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Hayden Christensen Flies Through the Gas Station

Hayden Christensen Flies Through the Gas Station

Hayden Christensen stops by a gas station in Los Feliz, Calif., on Wednesday, but forgets to zip up on the way out. XYZ!

Hayden, 26, along with Orlando Bloom and Ethan Hawke are among the stars that just signed on for New York, I Love You.

The movie, which comprises 12 short films from different directors, is currently shooting across the city’s five boroughs, reports Variety.

New York, I Love You is “a mixture of contemplative romance and unabashed civic boosterism. The anthology of shorts follows the format of ‘Paris, je t’aime,’ a surprise specialty hit released last year.”

More pics of Hayden “flying” through the gas station…

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hayden christensen xyz 02
hayden christensen xyz 03
hayden christensen xyz 04
hayden christensen xyz 05
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Photos: Respicio-Young, JFXOnline
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  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    cool, he’s wearing his favorite pair of pants and sneakers. lol

  • destiny

    See! I knew he would be in LA with Rachel

  • j

    hayden’s flying low ! LOL…………… but looking so well !

  • toni

    Too funny! Looks like he needs to buy some jeans that fit. Eating home cooking will do that to you. Please Hayden at least wear a longer shirt or put on some sweats. You look like your having a George Micheal moment.

  • Lemoin

    Okay, thats not funny. That just plain grosse…

  • tawi-tawi

    he looks so thin, and pale. and that fly…
    he kinda looks like Pete Doherty on his not so sober days…:(
    he doesn’t seem to be fine, i really hope I am wrong, it’ll be too sad…

  • CEW

    Honey, why are you walkin’ around with your pants unzipped?! Not tying your shoes is one thing, and Hayden fans are used to seeing that, but not zipping up your pants? Tsk Tsk………

  • talula

    Ok, how does the paparazzi even knows that he’s there unless he’s called them? This is not like Rodeo Dr where they all hang out waiting for celebs.

  • sueanne

    Can anyone identify what car he’s driving?

  • tessa


  • lana

    hayden is looking miserable this days. but adam is looking fine.

  • LyLy

    #11 is sooooooooo damn right!

  • queeny

    thats what happens when you wears your girlfriends jeans. you are xix feet tall you cant feet into a 5′ persons pants.accidents like this bound to happen then.poor thing.

  • Jeff

    And why is it only Just Jared that gets the scoop on Hayden and Rachel? This is surely PR. We saw the other day that she was in California, now we see that he is too. Do their publicists have a special relationship with Jared?

    I wonder why he’s in such a hurry…

  • Molly
  • meagan

    Yeah #11, truly, coz Adam broke free, while Hayden is still allowing his soul to be sucked dry.

  • purplehearts

    I wonder what car he was driving since the rumors were out that he crashed the Ferrari

  • Kim

    Cute! I think I just found my new screen saver!

    I think that shirt covers it, the wind must have just blown it up, all guys forget to zip every now and then :)

  • is she really that bad ?

    is she really that bad ? i am not a fan of hers ! but i guess her voice can grate on you after a while !

  • emma

    what’s the bet we’ll get more pics of him and RB pretending they aren’t together [img][/img]

  • Neos

    Hayden and Natalie belong together! What Natalie is doing with that Chewbacca lookalike is beyond me!

  • all that

    when will it end?!

  • all that

    rb was spotted in feliz too, she must live there. all i can say is they wont last. and yes her voice is annoying

  • http://none Josh

    if that was his car in the background, then hes driving an older Lexus ES300.

    Someone wanted to know…

  • e

    yeah.. she definitely lives in Los Feliz

  • sueanne

    Thanks Josh.Thats what I thought so why the hell is he driving an older car?The man has enough money for something better then that

  • Kim
  • Kim

    I wish to suck him here, I wish to suck him there, I wish to suck him everywhere! :) :) :)

  • linda

    He doesn’t live in Los Angeles. He’s probably just borrowing the car from a friend while he’s here.

    To answer #8, many time the paparazzi will wait outside of a celeb’s home and then just follow them around all day hoping to get a good shot and even more pics of additional celebs. This is how you end up seeing pictures of various actors at gas stations and grocery stores. Its not like they wait around for celebrities to show up at a filling station. People like Britney Spears have a line of cars following them through LA for the entire day. I work in West Hollywood and see this all the time. Its really getting ridiculous.

  • karmakey

    I feel bad for him. Looks like he’s having a bad day. Will he ever smile again? I miss that.

  • )))

    He is living with Rachel Bilson while he’s in that town!
    But they have other things to do rather than walk hand in hand down the street shopping.

  • isnt_it

    He is getting really stupid and gross… ick!

  • Jase

    This guy is a joke. What a loser…

    I want to know what was going through his head when he left where ever wearing what he is. Seriously thats disgusting…

  • LARK

    Simply REPULSIVE and SHAMELESS !!!

  • finn

    Did JUNKper’s freaking success had already gone into his idiotic head – thinking that he can do away w/ anything no matter what he do or what he looks like?! He’s really LOSING it!

  • purplehearts

    Hayden does not live with her & Rachel lives in the zip code 90021…Los Feliz is 90027 look it up

  • ok


    they do things like what ? platonic friend things ? please says yes

  • purplehearts

    Also Hayden is in LA for business with Tove & I heard photoshoots as well

  • moi

    GEEZ! get over yourselves! who here can HONESTLY say they’ve never ever had a ‘wardrobe malfunction’? never left a button undone here or there, or accidentally not done up your fly? How can leaving your jeans undone by mistake be ‘disgusting’ and ‘repulsive’? its not like he was flashing his dick about the place, unlike many hollywood females.

    grow the fuck up.

    as for hayden and rachel, as if its any of our business anyway, if they are dating, good for them, if not, meh.

    as for hayden and natalie…NEVER going to happen, its time to MOVE ON.

  • Jase

    @ moi

    Here is a simply answer for you.

    Its not a mistake.

    His button is undone, his zipper is all the way down. A person does not accidently forget to walk out like that. How wouldnt you feel that? And that is what makes this so shameless and repulsive.

    Just yuk…

  • beats_me

    It looks that even his trousers is “rebelling” against its own hideousness & his moronic acting chops – just another notch for his growing list of reckless stupidity!

  • Smilehexe

    This is not about a simple “wardrobe malfunction”. If it was only that, Hayden’s fans would tolerate it, as that happened too often before already.

    But this shows WHO he is in general. He’s sleazy and disrespectful towards the people in public as well as towards this poor person who will have to use this toilet room after him. Or do you think that a person who leaves a washroom looking like that, will
    - take the time to look back just once if he leaves the (even public!) sanitary facilities clean for the next person who will come in after him?
    - wash his hands?
    - be in a good hygienic shape concerning the rest of his body (I just say: e.g. his often dirty fingernails)?
    - have a smell in general which is passable to linger amongst other people?
    - take some care of his laundry which has to be washed by other people as he surely does not do that himself?

    If somebody (if famous or not) enters a public area he/she has to take care of some basic society rules. If Hayden is not willing to do that he shall stay inside of his home or move to a desert island if he likes. But this behavior of his is simply unbearable and tasteless! And it’s not like he would be too busy to take care of himself, other people do that ALTHOUGH having regular jobs and family issues. Hayden seems already “overstrained” by simply his own body hygiene in all his idleness with having nothing useful to do. It’s a shame really. And all the talk about the “hard work” on “his” farm is just another lie and joke coming from this guy. This farm seems to be led only by his family (the work) and for him and his girlfriend it’s more like another holiday resort.
    He once said he does not want to be an idol by example for his fans, but if he wants that or not does not matter, he IS one, as a matter of fact. Working in a public job like that he automatically is. And considering that the target audience for “Jumper” are youngsters, it’s really sad what happens here. Not to talk about all the (Hayden thinks that obviously, I don’t!) “cool” photographs smoking for fashion sessions etc. Or to talk somehow “casual” that he crashed his Ferrari. That are many bad examples for young people.

    So seeing these pictures of him on several sites on the net I have full understanding for people calling him gross and all the similar words, it’s their good right to state it like that, as they probably also see “the background message” in his appearance which means much more than just the open trousers (and yes: a zip one could forget, but also to close the button?)
    Hayden is a boy coming from a middle class well-off family (who surely did NOT teach him THIS behavior I’m convinced of), but for the last two years or so he enjoys to behave like the last trash-kid (No offense against REAL poor people included here, in the opposite, I have highest respect for people who are able to manage a not so convenient life). I would smile about it if he was 15 and call it an adolescent rebel phase, but this “man” is about to be 27 years old soon – which is an age other people already have to raise an own family. He seems to go backwards in his development instead of forwards.

    And why this grumpy face all the time? Why being in L.A. if he obviously hates it so much? Why calling the paps himself (or have people around him who do that “for” him) and then present himself like this?
    Good looks is all this boy has left, as watching his latest few movies the former acting talent Hayden used to possess seems to have cryptically disappeared somehow… so at least for that “good looks” he should take the time and effort to take care of. But obviously he thinks he can afford to not have that necessary. Good luck with that.

    I’m ashamed of ever HAVE BEEN his fan. Bye Hayden Christensen!

  • selphs

    @ as for hayden and natalie…NEVER going to happen, its time to MOVE ON.

    Some of their fanatics still have this “hope floats” attitude as both of them really have a “freaking poor taste” in the opposite sex…

  • jiml

    Looks to me like he’s walking FROM his car, not TO is car. So, I don’t think he’s coming out of the men’s room.

    Most likely the dude unbuttoned his trousers when he was in the car because its more comfortable driving that way. I do it all the time. But, I don’t wear jeans that are so tight that my zipper rides down when I walk. So, if I forget to fasten up after getting out of the car, I’m still safe.

    Give us guys a break girls. Geez.

  • trellis

    @ I’m ashamed of ever HAVE BEEN his fan. Bye Hayden Christensen!

    I think & feel that you’re so NOT ALONE in this dilemma…

  • sueanne

    Give him a break for gods sake!

  • Smilehexe

    Thanks trellis, “shared suffer is half suffer”, as we use to say in German! ;-) Not that this would help me over my disappointment in Hayden but it’s nice to know I’m not alone with my feelings.

  • voice of reason

    Bye Smilehexe ;-) end of story

    Stop the press lets put the photo’s on page one LOL, some of you are angry about a guy that was caught with his zipper down and button undone just a thought but why do people think the term “flying low” was invented?

    Because it does happen to both males and females. I’m sure that Hayden is feeling embrassed about being caught like that, it was one moment not many, unlike other’s, at least he is wearing underwear.

    People need to understand that Hayden is not perfect, nor should he be, nor should people his so called fans bash him because you have placed him so high up that when he does one silly thing you go crazy over it.

    The reality of the situation- Hayden although an actor is a human being, and all human beings make mistakes. Every person who posts here has made mistakes, thankfully we don’t have a camera shoved in front of us and a huge lens taking a photo from a distance.

    So forgive Hayden for being caught at the wrong time, because if you think about it all of us have done something stupid too.

  • sueanne

    I highly doubt he was off wacking in a bathroom and then ON purpose kept his pants undone!

  • Smilehexe

    @voice of reason
    As you can read in my post there are more reasons disturbing me way more than just the zipper down and open button of Hayden’s jeans. It’s his whole behavior in general recently.
    I could easily “forgive” him this little incident if it would not just be one bad/sad thing in an always getting longer list…