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Amy Winehouse Has a Wonky Leg

Amy Winehouse Has a Wonky Leg

Amy Winehouse shows off a protruding muscle sticking out of her wonky leg as she takes a break from a recording studio in North England on Thursday.

The 24-year-old “Rehab” singer has been busy working on a song for the soundtrack of the new James Bond movie, The Quantum of Solace.

Back in February, a source said, “If Amy is clean then, [the Bond song is] hers.”

Amy must be clean then if she’s continuing with the Bond song!

P.S. This picture is not Photoshopped!!!

UPDATE: JJ reader Dani writes in to say that Amy‘s protruding muscle is the Sartorius muscle, a long thin muscle that runs down the length of the thigh. It is the longest muscle in the human body! Who knew!

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  • lauren=]

    wow FIRST

  • pete


  • liana ngo


  • leeee

    ewwww thats just gross. she may be clean but she needs to eat

  • dani

    Sorry to inform but it’s a muscle called sartorium and it’s the longest muscle of the body.

    Bye bye

  • the oc fansite


  • Orange Clockwork


  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Dani!!

  • Bbw


  • buckeyegurl


  • Lily

    You know what, she’s just nasty overall.

  • jenny

    wow i wish i was so skinny my muscles would show! :D

  • innominedei

    photoshopped or not… she still never looks too great!

  • Arab.Aquarius

    Wow, for someone so young to have legs like these. What a pity. Drugs are bad kids!!!

  • angel hair

    entertaining AND educational, you rock jared

  • Gen

    There’s never a dull moment with Amy. I hope she’s clean, but she is effing up her life and she always looks gross. I hope only the best for her, but girl, you need to get your priorities straight.

  • legs


  • boykevin

    Amy is wonderful. She has such a beautiful voice. I love her so much. BTW, I saw her ad on ‘Rich kiss . com’ yesterday. She has her blog, album, friend circle there. Very popular.

  • g

    The weird muscle jumps out for just a second! You can see it appear and disappear here:

  • rachel

    I listened to Amy lately. She has a beautiful voice with a strong character. Not like Etta James, but in the direction. I hope she’s clean and healthy in the future. Because the music industry needs this kind of voice to survive! Not this instant “singers”. Go Amy!

  • pingy_ponga

    Dude, thats not right!

  • Nicole
  • Emily

    what a trainwreck.
    how long before she ods?

  • remember da truth

    You guys actually believe this? Even after the Posh leg debacle? PUH-leeeezze!!!

    This is so obviously fake.

  • B

    She needs food!

  • hel

    knowing the name of that muscle didn’t get help me any. how did it get out there like that? will it stay that way? is it like a hernia? i hope it is caused by drug abuse cause i don’t do drugs and i never want anything like that with my legs……wow……does it hurt?

  • k


  • SuzieQ

    She is a very talented train-wreck of a human being that continues on her destructive decline because of so many co-dependants that feed off of her fame and talent and continue to support and condone her behavior. She has many issues – eating disorder, drug abuse, and it appears a plethora of mental disorders – even with the multitude of repugnant, stomach churning images of her getting worse day by day – Sadly, she is still allowed to record and perform – Looks as if she will be allowed to continue on her destructive decline as long as she continues to be a money-cow or until she drops dead

  • Jenny

    Its probably because shes so thin.

  • mary

    dani – it is not called the sartorium… amy and jared said..its called the Sartorius. And yes it is the longest muscle in the body and also the one that allows us to sit “indian style”

  • sole


  • Steph

    That’s not the sartorius… it’s the rectus femorus

  • Steph

    or it’s the weirdest, misplaced sartorius I’ve ever seen
    not that it’s not weird looking to begin with…

  • paco

    eso de tanto pincharse la drogate hija de puta

  • Aldama

    #28 Points well taken

    Just a sad train wreck

    Fueled by hanger on’s

  • cristina

    Sorry but i didnt understand, what is that thing that she has on her leg?? However, she has a great voice and i like some of her songs, much!! ;-)

  • Ely

    Iuggh! Nasty thing

  • Chelsea

    Actually the muscle protruding is the rectus femoris, one of the quadriceps muscles.


    She’s only 24????? WOW!

  • mar

    You can tell she is running – and muscles and skin pop out and flab & jiggle about on anyone, especially on someone that is really thin and who’s skin is likely saggier/looser. Imagine someone catching one frame of your life in a still like that, what muscles, what skin flps would be caught so awkwardly!!! (remember those Kate Hudson blue bikini pictures, her crazy loose stomach?? Well she’s FIT)

    Are we good????

  • onebadmama

    Yeah, they’ll find her dead in a scummy crack house in less than a year.

  • 88990

    Wow, she’s 24, she looks 41

  • ladiuvernuà


    hem… I am 41 but belive me, I look nothing like that!

    back to topic, she only needs to love herself a little…

  • Tough Is Not Enough

    Photoshop fakery. This is an Achilles tendon, added over the original image. What is depicted would require a substantial deformity. Normal legs do not have tendons in the upper leg. Also, there is little weight on the leg at this point in her stride. *** BTW: The Sartorius muscles does not look like this, ever, under any circumstance. The Sartorius runs from inner knee, proceeds back up the inner thigh, then traverses the upper thigh. The vastus intermedius muscles run straight up, under the area of this phony Achilles. No normal human leg ever looked like this mess. Enough with Wino-hating savagery.

  • EWwww

    I think she is definitely the ugliest person i have ever seen in my life……. she is hideous looking…

    i dont know why she is famous or why people would even want to see a picture of this nasty *****

  • Ramona

    … she’s 24 years old..?
    i thought she was over 40 years old,,
    but it’s just so gross..does he has anorexia or something? she really really needs to get clean and get more to eat,
    its just soo gross

  • sarah

    She needs to get some food in her
    eww so gross

  • gina


    O dubbel S

  • cristina

    She is veeery skinny thats why she seems so old. But, if the muscle is obvious on the one leg, sutely it must be also obvious and on the other. I suppose…:-I

  • truth hurts

    This is what a crack wh#ore looks like kids. If you want to look like a 60 year old prune when your only 24 take drugs like Amy. Buy her music for your children, Amy makes such a good role model.