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Gerard Butler: I'm Not Dating Cameron Diaz!

Gerard Butler: I'm Not Dating Cameron Diaz!

Gerard Butler shows off his massive muscles in a skintight tank top as he goes for a morning run in Los Angeles on Thursday.

The 38-year-old husky 300 star reportedly took Cameron Diaz on a double date over the weekend with Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon. But let this be another lesson of don’t believe everything you read!

During his morning run, Mr. Butler bluntly addressed the rumors that he’s dating Cameron Diaz.

In complete Gerry humor, he said, “So if I take my dog for a walk apparently I’m f—ing my dog? No, it’s not true!”

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Photos: Ben Tsui, Splash News Online
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  • Tiffany

    I’m so happy he’s not dating her. When I told my sister she nearly passed out. Gerry is too hot for the likes of Carmen “I suck the life force from hot men and leave them as showdows of their former selves” Diaz.

  • lol

    haha that just made my day, tho i do wish they were dating. she cant find a men and gerard is hella sexy

  • mary


  • mary

    i wish i was first, i always try to get first on perez hilton but the top i have come is 13th!!!

  • Rita

    Well, that’s good to here. I knew Gerry had better taste in women than frog face Diaz.

  • jocelyyn (: !

    that was rude he compared cameron with his dog LMFAO
    anyway he’s hoooot, i wish they were dating

  • Eyewitness snooze

    For once, I owe the Papparazzi. YOWZA!!!

  • Mrs. Gerard Butler

    Oh Gerry! You make me swoon! Don’t be talking about Lolita like that or you’ll make me jealous!

  • marianna

    Husky is the right description Jared

  • Mrs. Gerard Butler

    Jared made a spelling mistake. He said husky when I know he meant hunky.

  • Grace

    What a man!!!! He tells you straight up. Don’t mess with Gerard, he’ll cut you down. I just love strong men who don’t take crap from nobody. He’s a nice guy to his fans.

  • O

    WHOA!!! Gerry is looking damn SEXY!!! Glad the rumors are finally put to rest. I think he could do so much better.

  • Maddyboy

    He is built just the way I like a man. Love a man with some meat on his bones. Perfect!

  • noyb

    Well, my faith in Gerry is restored. He addressed it in true Gerry fashion. . . no bullshit. Love him.

  • Ella

    I was super disappointed in him when I heard the rumours but now love him even more for saying that! Great wit!

  • stl

    I agree with Grace, Maddyboy and noyb. Gotta luv a dude who is straightforward.

    He has got to be one of the coolest people on the planet.

  • Anon

    She must have dumped him then for the same reason she went out with him…boredom. They dated for like five minutes. I told you. Gerry likes young model types. Cameron is entirely too independent. And he does not drink or do drugs, smoke pot or that kind of stuff, bcz he had major problems with it when he was in his early twenties and he has been clean and sober for probably twelve years now and since he could have almost killed himself back then, and since his career is getting on track finally, I do not think he would risk it. I am not saying Cameron does drugs. I am saying she has been known to smoke some pot from time to time and she drinks. JT really introduced her to some bad habits, too. Gerry is too conservative for her. He would want someone who is less independent and more straight-laced.


    OMG, OMG, OMG! Yes, there’s a huge webspot over here!!! I love this guy, he’s a bit crass at times, but he is SUPER HOT! JJ, you made my day, thanks for the post :)


    OMG, OMG, OMG! Yes, there’s a huge wetspot over here!!! I love this guy, he’s a bit crass at times, but he is SUPER HOT! JJ, you made my day, thanks for the post :)

  • G Spot

    Thank God! She is so not good enough for him! Look at that man!!! He’s the most beautiful hunk of man ever created by God Himself!

  • RoxanneDanielle

    He is awesome!!! He smiles for camera! Doesn’t bitch and moan about too many fans, he takes time to stop and sign autographs and take pictures with his fans, he just tells like it is……. He smiles while flipping off the paparazzi–he’s just REAL. I hope he never changes. He is one-of-a-kind. It doesn’t get any better than GERARD!!!

  • belle

    Anon @ 18, you sound as though you know him personally, as for dating the so called model types, he’s abvoiusly doomed, cause theirs usually nothing upstairs. From the info i have on him i would expect a little more intellegence on his part (trained in law)! I would be greatly disapointed if he turned out to be as shallow as most other actors who have disgraced themselves in public, great role models for the kids hey!

  • oye

    The Scottish lads do it best. =D

  • ayeoh

    All I got to say is, “TOLD YA!” Now put the pills down and back away!!!!

  • Armadillo

    what a fat basterd.

  • ayeoh

    Computer’s acting up. Just to add. You must admit that the rumors boosted him up on the popularity meter. Good Job, Paps!

  • Sam

    Everyone seem to be having Cameron these days but not dating her.

  • Krissy

    He is not a fat bastard. He is so good looking. I to do a journal for my class in college and I put that I would date anyone from 18 to 40, bc he’s 38! Now my teacher probably thinks I’m crazy since I’m only 21 lol

  • remember da truth

    Sam, sounds like Jen Aniston, too! At least Cam is running around with true stars, not the grip or towel boy, and then when she sees paps, runs and puts her arms around a co-star to start rumors for the bored housewives who read tabloids.

    Cameron never wanted to commit completely to Justin, either. She has a free spirited streak and if she just wants to have fun, let her for a while. I don’t see her sticking with anyone until she’s in her 40′s.

    Gerard Butler seems like he’s just having fun, too. He’s waiting for the right one to settle down with.

  • operaghost

    Oooooooooh, GER-ard! Love him, love him, love him… I’m so grateful that JJ indulges my need for Gerard pics as often as possible. And, I must say — I’m glad he’s not with Cammy. I like her . . . but not for him. He needs someone with depth and intelligence. Like a Rachel Weisz, or a Kate Winslet type, though obviously not them because they’re both married already.

  • omg

    what a fat ugly man.

  • indiegirl

    This man is the best think to be seen on the big screen in 20 years. Absolutely frikken HOT!

  • Sunny

    From what I’ve heard, Gerry wanted the record set straight [bad pun] so as not to upset his boyfriend.

  • G Spot

    omg – ARE YOU BLIND????? Or you must not be a woman – that could be the ONLY reason for your incorrect statement. Fat – no way. That’s all masculine muscle!!! And as for ugly? There’s not even anything I could say to that . . . other than you must be blind . . .

  • Is it true?

    that he’s dating a black woman? Who is she? It doesn’t bother me, I just want to know.

    BTW I still think he’s hot, shaved or not. Some foreign guys just have it.

  • indiegirl

    He’s not dating a black girl. His former girlfriend, model Bianca Christians is multi racial. I believe she is part white, part asian and part black. She’s incredibly beautiful.

  • a

    thank goodness! i can’t stand her!! he’s a hottie!

  • Likes The Truth

    Good for him, setting the record straight. So I take it that Jake and Reese weren’t there either, that was made up, too.

    I LIKE this Butler guy. Sounds like an honest one (finally!!). And not bad to look at either.

  • Is it true?

    I couldn’t wait on you guys (I asked on JJ before but no one posted the info and I forgot about it)———so I looked it up just now myself. It turns out the claim is that it’s Naomi Campbell. I’m going to choose not to believe that. Butler could have had a fling with her. I read in a mag where Mike Tyson said Naomi Campbell will do anything… yuck!

    The Internet also says Butler mostly lives in Los Angeles, so hopefully he sees another woman who is living there.

  • Is it true?

    Thx Indiegirl… I want to see what Bianca looks like now.

  • Swansong

    If you have not seen him in person, you cannot know how much more gorgeous he is in the flesh. Photographs and film do not do him justice, and he is much more slender than he appears in these photos. In any case, the man has a beautifully formed body, and is a great guy all around!

  • Michelle

    I feel so much better.

  • eve

    gerard is so hot, sexy and charming and i don’t think either that
    he is a fat****.

  • Tiny

    But let this be another lesson of don’t believe everything you read!

    Yes JJ,

    we do know that Jake and Reese are a FAUXMANCE.

  • crazy eighty eights

    Wow, everyone’s so happy that he’s not dating Cameron Diaz!
    I guess no one has enough common sense to realize that yet another confirmation and instance of him NOT dating a woman only adds more credence to the fact that he’s gay.

    BTW, Cameron Diaz has always seemed to be a nice girl.
    Butler should be thrilled that the press is trying to link him with someone like her. Considering that his only claim to fame is his a scene devouring portrayal of a king in a campy comic book movie – and his soon to be confession on Larry King.

  • Jenna

    I love how right below the article there’s a google search for “Gerard Butler gay”. Girls, you’re fooling yourselves! That man is 100% gay and I bet he’s getitng some every night from some smoking hot, totally build men. Salivate over that thought for a moment. I know I am!

  • Jenna

    Wish I could edit, but I’m just going to add…man he looks old! I hope he’s a bottom.

  • Shygirl

    Morning run. Good for you Gerry!

    He cares about his health, and I admire that. Quiting the smokes is the best thing that he did. I guess the meditation thing is working well for him.

    Bravo Gerry!

  • Clara

    He’s right about his comparison with a dog and a girl, but he’s so fat… not what he used to be (300…)… another proof of cinema’s magic.