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Hayden Christensen is a BAPE Boy

Hayden Christensen is a BAPE Boy

Hayden Christensen is spotted out and about in Beverly Hills on Friday afternoon wearing his favorite BAPE cap.

FYI: A Bathing Ape (BAPE) is a Japanese clothing company that specializes in urban and hip hop fashion.

Can’t wait to see Hayden, 26, in the anthology film New York, I Love You!

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Photos: Stefan/INFdaily
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    tight hat i just got the sickest hat from VEECE.COM and the best part was the shipping was free! love it check it out:)

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    jared, i’m glad you went in on the “bape” thing, cause i’m pretty sure the majority of these uncool-crackers have/had no idea what it was.

    i hope dude has more than one pair of those pants, if not i pray he washes them OFTEN.

  • bla

    first :)

  • Kati

    is that the same concept as Paris, Je t’aime?

  • krissy

    i know what BAPE is, coz im speak japanese

  • kara

    that cap still looks like it’s saying ‘rape’, instead of bape.

  • krissy

    i have similar sunnies too his!

  • oh snap!

    hes HOT and he got great style :)

  • soopersimian

    that boy has huuuge feet!

  • toni

    I really wish he would smile more often even if he does hate LA and the paps.

  • xewndar1

    he’s always wearing the same kind of jeans. are those levi’s? does anyone know what kind?

  • sueanne

    I think there the same pants he was wearing in the last pap

  • ok

    at least he zipped up this time ! LOL

  • Mina

    What the hell happened to him? He always looks so miserable.

  • Lacey

    @ 14

    I know, he always looks as if someone died.

  • Steph

    Yes… New York, I Love You is going to be like Paris, j’t aime. Like different directors, different love stories, all taking place in the city.

    Apparently Hayden is going to be in it, and so is going to be Rachel Bilson. I hope not together cause they can do not good. Awful acting and awful chemistry.

    They should never be allowed to do movies. Ever again, but since they’re still getting roles, at least, whomever is in charge should make sure not to pair them together but with GOOD actors… in order to make up for their terrible stuff.

  • tessa

    He’s cute

  • ok


    i think rachel “happened” to him !

  • karmakey

    He looks hot as always. Love the jeans. I, too, wish he would smile more often. It’s sad that he always seems so miserable. I’m excited about New York I Love You. Such a cool concept to re-make. I REALLY hope he is paired with someone else for the movie. Maybe he will be able tor relax a little and enjoy the role. This movie is getting a lot of buzz, early. That’s usually a good sign. Fingers crossed for a big successful, possibly critically acclaimed film.

  • kim


  • irishdreams

    Paris, Je t’aime # 4 was a movie that Natalie Portman was in a few years back about the time Sith was released this is sort of a follow up on that movie..or kind of..

    I say there isn’t much chance he would work with Bilson this is 12 stories and a ton of actors acting or directing it..but, I say NOO to that I say anything people have seen with them is starting to fold and become can tell Hayden hates LA he never has been happy there and never smiles..I believes as I said before he was walking away from the gas station I don’t think he is driving in LA, I don’t think he can..and bilson is doing her own thank god..

  • 0NE on One

    Rachel Bilson is pregnant! with Hayden’s baby!
    Congratulations Hayden!

  • irishdreams

    One on One or should I say she is preggers AGAIN keep dreaming darling..the term is pregnant NOTTT

  • 0NE on One


    Yeah you are exactly right. She is preggers! good job irish for understanding.

    She has been wearing loose clothing and that baby is growing well inside her. too adorable. aww!

  • joon

    BOO you’re still GROSS!

  • http://Justjared ivyleague

    Ewww. He looks like a vampire! Wtf is wrong w/him? He looks so pasty & sickly. He’s in LA…so, ummm, u know get a tan, lighten up on the clothes, & try smiling sometime. He has gorge choppers, show ‘em off! :P

  • irishdreams

    get the picture She is pregger aka # 24 she is not pregnant she is actually looking bad..lost weight I would say but, suit yourself your dilusional sundresses are not maternity wear..if that was the case every woman who wores sundresses or loose clothes would be knocked up..Dream on

  • Raven

    @ One on One,
    The only place Rachel may have gained weight is in the azz. That sundress just makes her azz look big and she still looks puny on the top half. A reason why Rach stays so thin. She is freakin pear shaped!

    The pregnancy rumors are stupid. As long as She’s Preggers and now she is One on one Rach would have given birth by now to a jr. Hayden. Give it up! Dream on! Rachel has always dressed in loose type clothing. Even when she was with Adam and sadly she should still be. They did make a cute couple.

    One on One,
    Advice! If you want to talk to about Rach. Her thread is above this one. So go there and do not post sh*t on Hayden’s thread. Geez! Some people have sick minds. :(

  • http://Justjared ivyleague

    o.k. I’ve gotta say, I agree w/the ppl saying that she’s NOT pregz….I don’t think she is either. But I think she’s a bigtime famewhore & she prob. wants ppl to think she’s pregz….she is desperate for attention & will manipulate the media to get it….

  • purplehearts

    GEZ! She is not pregnant for the last time!!!

    & I dont think those are the same pants lol

  • Lisa

    @ ALL

    Those of you bashing Rachel have bashed her into a design job and yet another movie role. If you would just stop talking about her the movers and shakers would loose interest and she would dissapear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By bashing her you are the ones CREATING the controversy that is keeping her in the spotlight, just ignore her and she will go away…soon hopefully! :)

  • Lisa

    I think he looks hot! I love his natural skin tone and the curly gold locks growing out at the nape of his neck are droolworthy! :) :) :)

  • t

    I love how he dresses.

  • black


    Those damn shoes of his are KILLING me! So damn ugly.

  • anonymous

    “A Bathing Ape” sells urban and hip-hop fashions?. Is that what the Japanese think of urban/black culture and people; that they’re bathing apes?.

    I ask this because the Japanese are notoriously racist when it comes to other people.

  • Raven

    I think how Hayden dresses or how he wants to dress is entirely up to him! ;)

    I do not care particulary for the BAPE baseball cap and rather see him wearing the red Puma baseball cap with the Puma logo on it that Hayden wore in the 2006 Bullrun. Again. Hayden must like this BAPE cap a lot b/c he wears it all the time and what his wears is clearly up to him. You like what you like. Hayden is his own person and people need to just let him be. :D

  • carrie



  • pammiej

    I love the way Hayden dresses! It is very cool! And A Bathing Ape or BAPE is very cool too. All the most stylish rappers such as Jay-Z and Kanye West like it too and Pharell Williams’ Billionaire Boyz Club is apart of it.

    Rachel apparently thinks it is cool too;she wore a BAPE hoodie in one of the older pics.


    @ #31- just ignore her and she will go away…soon hopefully


  • bellaharo

    love his style. so cool and effortless. my bf WILL be taking inspiration from hayden, haha

  • bellaharo

    love his style. so cool and effortless. my bf WILL be taking inspiration from hayden. ya’ know, because i said so!!!

  • all that

    what is he holding in his hand?

  • all that

    he does seem “distracted” with thought. i mean no one goes around smiling all the time, BUT, you can see that in recent pics he seems bothered or deep in thought. i have had people actually ask me whats wrong…..i guess i had a bad look on my face…..i was actually thinking about something important oblivious to what kind of look i had on my face.

  • finn

    @ 43

    What’s new?! He’s ALWAYS been looked like that (miserable) for over a year now or all along since Junkper days…

  • all that

    see is new pics? jared hasnt posted them. he left lax yesterday….the woman with him looked like his assistant im guessing . they are on dhnet

  • all that

    correction is rachel… done!

  • purplehearts

    It was Rachel but his PR is probably somewhere near, this was a business trip to do the film in new york

  • all that

    yeah, but geez. they are so not right for each other. hayden needs to get out more, im sure there are some women out there who are a much better match…same goes for RB

  • purplehearts

    It was all business though, if you notice the only time they are together at LAX like that is when their flying for a movie

  • voice of reason

    And perhaps going to the Bahamas after the filming is complete–Hayden has a sea scooter with him