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Vanessa Hudgens @ Idol Gives Back

Vanessa Hudgens @ Idol Gives Back

High School Musical stars and BFFs Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale were on American Idol last night for a hot second. To help raise money for Idol Gives Back, Ashnessa said,

“Hey everyone, we’re in Utah on the set of High School Musical 3, so we can’t be there tonight but we wanted to wish you all good luck.

“Remember, there are people all over the world who need food, shelter and medicine. Tonight, we can all do somethingn for them. Kids, dig into your piggy banks and parents, dig into your wallets.

“We’re all in this together, so pick up that phone and do whatever you can. Good night and thank you!”

Watch the video below of Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale! And if you haven’t already, check out the very first pictures from the set of High School Musical 3

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale @ Idol Gives Back
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  • Lizzie

    Ahhh!! lolz i love them. i sooo can’t wait for hsm3 and ther vid was so cute

  • hannah

    So Cute.
    Love Them Both.

  • Lizzie

    I love them. the vid was so cute and i can’t wait til hsm3

  • crash v c heart mickey

    love them

  • jasmine

    I hate them! but atleast they said something positive

  • kay

    LOVE THEM. their friendship is so cute. Zac still isn’t on the HSM 3 set yet! where is he!?

  • Daniela

    BOOOO!! talentless girls. poor things.

  • nati do brasil

    vanessa esta linda como sempre
    I love vanessa

  • Elizabeth


  • babycgirl395

    Awsome i loved this “hot second” it was nice and i cant wait for hsm3

  • LOLA

    Vanessa looks really cute! Ashley on the other hand……ummm, well her dog is cute…

    What’s up with Ashley in the video? she looks conceited.

  • Paula

    Love Vanessa and it was so sweet of her to do a shout out, it would have been even cooler if she was there, but you take what you get. Still waiting on Zac to get his butt down to Utah.

    Hey, does anybody know how much money Idol Gives Back raised?

  • kay

    she looks constipated

  • Hsm fan

    Those two are the sweetest and prettiest young women. I hope they both will continue to stay that way. I love their talents in acting, singing, dancing, and performances.

  • joss

    love ashley, hate vanessa

  • Nani

    Wow, thank God they appeared. I missed them.
    I really miss Zac.

  • hannah

    cool love them!

  • Wendy

    Paula…they raised 22 million….but last year they made 76 million! Good question…

  • Jennifer W

    I know HSM 3 will be great and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Vanessa looks great. I wonder if the rumors on HSM 4 thats going around is true.

  • Paula

    So they made less then? That’s kind of sad, I was hoping they would beat their record.

  • suzy
  • suzy
  • Karen

    Oh, Jared, you are so funny; “in case you haven’t already, check out our very first pictures from the set of HSM3…”
    Let’s see there are over 700 comments there so how many more would you like? LOL I think you are trying to tell us there are no pictures to be had. Trust me, these kids are really being kept “secure”.

  • mrsefron

    suzy, I know, this pic is so cute!!! LOVE THEM!!

  • Laura

    Love both!

    They’re so sweet here :)

  • ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

    ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mrsefron

    and btw, I adore Maui, she is so cute!! but nessa, where’s shadow??

  • jocelyyn (: !

    gosh! finaly some pics of them!

  • giovanna

    cool ! love them!! ; )

  • giovanna

    cool ! love them!! ; )

  • giovanna

    Nossa adoro essas duas !!
    são muito fofas…!

  • sara

    Love vanessa So cute

  • Sam

    Love them!

  • kat

    people don’t forget to tune in to radio disney tomorrow!! vanessa will premiere her new single!

  • Natalie

    thnx for the post
    love both of them!

  • natalie

    oh and jared, its Vanessa Hudgens AND Ashley Tisdale @ Idol Gives Back PLEASE, lol

  • Becky

    They are such sweethearts.

    I was so happy to see them last night. :)

  • mylene


  • bobbi

    Yuk, Slutgens is back! So nice and peaceful here without her. I’m sure her record will bomb…….awful nasal singer. No one would even remember her without her scandal. Nice publicity stunt, huh guys?



    Go V Go V hauahaha

    Luvdore U girl *.*

    Vanash cooooll \o/



  • troy

    This is post about celebrities doing something for charity and still they get “I hate them” posts I just don’t get it. I know, I know this is not a fan site, people can say whatever they want. I just don’t get it is all I’m saying.

    Anyway they looked cute. I didn’t notice that Ashley was holding her dog the whole time. LOL

  • http://VanessaHudgens@IdolGivesBack rubyred

    They are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • douglas




  • anne


  • troy

    #39 Sorry you’ve got the wrong post, this is for Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale. I really don’t who this Stutgens person is and I don’t remember any scandal involving anyone with that name. So apparently the “publicity stunt” didn’t work.

  • tinseltown

    i love vanessa i love maui where’s zac?
    i hate ashley i hate maui good jared is not in the movie anymore

  • VT

    I want pics of Van in Utah

  • summer
  • tinseltown

    love shadow* oooh and btw tune on radio disney this friday for vaness’as single.. let’s support her!