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Hugh Jackman Hugs His Oscar

Hugh Jackman Hugs His Oscar

Hugh Jackman enjoys a rare day off and drops his son Oscar off at school in Sydney on Thursday.

Hugh, 39, and his son Oscar, 7, shared a warm, playful hug before he make a pit stop for coffee.

New promos for Hugh‘s upcoming film Deception were recently released.

Deception will be released April 25th and will also be starring Michelle Williams, Ewan McGregor and Maggie Q.

More pics of Hugh hugging his son Oscar

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hugh jackman hugs oscar 01
hugh jackman hugs oscar 02
hugh jackman hugs oscar 03
hugh jackman hugs oscar 04
hugh jackman hugs oscar 05
hugh jackman hugs oscar 06

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  • shelby


  • ra

    Cute photos! Oscar is an adorable little guy, he’s going to be a lady-killer when he grows up, just like his dad. It’s easy to see that they have a very warm and loving relationship. Thanks for posting these, Jared.
    And Hugh is sooooooo hot!!!

  • Snowcrash

    Hot as always but this pink and purple mix… Try black!

  • Hugh jackwoman


  • Nightlife

    There is nothing more sexy than a man who truly loves his wife and children.

  • flower

    ohhh so cute!!! hugh really loves his family, and i love that about him, there is nothing more sexy than a family man,hugh you are a sweetie!!!

  • lilyanne

    Thanks for the pictures. Looks like they are having fun.

  • Maytook

    OOOOOOOOOO my God !!!! I love hugh !!!

  • Tanda

    I’m not sure if it’s possible to love your children too much, but he is a bit overly affectionate with is seven year old in public.

  • hf

    #10 – oh puleeze. They were playing around and Oscar was clearly enjoying it.
    Why do some people just have to say something negative about everything?

  • Patty

    I love Hugh beyond words so his pics always cheer me up ^_^! Little Oscar is adorable ^_^!
    Thanks for posting!
    Regards from Lima, Peru

  • cathyr

    How is it that he is able to be in public, in the park, on the beach, getting coffee, etc. without getting mobbed. Obviously he is photographed, which I appreciate. But does he have bodyguards, or what? I don’t think he would be able to walk about so freely in the states, without being constantly approached. So how does he keep fans away?

  • RA

    cathyr – I have never seen Hugh “off duty” (i.e. not at an official or public function) with a bodyguard. I think he’s able to move about easily because he just does – he’s determined to have as normal a life as possible for his family. And when the paparazzi do show up, he’s friendly and accommodating and doesn’t make a scene, so they take their photos and move on. Then other times they respect his privacy and leave him alone. Hugh is known as one of the nicest men in the business and I think that gets him a lot of goodwill. And the Aussie locals are pretty used to seeing him and his family out and about, so they leave him alone, or just shout a friendly hello.

  • black

    He is cool- ——- I know it, and you know it!

    ——————–BUT———–he has no taste in clothes whatsoever.

  • Tammy Rizzo

    It takes a REAL MAN to dare to wear pink and purple in public with paparazzi around! ;-D

  • j-la

    what intrigues me are the marks on his arms. Obviously movie related… perhaps green screen FX marks?

    and ya gotta love a man who feels comfortable wearing purple. mmm mmm hugh.

  • mary

    awww, so cute!

  • inahle


  • Daniela

    @ #17: They are surgery marks as we have already seen in X-Men 1 and X-Men 2. It’s the Adamantium surgery scene for his new movie Wolverine.

  • j-la

    thank you # 20 I guess when he is in action in the movie I don’t really breathe. or notice the markings.

    thanks for the clarification

  • Karla

    No. 10. You are right. I have made the same observation. He is always very affectionate with his son, sometimes uncomfortably so.

  • ohpuhleeze

    You have real problems if his affection towards his son is uncomfortable for you. Stop reading so much into things or just being a sh*t disturber. We might not have so many messed up teenagers that turn into messed up adults if their parents showed them their love with hugs and kisses the way the Jackman’s do with their kids. I guess you have issues with him being affectionate with his daughter too? Or his wife being affectionate with their son? Get a grip.
    It’s nice to see a father and son like that and not have to be rough and tough all the time.

  • kennyster

    Wow, someone left a comment in Chinese!
    Hi there, fellow Asian reader.

  • bethanne

    He obviously has a wonderful rapport with his son. That’s just so precious. Lucky little fellow to be adopted by Hugh and his wife…not because they are rich and famous but because they are such wonderful, loving, hands-on and adoring parents.

  • Hugh jackwoman

    Hi. kennyster Nice to meet you

  • Angharad

    Oooo, Hugh is looking good! I hope he does the talkshow circuit in the U.S. to promote his movie. Thanks again Jared the pics.

  • nora

    Sometimes the comments here are really strange.
    I always wonder what brings people, who call themselves “fans” ( I don´t like the word, as it comes from fanatic ) to write such things.

    All I see is a loving father having a good time with his child.
    And enjoying a freedom not everybody in his profession can call his own.

  • jeat

    I think Nora has it right. As far as I can see, the Jackman family is profoundly good at giving their children the most important gift of all – love. All children should be so lucky.