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Celebrity Guess Who -- Who Died?

Celebrity Guess Who -- Who Died?

Someone “died” on the steps of a NYC building while filming the anthology film, New York I Love You. Find out which actor “died” inside but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! It’s a little graphic…




Shia LaBeouf was seen filming a death scene for New York, I Love You on Thursday. The 21-year-old actor “fell to his death” from a hotel window.

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shia labeouf dead new york i love you 01
shia labeouf dead new york i love you 02
shia labeouf dead new york i love you 03
shia labeouf dead new york i love you 04

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  • 43564356

    hmm. ok.

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  • 1111

    hes not even listed as being in that movie on his IMDB.

  • Caitlin

    he’s hot even dead ;]

  • lexi

    geez dont scare me like that i just saw the first part on the top

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    i LOVE HIM

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    awww… LOVE him

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    firsttt? noo i lovee shiaa. but thats pretty sickk

  • melinda

    oh great. he is dead.

  • susie

    that scared me, it seemed so real, I don’t think you should run articles like this, I recently lost my daughter, a teenager, death is all around us every day. Just a suggestion, I know I am extra sensitive, but who needs this.

  • lindsey

    *raises hand* It was me! I did it! =P

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  • Longway2bby!


  • remember da truth

    Susie, yeah, it’s not easy to look at, but if you are “extra sensitive” then why didn’t you skip over the post?

    You came here deliberately, and even opened it up and posted. So if you now feel badly, you have no one to blame but yourself. And Jared did put “die” in quotes and explain it, so get over yourself.

  • victoria

    omg, rofl this is funny xD haha yay! cant wait for this movie ;)


    Nooo, he is too cute to die, even if it’s just a movie.

  • Laila

    Yeah, thanks for the giveaway.


    love you boy


    hes amazing

  • Tina

    dont worry about the why she came here.
    its not something to joke about.
    she lost her daughter.
    and i almost lost my friend.
    she was only 2.
    i watched it happened.
    okay so stop being a sarcastic brat.
    your probly like 12.
    but learn to be more understanding.

  • Bre

    :O Darn it all I would look DX

  • nunny

    that looked kind of real..whoa y did he least it wasn’t orlando..

    go green ppl save the planet we are living on!

  • Kimberly

    OMG , honestly did think that was going to be Shia. I almost wanted to cry.

  • susie

    #17 fuck you…..hope you die

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    #17 you jerk off, hope you find death soon, you are an asshole like everybody else, hope your loved ones DIE DIE DIE

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    He’s hot. BTW, my friend saw his profile on a site with many nice photos. It seems called ‘Rich kiss. com’. Let me check it for you guys.

  • honey

    We love death, great Jared, have more dead photos like this, or any of TomKat, either would be grrrrrrrrrrrreat.

  • Nicole m

    Oh God that’s really disgusting. Good make-up!

  • Jenn

    susie @ 04/10/2008 at 9:54 pm

    that scared me, it seemed so real, I don’t think you should run articles like this, I recently lost my daughter, a teenager, death is all around us every day. Just a suggestion, I know I am extra sensitive, but who needs this.

    susie @ 04/10/2008 at 11:07 pm

    #17 **** you…..hope you die

    Tina @ 04/10/2008 at 10:33 pm

    your probly like 12.

    LMAO… oh, the irony… susie + Tina = idiots

  • jen

    Hey shia please be careful at work love kiss

  • Swedish

    thank god, first a thought it was Michael Jackson

    but this one can die , no problem


    ^^^^^^^^^ go die swedish ^^^^^^^^^

  • gaby

    haha, okay, the position that he died is hilarious!

  • eme

    Hmmm… Shia is looking quite 1930s. Lemme guess: Shia portrays a young stock broker around the time of Black Tuesday… Wall Street Crash of 1929 resulted in lots of window jumping!

  • angel hair

    why is he getting hotter by the minute?

    and um, pretty realistic death, btw.

  • Arab.Aquarius
  • kyla

    i love you shia labeouf

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    shia makes for a hott dead guy

  • bette

    i had this dream that i laid in a field of grass and lady bugs started to flutter on my legs, tummy, and neck. then the lady bugs transformed in to shia and the flutters on my legs, tummy, and neck transformed into kisses from shia’s lips! lasigh it was heavenly

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    aww i’ll kiss it better shia

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    lol bette that dream sounds wonder shia can give me lady bug kisses all day long

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    hmm that dream was sooo delish to read bette

  • legs


  • kiki

    idk sometimes shia is smoking hot and sometimes he looks of but his ‘swagger’ just makes him so bangable

  • Megan

    thank god.

  • chelsey

    While skimming through that, I thought it said someone from “I love New York” lol

  • chris

    does this mean we get a hot sex scene in this film. oh please say yes bb shia can’t die a movie virgin, i need one good sex scene thank you