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Salon Day For Britney Spears

Salon Day For Britney Spears

Britney Spears looks quite chipper and heads to B2V Borrelli-Vo salon in Hollywood on Friday.

Apparently “curiosity DOES kill the cat”, as hospital workers at UCLA were fired after peeking at the records of Brit Brit, 26, even though they were not treating her. The two breaches occurred when she gave birth to her son Sean Preston in 2005 and then again this year when was hospitalized in the psych ward. 53 hospital workers peeked at her records!

20+ pictures of Britney Spears salon day…

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britney spears salon 01
britney spears salon 02
britney spears salon 03
britney spears salon 04
britney spears salon 05
britney spears salon 06
britney spears salon 07
britney spears salon 08
britney spears salon 09
britney spears salon 10
britney spears salon 11
britney spears salon 12
britney spears salon 13
britney spears salon 14
britney spears salon 15
britney spears salon 16
britney spears salon 17
britney spears salon 18
britney spears salon 19
britney spears salon 20
britney spears salon 21

Photos: Michael Wright, WENN
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  • random

    She looks great.

  • legs

    good thing she’s back on track.

  • eddie jones

    she looks like she’s 40 something.

  • Ceci

    She looks recovered…I wish her all the best.

  • um

    I’m glad those people got fired at the hospital. they don’t have any ethics at all. They should go to jail.

  • anon

    She was kind of pretty as a young girl and that’s why she became famous. It was not her signing let’s face it. But now as a woman, like so many, she’s not an attractive woman. As a grown up so far, Britney is blah. I wish her well with all the money she’s made.

  • krung krung

    i want her avi.

  • yuck

    She looks terrible. She looks like she is forty years old.

  • paige

    i hope she can treat her life right
    not some skum
    but she is still is a good person
    i feel sorry for
    i think she has a lot of depression

  • braaaaap.

    britney is a psycho
    but i love her music
    makes me dance all the time

    and i love her for that
    i hope she picks up her life

    and her hair…i don’t think i like

  • Celeb watcher

    Living a hard life ages you. If you had been what she has been through, you would look a little older than your age too. I think she looks great and appears healthy. We couldn’t hope for more.

  • sarah

    great these people need to get fired!! get going britney!

  • Britney is a true Goddess

    it’s Britney B*i*t*c*h

    she looks so beautiful and she will get her life back

  • intel

    She looks much better than a couple months ago. Her skin is very sun damaged though and it is aging her A LOT!

  • Nicole m

    She looks A LOT better! =)

  • Marine !

    We’re all with you

  • vanessa

    she is getting on the right track and i am sure all the she looks 40 comments aint working!!

  • Arab.Aquarius

    Go Brit! Take it easy.

  • Kasandra

    She is showin people what they want or expect to see. People don’t take it seriously but I firmly believe she is possessed and is in need of serious spiritual help. Shes been exhibiting a lot of the signs for a while now. If you ever witnessed a real possession or a real exorcism you would not doubt they happen. I think all of her sexual escapades and drug use opened the door a good while back. If you think her behavior has been weird so far, just wait she’ll get more brazen and bizarre! Hope she gets help!

  • pp

    Kasandra in 2008 it’s called mental illness.



    Do you think burning her at the stake might work too?

  • Kasandra

    20, 21- I hear you both but in this case, youre both naive! If you ever witness an actual one you would not doubt it. I’m not referring to witch hunts and evangelical stages. I’m referring to the real thing. It’s rare but it does exist. Everybody’s welcome to their opinion. If you were thinking I’m being light or humorous about it, Im not. I agree theres a fine line between mental illness and possession but not sure what to tell you. Read a book called “Hostage to the Devil” it might help clear it up for you.

  • Scottie

    As an avid reader I did read the book Hostage To The Devil and I must say there is one big ole problem with the book and all it’s wild assumptions’~ it is written from a “Christian Bias” and by a person that had a strong faith in his particular Christian doctrine and belief system. So, for me all the stated cases of “alleged” possession gave a very strong impression of nothing more than cases of untreated mental illness and unfortunate mentally ill people losing their “faith”; and then giving that particular circumstance an “evil spirit taking over” label.

    I found the whole book to be more or less ludicrous and nothing more than religious propaganda. The stories were dreary, long and drawn-out with nothing much really happening but people merely descending into different forms of mental illness; hearing voices, seeing visions, becoming reclusiveness etc ~ Case after case of misunderstood and untreated mental illness.

    So for those like # 19-22 that want to equate poor Britney Spears problems of mental illness, drug use or whatever with the devil and recite your blame-it-on-the-devil routine and demon possession be my guest ~

    BUT TO ALL OTHERS ~ Please, if you decide to read the book
    Hostage To The Devil, read it at your own risk because you may become possessed by ignorance, sheer stupidity, and devilish clichés.

  • duh

    LOL Kasandra. Thats one I haven’t heard before.


    Is Stevie Wonder her hairdresser? Her hair’s awful!

  • terri-ann

    britney looks great compaired to before.
    im pretty sure she looks soooo much healthier.
    if you say she looks bad how about you campair her to before ?

    I LOVE HER ! :)(L)

  • holly

    LEAVE BRITNEY ALON3 no matter wat the fucken media might say about her she is my # 1 celeb. since like 4ever the only thing that the media wants is dirt… like she is soooo beatiful no matter what … Watch she is going to come back with a great come back… like Britney is so FABOULOUS

  • weez

    Straight up crack head!!!

  • http://none es

    Britney is such a strong person. Stop being ignorant about the things she does wrong, and praise her when she does the right thing! She hasn’t been the best of role models, but she’s trying. Way to Go Britney!

  • http://none es

    Oh & Kasandra…GET HELP HONEY! Britney isn’t possessed. That is ignorance on your part if that is honestly what you believe.

  • Kasandra

    es- Do you hold that opinion cause you really dont know or believe that evil exists or what? If you truly believe that this is your only existence then you are the one who is very much ignorant. I appreciate actually your response but sweety you have no idea. There are fakes and holly roller out there and then there are things that really are and happen. Are you an expert on these things? If you could elaborate more on where your critical basis comes from I can share more as to the opinion I’ve stated. No one is criticizing her, actually wishing her the best but some things just are and do exist what they are. I’m assuming your ignorance has never shown you these things and you should be grateful for it. If you ever have any of the kind happen to you you’ll change your need to lash out and declare all other factual things that are as for what they really are. I hope nothing like this ever happens to you or that you bare witness. You have no idea es.

  • cbm

    I think she lookes great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!