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Michael Johns Eliminated -- A Picture Tribute

Michael Johns Eliminated -- A Picture Tribute


Aussie crooner Michael Johns was given the boot last night, in a surprise elimination on American Idol.

“I am definitely surprised,” Johns said. “I enjoyed singing that song.”

Lamented judge Simon Cowell, “I’m going to miss you. You’re a very good singer and a very, very nice guy.”

Don’t miss Mr. Johns perform on Monday’s Live with Regis and Kelly! Watch the elimination on Idol in the video below!

This entry is dedicated to Carrie, the wannabe wife of Michael Johns.

Michael Johns Eliminated on American Idol, 4/10

30+ pictures inside of Michael John‘s American Idol experience…

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Photos: Frank Micelotta/Michael Becker/FOX, Kevin Winter/Frederick M. Brown/Getty/FM/American Idol
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  • LJ

    Aww…i will miss him..and can’t wait his album, hopefully really soon. To me only reason to watch AI anymore is David Cook.

  • faith

    Ryan is an a s s hole. Remember when the ripped Kathy Griffin’s shirt on stage at AMA 05.

  • Delilah

    I miss him already!! Although I dont think he would have won I wanted him around longer to get more exposure! He is far more talented than some of the people left! Hopefully he gets a record deal sooooon!!! Hes the only artist I would buy an album from :)

  • Jennifer

    So sad. I thought he had a shot to win the whole thing. He was one of the best singers on the show. Oh well, hope there is truth to the saying “Everything happens for a reason.”

  • Suzy q

    Thanks Jared! Michael Johns was the best and will have a brilliant career!

  • Derek

    The problem again with idol, vote for who you want to stay, right? Well if your a fan, of lets says Kristy Lee Cook and you are worried she will go, so you put all your votes towards her. Makes easy sense. Well if your a fan of Michal Johns and Kristy Lee Cook, the majority of your votes would most likely again go to Kristy, because you think oh Michael is safe, he doesn’t need help, others will vote for him, lets save the others. And this is how people end up going home. Or the producer’s decide who isn’t right for the show anymore and that the show needs some drama and discussion. The other conclusion is, hey its IDOLS GIVE BACK week, nobody goes home during this week, so I am not going to waste my time voting. Pointless right, I mean nobody went home last year, and were wrong. Idol stick to the script and quit messing with viewers, and viewers, never think anyone is safe, examples, Daughtry & Jen Hudson. You gotta vote for everyone with there stupid system. They should start voting for who should go home, however, people would pile it on one person, to keep their favorites around. But maybe allow, only a certain number of votes per person. Maybe one text, one call, one on-line vote, or some sort of system to make it fair if that is possible, people who probably find away around it or hack it, but something should be done. I mean if people are good enough, they will get deals, and I think he will, but this really hurts some people I think.

  • creativegirl

    He has many wannabe wives out there —

    If someone sang like this to me…
    — his wife is one lucky lady. He seems sweet, nice, down to earth, good looking the whole package.

    I am still SOO depressed and cannot believe he is gone.

    Two things I know for sure, I won’t be watching Idol ever again and we have not seen the last of Michael Johns.

    Let the backlash begin!

    Over at the Idol boards they have posted information on how to protest what went down last night, let them know the crap that Ryan pulled was horrible.

  • jen

    Awwwwwwwww man, I love this guy. I’m so bummed. He sang his heart out at the end last night. Hopefully he’ll be the next Daughtry. He’s got a rock sound and he’s sexy, not AI material anyway. He doesn’t need them.
    As for Ryan Seacrest, what a douche. That was completely f’d up and cruel. :(

  • Sunshine

    This was a total shocker. I don’t think anyone was expecting his elimination so soon. I’m bummed ’cause he was in my Top 3 favorites! :o(

  • Sophie

    ERRRRR, thanks jared, as much as i love your website and am an avid watcher of AI, the elimination show is not aired in the UK until this evening, and although you made a post eariler today and hid who was eliminated under a cut you have now told me who was eliminated on this posting and now ruined the fun, thanks. please dont do this again.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Not fair. I’ll miss him

  • okay

    i dont watch, but i flipped the channel once and heard him talk and his accent (and his actual physical feature) is HOT!!!

    btw, seacrest is a douche…always has been. if you listen to his radio station some of the things he says is so rude and annoying i wanted to smack him. but fortunately for me i started listening to kroq where they bash him every chance they get.

  • Sheeeea

    Where the f*ck are these biatches getting people to vote for them?!? It’s BEYOND FRIGGIN CLEAR that the guys are waaaaaaay better than the girls. This was just ridiculous!!

  • no thanks

    The show is set up for David Archulata to win.

  • LJ

    # 14 so true…

  • vivi

    oh my…he’s my favourite this season, though I think he’s probably not gonna be the winner but ….
    SAD SAD SAD… so sad watching his elimination video.

  • M

    I picked him in my top 4. The guys are much better than the women this season. This was the most shocking elimination ever, imo. Carly, Syesha and Brooke were the worst this week. I wonder if there is rigging going on. I am convinced the judges, at least Simon, knows who is going home before the show. Hopefully Michael will get a deal and go on to have great success.

  • RATU

    No matter what, I still love him, he is very good singer and very nice guy like Simon said…and very handsome too…. For sure i will buy his record and i am sure he will be success …good luck for him and …love you Michael Johns….you are my idol…..!!!

  • LyLy

    disagree with #14 and #15
    i say: the show is trying to make us think that everything is set up for David Archuleta to win, but in fact the show is set up for david cook to win……..

  • Kari

    Two things:
    The way Ryan treated Michael Johns
    Possible problem with the voting.
    America is outraged. It’s time to have a voice.

    Here is a few email addresses to flood their mailboxes full of how upset we all are.
    These aer real addresses… I even got a reply saying they would get back to me!

    Come on Amercia……
    You have a voice!

  • Micheal Johns is hot

    He was the BEST! I loved him! It makes me so sad to think that I won’t be able to tune into AI each week and see him! I had the entire package! America got it WRONG!!!

  • Meg

    My favorite contestant is gone:-( Does anyone know if his wife is American or Australian?

  • Brr

    PLEASE WRITE THE PRODUCERS AT AMERICAN IDOL AND COMPLAIN! They DO read the emails, and the fans HAVE made a difference before

    Ryan Seacrest is CRUEL! What he did last night to Michael Johns totally crossed the line. There is no excuse for his behavior and he owes Michael Johns a public apology. They also should bring back the Wildcard setup in this case. Let him come back one night to sing,and if he doesn’t get the top scores the next time, he’ll be permanently eliminated.

  • Titolia

    crap :(

  • pammm.

    bye aussie man. :(

    he was SOO good!

  • Suzie

    Check out EW’s interview with him.

    I would have loved to see him sing “vision of love” next week!,,20007164_20171835_20190873,00.html

  • lola

    i loved micheal johns! this was the worst decision ever on american idol!

  • Taylor

    i can’t believe this,Christy lee cook and syesha suck and Micheal is so good.The contest must be rigged because the contestants have been eliminated boy,girl for weeks now.

  • Rae

    I liked him a lot. Simon’s comment surprised me but it’s very nice.

  • Ely

    I cant friggin believe it!! It seems people are ‘voting for the worst’ again this year. Stop that!

  • leonie

    i reackon michael will make it big cos america like him and he also has fans in australia. so he has a bigger fan base then most

  • Elizabeth

    UGH! Michael was my favorite guy on AI. I just can’t get my head around how he was kicked off before Kristy Lee Cook. What is American coming too?

  • sox0215



  • bethanne

    His wife is Texan

  • puppygirl

    Worst elimination ever! He was hot and talented, and the one reason to watch this stupid show. Probably will be the next Daughtry and this years ‘winner’ will suck again!

  • Mrs. Smith

    This is obviously a popularity contest and not based on talent. If so, Kristy Lee would have gone home the first week. As for that pig, that misogynist Peecrest, I wish he could be voted off completely.

    Michael Johns was the best there and I will not be watching AI anymore. It’s amazing how the voters go with a boy one week and then a girl the next week. Coincidence? NOT!!!

  • Dorothy

    Why say that Idol did not eliminate someone last season on Idol Gives Back?

    I hate Ryan!


  • brigitte

    I’m sooo depressed and still crying so much. He was my favorite and I was so shell shocked when I found out! I’m gonna miss him so much but I really hope you get a record deal soon Michael cause I’ll definitely buy it!!!! And I am never gonna watch AI again.

  • ILOVEjoeandnickjonas

    michael johns was my third fave. after david archuleta and ramiele (who also got out unfairly!) american idol pulled some BS on the show wen ryan said last yr no idols left during idol gives back then kicked michael johns out right after. i was SO MAD. first poor rami was kicked out and then amazing michael johns. seriously whos voting for freakin kristy lee???? i swear if neither she nor jason get out next week im gonna be extremely mad.

  • gaby

    AWWWWWWWW america, you guys did the wrong thing! im going to miss him! SERIOUSLY, THIS GUY DESERVED TO WIN!

  • Beckeye

    I’m sorry, but this Carrie girl will have to get in line behind me. And I’m scrappy, so don’t even try to cut. :)

    Why don’t the producers just give Archuleta his record deal and crown him already, and take this farce off the air. No one will ever convince me that Michael legitimately got the least amount of votes. Every year they pull this “shocker” crap, so they can generate controversy which equals more buzz, which equals higher ratings, which means the AI bigwigs get richer.

  • Stacy

    So sad. My Idol is gone! Something REALLY isn’t right here. I mean if “America voted him off” then why are we all SO upset about it?! I voted my behind off for him and just CANNOT believe it. And the way Ryan gave all of us the news was just totally wrong!! I seriously cried.
    I love this guy! He needs to be brought back! I DEMAND A RE-COUNT!

  • finickycritic

    I think at this point, people aren’t stupid. And they realize that just because your favorite gets voted off, you will still hear from them. Winning Idol means absolutely nothing anymore. Kelly won.. she did well. Clay lost, but did better in the real world than Reuben. Chris lost but god knows he is doing better than the winnner that year. I don’t even remember his name. It doesn’t matter anymore. The record labels know who is good. and they are forced to represent the winners as well.

  • Wrong

    The problem with FANS is they SHOULD NOT SPLIT THEIR VOTES! Pick ONE favourite and STICK WITH THEM!

  • K


    Start voting right, pleeeease! We won’t want anything like this ever again! Nooo!

  • LaadiDaa

    Could it be somehow possible to arrange that Michael Johns should perform his version of “Visions of Love” in say Ellen DeGeneres-show? Or in some other TV-show?

    He was so good and he was in my top two ( Michael and David Cook).

  • lalalalallalalalalalalalal

    MAKE A RECORD MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jenna

    i hate ryan, he is and always has been an a-s-s-h-o-l-e and a f**king jerk as well (does anyone notice how mean he is to guiliana on enews, even if it is all a joke?)

    nice tribue video here:

    and here:

  • bumblebee

    why do kristy always safe?