here)

– The Top 8 sing “Shout to the Lord” (Watch here)
(This time, they kept the first line “My Jesus, My Savior”)

Celebrities lip synch “I’m a Believer” (Watch here)

Michael Johns’ elimination (Watch here)

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  • Kim

    Im pissed and mad. I thought it would of been someone else. I really liked him and he was 10x better than Syesha or Jason Castro. America doesn’t know much ! :x

  • oh god

    it better fucking be kristy lee cook! dont get me started on that voice.

  • American Idol 7 – video

    American Idol?????? Look video ;-)

  • Jesus lohan

    jojo… Kristy lee cook is a survivor LOL

  • melissa

    thank god

  • What the buck




  • thessa

    ABSURD!!!! That’s it!!! I’m not watching the show anymore!!!

  • dear god

    who to god is voting for kristy lee cook?

    she must have a large family LOL

  • Jon

    He did not deserve to leave tonight…. AMERICA GOT IT WRONG.

  • heather

    Good, now he can start work on his record. Those 2 minute idol performances were just a tease! Everyone else can squeeze all their talent into a 2 minute spot, but not him.

  • junovie

    first one to comment…wee…no comment…

  • Jennifer W

    yes america did get this wrong and it was not michael time to be sent home. i thought it would have been syesha or kristy but not Michael. Michael has a good voice and deserved to stay it really was not his time to be sent home yet. im so glad that david archuleta was save and i really hope he is the next american idol

  • alex

    i loved michael he was the best!! i wanted him to win

    i am not watching this show anymore

  • kiki


  • marianna

    I thought Ryan was joking at first. The first time he doesn’t perform his best he is off. No fair.

  • heather

    He’s too hip for idol. His fans aren’t going to waste money calling AI. We’re saving up for the album :)

  • junovie

    ay dili diay, but again, no comment….

  • kiki

    boring syesha and ugly carly need to go home

  • caxposed

    I’m am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ticked off Michael Johns was voted off tonight, but then again, I do love Syesha & Carly as well, so if it HAD to be one of the three, it might as well be him… Right?! I have to say it though, I totally disagree with “America”… Kristy Lee Cook has been the worst of the group by far, and SHE should have been on the bottom three AND voted off tonight.

  • leahbea

    kristy lee cook cant sing too well. i am a singer.. i ws watching last night she had to strain sooo hardd.. yeah she can carry a tune but she has no where as near much talent as the others. the only reason shes still on is cause she has a good body.

  • watching in alabama

    Kristy Lee Cook is this years SANJAYA! She totally SUCKS! Stop voting for her!

  • matt oxley


  • zanessa 4ever

    NOOo! he didnt deserve to leave!!!!
    kristy lee cook has to go! shes good but not good enough!
    at least david archuleta and cook are still in.

  • Agustina

    Loved him so much, cant eblieve he is gone
    anyways, GO DAVID COOK (L)

  • bre

    That was the most absurd thing I have ever seen!! He was clearly better than most of those left!!!!

  • Ann

    WAY WRONG!!!! And Kristy wasn’t even in the BOTTOM!!!! NOT RIGHT AMERICA!

  • Aj

    wow i was surprised

  • stephanie

    ARE YOUR SERIOUS!!???!!?
    kristy lee cook SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    micheal johns is like the best singer in the show!!!!!!!
    kristy lee! you better go home next week!

  • Delilah

    am so completely upset!!! wtf happened??

    and ryan is a complete d**khead leading him and his fans on like that!

  • http://gmail vero beach girl

    Seriously….. the way that it’s looking, the next American Idol is not going to have any vocal abilities at all! Who voting for Kristi Lee Cook?? Micheal Johns could have easily won AMerican Idol. One thing is for sure, there is only one girl that can sing.

  • Jen

    what?! America got it wrong..

  • anjali

    this is NOT right!!!!

  • IdolFan

    Wow !! What a surprise !! I was watching Survivor and missed the results show.

    Anyhow, I thought for sure they’d pick Michael for at least the Top 5, given his sex symbol stage presence and all. Besides, I didn’t think he did that badly. It should have been Brooke and Kristy at the bottom with Archuleta, IMO.

    I can’t wait for Kristy’s ass, Brooke and Archuleta to go. They bore the $hit out of me !! Really !!

  • ella

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO it can’t be. That is just stupid. :( I agree about Kristie Lee

  • Criss

    This is so lame. He should still be there! Ugh..& ya messed up leading the fans on like that about not voting anyone off.

  • b

    it should have been david archublahblah. hes not all that hes bragged up to be….michael is soo much better than him.

  • e l e n a

    Bloody Hell !!!!

    Are AmErIcAn’S Deaf or something?!

  • at

    did not expect this at all!!!

  • shenanyginz

    BEYOND pissed right now…
    KLC is like the new Sanjaya she just wont go away!!

  • yvette

    …he kinda looks like ryan seacrest in that group pic up there.

  • IdolFan

    >>I thought Ryan was joking at first. The first time he doesn’t perform his best he is off. No fair.

    Yeah, well Mariana (#50) tell that to Tamayra Grey — the first Idol frontrunner that has happened to. I’ll never forgive the voters, the judges, the AI voting system or the fans that season (1) who didn’t call in for that one.

    Instead, we have Miss Piggy Kelly Clarkson as the first idol. Till this day I can’t stand her because I always thought the title of the first American Idol winner didn’t belong to her, with all of that screaming and yelling she does, which she thinks passes as singing. Clarkson shouldn’t have one and I’m not impressed. Not even after all of her commercial success. I’m not impressed.

  • whatever678

    Seriously folks, it looks like we will be stuck with Kristy as AI’s winner. =(

  • babysis

    Syesha so doesn’t deserve to be in the bottom 3 carly does and KLC does even though she did good Tuesday. i personally didn’t really care about him so it ok.


    Oh my God! I can’t believe that Kristy stayed.

    Go David Cook!! you must win!

  • Amanda

    are you kidding me? OMG how could he have gotten voted off before that horrible singer Kristy Lee, or even Brooke, that is just outrageous.

    I demand a recount.

  • Taylor

    i can’t believe it :[

  • kat

    i’m hoping for David Cook to win. he’s the best singer IMO

  • r Elaine

    Unbelievable!!! Was America on crack???? Michael Johns was the only contestant that I would fork over hard earned money to buy his CD. Not only that, he is scorching hot!!! I’m a die hard AI fan but I’m not going to watch the show again and I am taking it off of my DVR. As for the remaining contestants:
    David Archuleta’s little boy Aww Shucks routine grates on my nerves. Jason Castro is too funky for me. (I’m a rocker at heart) Brooke White is sweet but as Simon says “forgettable.” Kristie Lee Cook…well there are no words. Syesha has a good voice but she seems to lack depth and any emotional connection. David Cook and Carly are the only true rockers. I will probably download their songs. All I can say is that this year’s Idol blows.

  • krzl

    he rly was “sacrificed” for carly. conspiracy is brewing beneath carly’s name. dialidol said, carly will be the one to go home. mj was in the top 5 in dialidol and somehow he managed to leave?! WTF?!

  • chick101

    wtf ?????!!!!
    he’s a good singer !