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Lance Bass Has a New Boyfriend?

Lance Bass Has a New Boyfriend?

Former boybander Lance Bass test drives a potential new boyfriend in West Hollywood on Thursday night.

The couple was seen catching dinner at the new restaurant-lounge Foxtail on Santa Monica Blvd. The Foxtail supper club, which serves classic European Bistro fare, melds opulent Art Dec and Art Nouveau style with the rock and roll glamour of 1970′s London.

UPDATE: Lance is with a Byron Kantrow, the Development Director for the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). They met for a “business meeting,” we’re told.

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  • Ceci


  • gavriela


  • Helena

    Who even cares? I bet if he wasn’t gay, no one would photograph him. The same goes for TR Knight and that one from How I Met Your Mother.

  • Just me…


  • Britney is a true Goddess

    they’re so freakin DISGUSTING

  • LOL

    he looks like a caricature in the main picture LOL

  • Mr. Slave

    JeSuS Chrissst!

  • barf

    eww..they’re both ugly..

  • number1kufan

    Wrong, Wrong, Worng!!! It is just not supposed to be that way. Men with Men!! I guess in Hollywood, it’s okay, though, or so THEY think!

  • t

    Why are people so ignorant, and once again why are they posting anti-gay comments on a blog RUN BY SOMEONE GAY? wake up kids.

  • hollyword

    they both have serious gay-face. and that aint cause they gay… well maybe a little.

  • sasha

    They deserve each other
    The ugly and the beast

  • yikes

    T t #11

    People are not so ignorant…
    They are posting comments only to ugly people…
    By the way,why are you here then,miss thing

  • Serious?

    t @ 04/11/2008 at 2:53 pm Why are people so ignorant, and once again why are they posting anti-gay comments on a blog RUN BY SOMEONE GAY? wake up kids.

    Are you serious? Jared is gay??! But…then….what is Audrey? His friend? I thought she was his GF?

  • fresh

    the one thing i hate about blogs is ignorant posters. Grow up people.

  • brenda

    Looks like the male version of Rumer Willis.


    uhhhhhhh omg thats werid but good for him at least he is happy



    lances shirt looks so much like the one i just ordered off there new stuff is sweet and they are having a deal right now with free shipping! i love free!!


  • brandon

    This is so weird! I am an event coordinator at my college and I hosted Lance’s lecture just this Tuesday! So to come to this site and see this is weird!

    Very good lecture BTW and AMAZINGLY nice guy!

  • Lillianne

    Why exactly does it make a difference is someone is gay? If they are providing you the entertainment that you enjoy (music, gossip) what’s the diffie?

  • EW

    and just think…they like to bum fuck eachother

  • lizzie

    This has nothing to do with the unknown or Lance being gay – but when the unknown smiles he looks slightly neanderthal. Maybe he is really nice and gives good __________.

  • sama


  • love zef

    of course then one who i had a crush on in 5th grade turned out to be the gay

  • pp


  • pp

    what does this fag do for a living anyway? Fuck other gays?

  • shrevemom

    Shreveport homeboy shout out! Byron is a great guy…and that is a bad pic of him, you laugh really loud and get someone to take yr pic and see how you look…

  • Samantha

    Wow some of the comments here are very immature. You guys do realize a lot of the reporters and celeb bloggers are homosexuals? Jared is gay, how do u think Jared thinks about these homophobic comments? I have to give Jared credit for posting these comments it just proves how homophobic people still exist in society. Yeah Lance and his new guy may not be attractive but they have a right to live like the rest of us.

  • carlia

    So sad that people are still so homophobic, though not all people are that way. I’m so glad that Lance is happy and wish him the best. He deserves to be happy and so nice. I support Lance 100%.

  • jare

    i think u should not say bad things about them together its there life so if lance wanna be that way u should accept it because u did accept him when u did not know he was gay so i would say its your life enjoy it
    still a big fan



  • Jermbucket

    Welcome to the 21st Century…Don’t be ignorant…its not just in Hollywood that a man and a man can be together. Do you think people choose to be different and go through everything they have to go through when they are gay. NO! Its not a choice, and while yes I agree with most of you the BF is ugly…Lance Bass is HOTTTT!!!

  • dowh

    i used to be a big fan of Lance b4…anyway, he’s still cute….N’GAY which is ugly & shud fine sm1 tht cn satisfy him thn tht ‘BEAST!!!’

  • i’m bi

    I support lance 100%. I am bi and I love my girlfriend deeply. I get the best of both worlds because I am also married. And yes my husband knows about me. and he supports me.

  • http://na tay

    Woah…. lance’s like me… gay with a new Beau… go lance

  • lisha

    Jesus H. Christ! What is WRONG with all of you?! Who the hell CARES if he’s gay?! There’s nothing disgusting or unnatural about it! It’s who he is, and he’s entitled to it. Go look at yourselves in the mirror. I doubt any of you are any better looking than them, and you DEFINITELY AREN’T superior people if you’re bashing/judging them because of their orientation!! *shakes head in disbelief* And don’t go thinking I’m only saying this because I’m gay; I’m not. I simply can’t believe that you hate on them because of their partner preference. It disgusts me.

  • lisha

    Obviously I’m not including the people who are fine with/support him. Change ‘all of you’ to ‘some of you’ in my previous comment. ;-)

  • cuba dude

    I think that it is cool. I think he is so hot I would totally go out with him!!!

  • Robin

    I don’t have a problem with the fact that he’s gay, but the chemistry he seemed to have with Lacey on DWTS makes me wish he wasn’t. They make such a nice couple and I didn’t know he was gay until the finalle roast where the comedian pointed it out so I was really disappointed. But that is show biz for you, it’s all about the illusion.

  • http://insightbb james mcdaniel

    to much smugness on lances part….he doesnt care about anyone but himself and his partner be it a male or female HE IS BI SEXUAL DUDES AND DUDETTS

  • Penguain

    well its okay to be that way i am!

  • mkazor

    @Just me…:

    Why EWwwww? You are disgusted? Then get you s……out of here and get a life! Frustrated that you are not good looking enough to attract a guy?

  • http://yahoo andrew

    they are hot and especially lance bass.

  • bschulle1

    Way to go Lance….you’re an inspiration to us all….it makes me so happy to have been one of your fans from your NSYNC days and an even bigger fan now that you have come out of the closet…..keep livin your life

  • Wake-up

    Hello gay people do exist a man with another man is okay there is nothing wrong with since most of you are children i should expect nothing more then a childish narrow minded though but if they where straight you would think they where drop-dead gorgeous. So there gay there good looking you all need to wak-up and realize how many people really are yuo have NO IDEA.

  • Clay Findley

    this is disgusting. Lance baby you can do much better than that. listen there is too many hot men out there for you to pick that. come one be real sweetie!