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Rachel Bilson Gets Gassed for Hayden Christensen

Rachel Bilson Gets Gassed for Hayden Christensen

“H” for Hayden?

Rachel Bilson gases up her Lexus SUV and then heads to the Sweet Dreams Body Care Salon for a manicure on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on Friday.

Was RB wearing an “H” necklace – for Jumper co-star Hayden Christensen?

Hayden was also seen stopping by a gas station on Wednesday.

More pictures of Rachel Bilson gassed for Hayden Christensen

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson gassed hayden christensen 01
rachel bilson gassed hayden christensen 02
rachel bilson gassed hayden christensen 03
rachel bilson gassed hayden christensen 04
rachel bilson gassed hayden christensen 05
rachel bilson gassed hayden christensen 06
rachel bilson gassed hayden christensen 07

Photos: Shinn, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Raven

    Okay! Last time for me on the Rachel Board. For some that thinks as #43 & #44 we should no longer post on this thread. The more we post it just brings more popularity to the person we don’t wish to see become popular. So..Stop posting on her and move on. Post on Hayden if you need to post. Hayden deserves the popularity b/c he has truly worked for it. :)

    Leave the Rachel lovers and that is their own God given right to post on this thread. Cuss me out all you want. I’m done here! Nuff said! ;)

  • natalie

    That H is for her little sister Hattie, isn’t it?

  • Canou

    H=Hattie no Hayden

  • rene

    hate the bangs!

  • i dont think so

    “Of course he didn’t give to her. More likely she purchased it herself and wears it to express her feelings for him. ”

    wouldn’t a better way to express her feelings for him be, i dont know, maybe look happy when she is with him, smile a little, laugh a little, maybe get to hold his hand. well, getting pictured together looking happy would be a huge start for any couple. but maybe that is just me.

    and if you are a fan of rachel, dont tell people she bought it herself. that just makes her look even more sad and pathetic. and believe me, she needs all the good press she can get.

  • Danz

    Something about her personality bugs me…especially in movies. I like her ‘thrown together’ style though, very much like me.

  • _silenttears

    the H could also stand for Hattie (her sister)
    she’s got that necklace for so long!

  • maru

    adam and rachel

    i hate hayden even if he’s hot, i hate him

  • kitty

    I hate to Hayden by his fans

  • Lila

    Well i’m not a Hayden fan, i don’t like the guy, but i certainly don’t hate him, and i certainly wouldn’t go his threads here to bash him and upset his fans, just because i’m entitled to express my opinion wherever, whenever and however i want, and also EVEN if i had too much time on my hands i wouldn’t do it, it’s poiintless if you think about it.

    And also ity’s very stupid to think that by coming and bashing Rachel on her threads here on JJ is the reason she’s getting jobs. It’s really naive to think that, and very DELUSIONAL!!!

    However i’m a Rachel fan, i love this girl, and i support her either way.
    Wether she’s dating Hayden or not, i don’t know, i rather believe not. I’m still hoping for Adam/Rachel reunion.
    They were just the cutest couple.

  • TF

    That H necklace is so old way before Hayden came along its not for him JJ!

  • TF

    I’m not trying 2 bash) but honestly y is she wearing a tent? Call a stylist hun!

  • LaceyFace

    If you don’t want Jared or other gossip sites to put up pictures of Rachel, then it is very simple: Don’t talk about her like this. For every hit on a “pointless Rachel Picture” and message comment complaining about her, this site is generating money and encouraging the bloggers and the agencies they pay for pics to feature her more.

  • Isabella

    I was on Jen’s website and looking at the candid pictures Beverly Hills, CA (04-10-08) and Los Angeles, Ca (04-09-08 i see no Rachel

  • purplehearts

    @ Isabella

    Thats because Rachel wasnt with Hayden…..JJ just posted this about the necklace & tagged his name to the blog to get sh*t started with the fans

  • Isabella

    Oh okay they are done promoting Jumper right

  • purplehearts

    @ Isabella

    They still have the DVD to promote so they are still promoting to a point & now this new movie ‘new york i love you’ that they are rumored to be in along with alot of other people

  • say-it-isnt-so

    @ #68

    More and more OUTBREAKING news is absurdly going on…

  • nana

    WTF???? I can’t watch the pictures. When I click on the thumbnails they don’t show….

  • RB_12100

    THANKS JJ!!!!

    H for Hayden! I love Rachel sooo much! So cute!

  • Lila

    @ #71

    Dude why do you insist on it???
    The H necklace is Hattie, Rachel is a smart girl, she didn’t do such thing for Adam, her truest love, she definetely wouldn’t do it for Hayden!

  • all that

    looks like the side of her glsses has an H also

  • layla

    She has great style and shes lucky to have Hayden

  • say-it-isnt-so

    Seeing HC’s brooding face for almost all the time… I’d say POOR thing!

  • purplehearts

    The “H” on her sunglasses is part of the word Chanel….they say Chanel on both sides the H is in gold(or maybe white?)

    heres a picture of it…..

    Just like her scarf was Chanel… the bracelet & necklace are Hermes

  • say-it-isnt-so

    @ # 76

    Hmm… ok… keep on going…
    It looks like that she will put “anything and everything” onto herself just as long that there’s a letter H on it huh!?

  • Raven

    Thanks PH!
    I knew the glasses had some kind of writing on it. I saw the Gold H and red C before the H and I could not make it out and why would Rachel paste or glue on or paint an H on her expensive sunglasses? Of course they are Chanel and the scarf is too. Rach loves to wear a lot of Chanel and has been to Chanel fashion event’s quite a bit. The Chanel glasses may just have been a gift from one of her charity fashion events with Chanel. Rach does love her name brands. Zac Posen, Chanel, Christin Loubotin just to name a few. 8)

  • purplehearts

    She also has a red Hermes bracelet, but she has said the necklace was something for Hattie but it is a Hermes brand. She is always wearing name brands like you said Raven.

  • carro

    cute. She looks like michelle williams in these photos!

  • Gina r.

    @ One on One

    He’s all yours! I don’t want him – he’ s not good enough for me – so now he has no more excuses for not marrying you! Good luck with him!

    –Painted Lady

  • maria

    New pictures of Rachel and Hayden at LAX airport…

  • purplehearts

    @ Maria

    Those are from yesterday they were flying to new york to work on the movie.

  • zooi

    Rachel estaria de amaços com o hayden?


  • Lila

    Não, não está não!
    Só estão andando lado a lado como dois amigos que eles são!

  • Gr

    @ One on One

    Here is my latest offer: “After you are married with kids, we will meet, and if you want me you can have me. If we fall in love then we can marry but at least I won’t be the only one with something (my heart) to loose, you will have something at steak as well: your marriage and family.”

    –Painted Lady

  • gr

    @ One on One

    Fine Print: Before you agree to be his door mat (no wonder you can’t keep his attention and have to keep getting knocked up to hold onto him – this makes what? – the third time in one year?) and let him divorce you and keep you as his mistress on the side while he marrys another and starts a new family you should know the deal is that our prenup would require that he relinquish full custody to you and never have contact with you our your child.

  • gr

    typo correction
    and never had contact with you or your child.

    –Painted Lady aka True Love (2006 MTV movie awards) and recipient of 85 million dolor love notey (Jumper)

  • gr

    typo correction
    and never have contact with you or your child.

    –Painted Lady aka True Love (2006 MTV movie awards) and recipient of 85 million dolor love notey (Jumper)

  • Isabella

    When will Hayden start filming Beast of Bataan so he won’t have to deal with Rachel

  • rlh

    @ #90 Yeah, poor Hayden having to DEAL with that awful Rachel Bilson. He must be so desperate for money that he’s at the mercy of the Hollywood bosses who control his life, oh the poor puppet of a man. And I’ll bet he has to suppress his gag reflexes in her presence. Poor Poor Hayden. How can he get up in the morning? He should just get it over with and end it all now.

  • Isabella

    I see another new movies called Neuromancer for 2009

  • Lila

    @ #91

    Are you trying to be sarcastic?
    If you’re not, i think Hayden is a big guy, don’t need anyone telling him what to do, and what not to do.
    Promotions for Jumper are much over since february, so he is either hanging with Rachel because he is friends with her, or because he is dating her.
    I rather believe the former.
    Big Rachel/Adam fan here!
    And stop bashing Rachel guys!

  • rlh

    Yes Lila, that was sarcasm. And I agree with you, lets cool it with the Rachel bashing. Hayden is a grown man and can make is own decisions. If he was trying to escape her he would have done it by now.

  • john shinn iii

    i was the photographer who took the photos of rachel bilson (above).
    no, rachel did not even know that there were “paps” who followed her to the gas station. in fact, there were two of us photographers who took her picture at the gas station then as she was leaving the salon in sherman oaks.

    it was a little bit chilly that morning (could be the reason why rachel was wearing that chanel scarf.she took it off before going inside the salon because it was getting warm that morning.

    visit my website: to know more about how we got the shots of rachel that morning……

  • oh_please

    @ i was the photographer who took the photos of rachel bilson (above).

    More like… i was the PAID photographer who took the photos of rachel bilson…

  • james

    @ #96 Are you suggesting that Rachel paid this photographer to follow her around all day? And then she paid US Weekly and E! Online to display the pics on their websites and in their magazines?

    Photographers don’t work for free. Of course he was a paid photographer. But not by the person he was stalking. The magazines pay for the pictures. And if there were no demand for her pictures then they wouldn’t end up in these publications.

    You people are in your own little fantasy world and have no clue how things work in this town.

  • carlito

    She’s sooooooo damned cute!!!!!!!

  • Mish

    It could be H for Hattie. Hasnt she had this necklace for ages? Like..even when she was dating Adam Brody?

  • 8g7

    it stands for the brand hermes and hayden said by himself