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Britney Spears Donates $25,000 to Idol Gives Back

Britney Spears Donates $25,000 to Idol Gives Back

Britney Spears was so moved by the stories told on Idol Gives Back on Wednesday, April 9, that she donated $25,000.

“She did it all on her own. She watched the show and cried for like two hours over the children in Africa with malaria,” a Spears family insider tells Life & Style. “She didn’t know much about the disease, so she Googled it. She was horrified to realize kids were dying from mosquito bites. So she went online and donated after getting [her dad] Jamie‘s permission. She used her Amex.”

A rep for FOX declined to comment. Goooooooooo, Brit Brit!

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  • Mrs. Joe Jonas

    that was so sweet of her

  • Mrs. Joe Jonas

    You go Britney!

  • http://justjared dina #1

    Thanks Britney. Peace

  • WOW

    It kinda shocks me sometimes about how little people know about the world. She’s how old and just learning about malaria? Like wow.

    But good for her for donating money. Lots of people know and still do nothing.

  • hello

    Great Brit

  • the oc fansite

    wow, thats NICE of her!

  • Dancer

    Her situation sounds like it is turning around. It makes me sick when I think about the media when she was so badly off–just egging her on, using her and making money from her misery. Don’t know much about Britney, but do know that she is making strides in conquering her demons.

  • lovaaa

    it’s cool of her … just dad people like CZJ and michael douglas, or george clooney do it all the time.. and they don’t get nearly as much recognition as she does for once..and WOW she doesn’t know what malaria! is.. i’m 14 and I’Ve known for ever… hope she’S feeling better though anyway

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    no she didn’t. one of her handlers donated the money – in her name – for good press. DUH

  • anne

    Go Britney!! Right On!!

  • sari

    Aww!! soo sweet!! GO BRIT!!

  • odierox

    sounds like a lot of money. is this because she wants to make up for all the bad things she’ve done? well i hope this not just an act just to make ppl love her again. but thats sweet of her. i hope she realizes how many ppl she cud actually help in that amount of money. and i hope she feels good abt it and continues her charity work.after all the money she’s making is too much.

  • Stefanie

    love ya brit!! way to go!

  • azz0r

    Good Britney Spears press, like the good old days, thank god.

    I do think that 25k is abit cheap for someone who rakes in 750k a month.

  • Helena

    That’s nice of her, but how can she not know about malaria?

  • kate

    Britney has always given to charity wayyyyy before it was the cool thing to do! ie Angelina
    I don’t think this story is true! Why r ppl always hatin on her

  • Amanda


  • Pingy-ponga

    She dint know!

  • Dani

    for the ppl who think she is using this as publicity need to check their facts! britney has always given a lot of her money to charity unlike those stars that organize benefits but never give any of their own money up:)

  • WTF

    Of course if true, they just HAD to leak it to the press. It doesn’t count if people don’t know about it.

    $25,000 from Shitney isn’t very much.

    How much did she give to any charity last year? Anything?

  • Molly

    Making fun of Britney isn’t fun anymore because she’s too much of a train wreck.

  • audrey

    it’s good she donated but…she just learned about it NOW?
    no wonder this girl is sooooo disconnected, she lives on another planet…

  • AM


  • legs

    that’s nice of her.

  • curious girl

    # 9 Mrs Miller @ 04/10/2008 at 12:14 pm Britney, the nice girl act isn’t working, you c.unt. F.uck off and die, b.itch
    …….you people.all of u r full of hate…either your calling someone names and a hater or u r 1

  • Britney is a true Goddess

    Omg she’s so sweet , how can people hate her

    and people who say it’s cheap 25,000 it’s better than nothing

    and have you donate you’re self ??????

    Mrs Miller Britney did in 1 year things you can’t you do in 2 freaking life

    Stop the hate and do something good in you’re life

  • Britney is a true Goddess

    Omg she’s so sweet , how can people hate her

    and people who say it’s cheap 25,000 it’s better than nothing

    and have you donate you’re self ??????

    Mrs Miller Britney did in 1 year things you can’t you do in 2 freakin life

    Stop the hate and do something good in you’re life

  • julia

    that’s wonderful, I hope it’s true…

  • julia

    Just wish this info would not have come form a disgusting tabloid like Life & style.

  • Arab.Aquarius
  • Olivia

    woohoo go Britney!!

  • urmybff

    im glad shes doing things, one step at a time brit! she should get some healthy celebrity friends like kimora or victoria beckham or kate hudson or something!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    There are alot of people out there who don’t know about Malaria and other ‘tropical’ deseases, so stop with the Brit bashing and praise her for her contribution to a great cause. How many people right now on this very site gave a donation and are dissing Brit? I gave my donation — it sure wasn’t what Brit gave — but I did my tiny bit.

    Way to go Brit!

  • lala

    i really don’t care if it was her handlers or herself donating the $ or whether it was for publicity or not- $25k was donated to big charities who do alot of amazing things- that’s the point, not the accused hidden agenda!

  • jonasgirl345

    Wow, that’s awesome,
    i;m not one of her biggest fans but
    i’d still love to see her go in a better direction.

    Way to go Brit!!!


    Am proud of her.

    Glad she did something positive.

  • 007

    It’s about time! =)

  • Tanda

    I love how everyone is acting like this is her first time giving to charity. Britney has been giving to charity since the START of her career. She’s amazing…RESPECT!

  • akaisha

    good for her! a little disturbing that one can go 26 years and not know about malaria, however, learning late is better than permanent ignorance. good for her for taking the initiative to get educated and good for her for that donation, that is awesome. it seems like she’s getting it together, she’s looking like the old britney again.

    but wow an amex with a limit of upwards of 25 grand. i can’t even fathom…lol.

  • Julia

    Well done, Brittany!!!!

  • brittany

    YAYYYY Britney I really like her this way
    That has to be one of the most amazing things she has ever done
    My mom was crying to expecially when Miley and her dad went to a house

  • bianca

    that’s lunch money for her

    what a joke!

    she’s a joke

    stupid cow

  • shanann

    you go girl!

  • Marieme

    Gooooo get your kids back, Britney. How about being a more responsible parent as well?

  • http://justjared clueless

    Well done Brit.

    Whether you personally actually donated or if it was one of your assistants “for good press” it was still your money, and its still going to help a worthy cause.

    Thanks for the donation no matter how big or small. Every bit counts.

    You want good press, you got it baby!

    Be proud of the massive effort you have made to change and heal, its a long hard process uphill all the time, you’re doing really well.


  • anonymous

    that was just soo sweet of her!

  • lylian

    Oh for pete’s sakes. How can anyone believe Lies and Shlt for saying that Britney doesn’t know much about malaria is beyond me. They are a sensationalistic, lying tablie.

    I don’t know if her father made the donation or whether Britney did. Therefore, I choose to believe what is good which is that this donation was from Britney’s own initiative. I hope that it is a sign of further healing and recovery for Britney.

  • jughed

    Good for Brit. Deep down inside I think Britney is really a good person, she’s just a bit kooky.

  • Mrs Miller

    Britney is an evil person who’s worse than Hitler and bin Laden put together