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American Idol Performs "Shout to the Lord"

American Idol Performs

The American Idol “Final 8″ performed “Shout To the Lord” as its closing song Wednesday night during Idol Gives Back, a music celebration raising awareness and funds to benefit various U.S. and international charities. Here are some sample lyrics:

My Shepherd, My Savior
Lord there is none like You
All of my days, I want to praise
The wonders of Your mighty love

“Shout to the Lord” is a popular worship anthem, written by singer/songwriter Darlene Zschech in 1993. However, the original lyrics start the song off with “My Jesus” but was replaced with “My Shepherd” for American Idol.

Pictured left to right: Brooke White, David Archuleta, Kristy Lee Cook, David Cook, Carly Smithson, Jason Castro, Syesha Mercado and Michael Johns.

American Idol Performs “Shout to the Lord”

10+ pictures inside of the American Idol 7 “Top 8″ shouting to the Lord…

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Photos: Ray Mickshaw/FOX
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  • Desiree

    They did a great job, and looked really nice wearing white. [:

  • Kendall

    Such a beautiful song!

  • Nicole
  • Summer

    David Cook is awesome.

  • yelahme

    one of my favorite worship songs.
    quite magical!
    praise jesus!

  • kay

    brooke white’s style is incredible. LOVE HER. great song too btw

  • Karen

    This is my favorite worhsip song!

  • quelqu’un

    Darlene Zschech is an awesome worship leader and this song is really one of best. Praise Jesus!

  • anonymous

    AMEN! Praise Jesus! I am so happy that American Idol praised and worshipped Jesus on television! I hoped the song touched many people that night and made people repent and accept JESUS as their Lord and Savior. That is wonderful! PRAISE BE TO JESUS! AMEN!

  • idle

    Fox’s ‘Idol Gives Back’ drops in ratings
    By James Hibberd

    April 10, 2008

    Fox’s second annual “American Idol” charity fest “Idol Gives Back” dropped significantly from its debut last year.

    Despite an all-star lineup that included performances by Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, Fergie and the promise of appearances by all three presidential candidates, the show was down 34% among adults 18-49 year-to-year.

    Although the two-hour “Idol Gives Back” was Wednesday’s highest-rated program (17.6 million viewers and a 6.7 rating and 18 share), it marks the lowest rating for an “Idol” telecast since the 2005 “American Idol’s Worst Auditions” special. By comparison, “Idol” is down only 10% on Wednesdays in general this season.

    Fox notes that last year’s “Gives Back” was advertised as a regular “Idol” result show — though viewers who tuned in were surprised to discover that the elimination was pushed to the next episode. This year’s episode was considered a special, with no elimination ceremony promised.

    Like last year, however, there was still a surprise omission — the videotaped appearance messages by Sens. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain will be held until Thursday’s results show.

    Nonetheless, the telethon raised at least $22 million for charity Wednesday night, according to Billboard, thanks to a combination of corporate sponsors and viewer donations. Fox said this year’s final tally will be released later Thursday and will be higher than that amount. The event raised $76 million in 2007.

    Also, critics were positive: “Pretty terrific musical performances” said Entertainment Weekly, “makes the (charity) message more appealing by toning down the transcendence and encouraging its celebrity endorsers to show their human sides,” said the Los Angeles Times, “the taped segments weren’t overly treacly, the music performances were entertaining, and the guest stars were A-list,” wrote Huffington Post, and “Carrie Underwood was underwhelming,” pointed out Star Tribune.

  • herien

    great. You can check more enlarged photos of them on the first blog page on a STD dating site ””.

  • leah

    This is the best! Praise JESUS! All power to the name of the LORD. NOthing NOTHING compares to the promise I have IN YOU-JESUS! Thank you JESUS !

    I am so happy that sung this. May the name of OUR LORD, THE LORD never be of ashame, but LET HIS Name be glorified FOREVER and EVER!

    Prais GOD for JESUS

  • shanun

    I’ll give them all BIRTH CONTROL.

    That’s how I give back.

    To Katrina victims too. Birth Control…..

  • patricia

    Kristy Lee Cook was stunning. Perfect after following her super performance of “Anyway”

  • IdolFan

    If Sayesha goes tonight (according to Tivo), or goes before Kristy or David A., I’m not watching anymore, because I couldn’t bear to continue watching the injustice.

  • RACH

    I was way more excited to see the contestants from SYTYCD in the closing number. I was hoping they would dance but no. Just 7 more elminations until the show comes back on Yeah !!!

  • mary

    Wonderful praise & worship song. Praise Jesus!

  • sarah

    That was simply beautiful.
    The perfect ending,
    because in the end thats all that is left.
    Jesus and his love for us.

  • http:/lea Lea

    Why bring Jesus into a teen competition singing show? How bizarre. Also birth control is a luxury in places where you can’t have drinking water for miles. Think about it. Part of these charities is education, and services such as birth control to help the poor. And as my Grandma always said, never criticize the poor or a starving person. The minute you do, life hits you with an injustice ofo your own that is infinitely heavier than being poor. I truly believe this. So I stay away from criticizing an experience I can’t comprehend. There are starving kids in Korea, by the way, due to the brutal regime there. Kids in skin and bones. I hope the world looks at this problem too. We spend so much on Iraq and the war, it’s sad.

  • anonymous7218

    Praise Jesus for His mighty works!
    NOTHING compares to the promise we have in Him.
    the promise of Heaven should we repent of our wicked ways and acknowledge He is the ONE and only WAY, TRUTH, AND LIFE.

  • Jennifer W

    they all did great and david archuleta was amazing and looked great as always.

  • gWEN t.






    heyyyyyy where r Vanash aka Vanessa Hudgens ‘n Ashley Tisdale huh?!?!?!!? I read: don’t forget, on April 9, Vanessa will be in Idol Give Back!

    soooooo pix/video or whatever??!!? sucks òó

  • an intelligent person

    Right on, CJ. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • chelsey

    Im pleasantly surprised they sang this song. I didnt think they would sing a christian song like this on the show, but I am so happy they did. Its a perfect ending to a great night. It made me cry.

  • gavriela

    GREAT,SWEET SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Losers

    The song, the show and to top it off the Jesus freaks comments. Praise the Lord? Give me a break, you’re so pathetic like it’s a team sport, they sang a song about Jesus woohoo! What if they sang about some other God or belief? You wouldn’t handle it and would ban the show.

  • http://MeganLo Meg

    The kids in Appalachia without food or books to read in Kentucky: wow, how sad and tragic. How could anyone live like that? This is America! Those kids looked hungry! Appalachia has been like this for generations and generations. Someone help! I gave money.

  • angel hair

    i grew up listening to that worship song, never did i think it’d have its moment in mainstream media. strange!

  • Luke

    Holy Moses!!!

    Not once but twice now they sing a Christian song!!! Stunning for a FOX show…unbelievable. But two thumbs up for FOX for havin the guts to do that.

  • Chris

    Hey CJ, You must have a lot of faith to believe that there is no God. If 88% of the world is wrong life ends as you would have it. If atheist fanatics like yourself are wrong you get a one-way ticket to hades. I’ll go with my odds, thank you!

  • Allen mcclellan

    Negative comments like some have shared about a Christian song being sung on American Idol are guilty of what many have accused the Christian community of being–intolerant. It seems that we are at a place in our culture where almost anything is tolerated in public EXCEPT the expression of someone’s religious faith. Songs of religious expression have as much right to be on the show as anyone else’s preference, and kudos to the producers for allowing the freedom of expression for all types of musical fare.

  • JCFreak

    It was great to hear the idol contestants sing one of my favourite worship songs. It was very beautiful and my hope is that each one could truly sing it from their hearts. I was dissappointed at the beginning though where they changed what was supposed to be “my Jesus” to “my shephard”. There was really no need to change the wording because it is Jesus who is our saviour. He is truly the ultimate gift of love sent for each of us.

  • james

    yes they sang SHOUT TO THE LORD,but why did they have to leave out the name of JESUS,and change it to my shephard,somebody afraid they would offend someone I guess,if they said JESUS

  • JCFreak

    Thanks for singing one of my favourite worship songs. Wished you wouldn’t have changed the lyrics in the first part of the song. It really is about Jesus.. and there really is no one like Him.. He is the ultimate gift to each and every one of us!!

  • Trent

    That’s pretty funny CJ! I guess it hasn’t struck you yet that you may be wrong. Before snubbing your nose at that so called “book of fables” you might want to do a little more research first (your life depends on it). Try doing a google on just two things out of the bible:

    1) Shroud of Turin- actual cloth that Christ was buried in which has yet to be disapproved by science.

    2) Chariot wheels found in the bottom of the Red Sea- Interesting enough these ancient wheels are being found in the bottom of the Red Sea. Wow, I wonder how they got there?????

    These are just a couple of items that support that God’s word is just that “God’s word”. Just one word of caution. At one point, scientist thought the world was flat and that you could sail off the end of it. I’m sure glad I’m banking my life on God and not man! I pray that you find the truth before it’s too late.


  • anonymous7218

    cj, its not about religion. its about relationship with the true and living God who died for you and loves you but warns the world of people like you.

  • dominique

    I hated it when they sang that song and I muted it. If I wanted to hear Christian songs I would go to church. I don’t expect it on an entertainment show that is not a religious show.

    All the contestants had to sing that song. What if some of them are not Christians? And the audience was forced to endure it. Why not sing a Jewish song, or a hindu song?

    this is a nation of multiple religions and many who have no religion. American Idol is a secular entertainment show and has no business cramming Christianity down our throats.

  • David

    CJ – Treat people like you wish to be treated sounds a lot like the second most important commandment from the follow-up to your so-called book of fables (The NT – Christ said “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”). Ever heard of CS Lewis (Oxford) or Lee Strobel (Yale) CJ? They were athiests who came to Christ through apologetics – which is the defense of the Christian Faith. And CS Lewis is arguably one of the greatest minds who ever lived. After much research, which you obviuosly have not done, they determined that it takes a lot of faith to be an athiest with all of the evidence that Christ lived, died, was resurrected, and that He is God. Let’s consider the most obvious reason for Christ CJ, just to get you going in the right direction – there are 2.1 billion Christians, 1.5 billion Muslims, and I think Jews are next. What do they all have in commmon? They all believe that Christ existed, and that He was a great man. Less than 1% of the world population believes what you do – the Bible is a book of fables. Further, do you think that someone who claimed to be God could have started a 2.1 billion person religion during a time when it was illegal to believe in Christianity – good luck with your research and God Bless – seriously!

  • Kx3 Mommy

    I was SO happy and pleasantly surprised to hear this song. I’ve always sung the song with “my Jesus” instead of “my shepherd,” but, for better or for worse, they probably weren’t allowed to sing the verse as written.

    And as a P.S., I don’t think we have to worry about the contestants being “forced”, as someone suggested, to sing this song. Don’t they choose the group song together? They all seemed very engaged, worshipful, and sincere. Props to them!!!

  • cgk

    dittos to David. It is good to see the Christian faith represented with logical, factual arguments.

    In tonight’s reprise of the song, they used the word “Jesus” instead of “shepherd”. I wonder if there is a copyright issue about changing the words of a song without the writer’s permission. Maybe that is why they went with the original lyrics tonight.

  • respect

    I am extremely appreciative of American Idol producers for having “Shout to the Lord” as the closing song last night for Idol Gives Back. Having grown up with that song, I was simultaneously touched and confused by seeing this song in the mainstream (as angel hair said). But as strange that I thought it was, and as heavenly of a song it is, it brought me back to reality, which I hope it did to Americans of all faith.

    To respond to Losers’ comment, I think it is a generalization to say that Christians would not watch this show if a song of another faith was sung. Every day, thousands of anti-Christian things are thrown in my direction, do I shut them out? Most certainly not. In fact, if they had sung a song from another faith, I would have appreciated it, as an inspirational piece of music and a work of art, which I hope some non-Christians took “Shout to the Lord” to be last night.

  • jalgal

    Praise Jesus for this song


    The AI Eight did a wonderful job singing last night and tonight. I was touched deeply both nights. What I saw (and heard) was passion and Spirit, so I doubt that any of them were troubled with singing the song.

    Oh, and I’m “real life” believer; no new ager here!! I am so thankful that the producers did this. I think it’s nothing short of AMAZING!!

    Let’s quit the fussing, k? It was a wonderful moment!!!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    American Idol should reflect the fabric that is America: a land of Jews, Christians, Muslims, Native Americans, Buddhists, etc. This blatant “Jesus” song is alienating. It is a fact. This show goes throughout countries throughout the world, how silly to think everyone will identify with a “Jesus” song. Besides, it is nto as if Christianity is the most docile of religions: the Crusades, the slaughter of Native Americans – all done in the name of Christianity. So let’s not make it out to be some save all religion. It has its good but it also has a TON of bloodshed in its history – even now. That said, what was fun about American Idol is that i broke through boundaries and found a common ground in people: music. To reject that common ground and focus on a religion that only a portion of the world can identify with is bizarre. i like my “Jesus” out of my politics and out of my reality TV music shows, thank you very much.

  • thetruth

    WOW…this was a great demonstration of how everyone should tolerate and accept everyone’s choice of worship.

    You see, if it had been a song about Budha or Allah or any Hindu goddess everyone would be saying right on and wouldn’t dare offend their beliefs! But i find it funny that when its about Jesus some get really offended and start bashing all the “Jesus Freaks” ,
    you see…


    It was a great performance and I commend FOX for having the bravery of allowing it.

    Yes I am a born again and yes, I will say it

    JESUS loves everyone of you

  • vidstr1

    i love this song! Had no idea until tonight’s show. Cool…

  • zoe

    great song but i’m really taken back that it was sung on american idol. its a great thing so im happy about that. =)

  • Meoo


  • Meoo

    Good call with the BIRTH CONTROL!