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Leighton Meester is Blonde

Leighton Meester is Blonde

Leighton Meester was a blonde during her pre-Gossip Girl days. And you can now check out her acting chops while sporting blonde hair in her new movie, Remember the Daze, which is in limited release now.

Jess Manafort, the writer/director/co-producer of Remember the Daze, has said, “We cast Leighton before Gossip Girl. She came in on the first day of casting, as one of eight girls, and when she walked in I was like ‘this girl’s going to be huge, I want this girl, I love this girl!’ I told everyone I found a movie star.”

Ms. Meester tells Elle Girl she loved experimenting with her hair color back in the day: “I dyed it every color. I dyed it fire engine red and that didn’t work out. It also had it black and red streaks.”

Also pictured here is Leighton‘s costar Shahine Ezell, who’s also producing her new debut album.

FYI: To help clarify some rumors that broke earlier this week, costar Nan Zhang never left Gossip Girl because of Leighton. Nan exclusively told herself!

She said, “First, Leighton had absolutely nothing to do with my leave. Leighton, along with everybody else on the cast and set, have been nothing but wonderful to me throughout my involvement with the show. The writer’s strike left me no choice but to return to [school]. It was truly a difficult decision that I had no choice but to make in leaving the show. I am grateful for my opportunity, and I loved every second of participating in such a great experience. The entire cast and everyone tied to the show are simply incredible, amazing people who I am thankful to have worked with. I couldn’t have asked to work with a better or nicer or more fun group of people.”

And Nan isn’t even enrolled at Brown University. Creator Josh Schwartz didn’t even have his story straight when he spoke on the Gossip Girl panel at Paley Fest ’08! Whoops!

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  • joss


  • alisiya

    she looks better as a brunette

  • Guest


  • Alexandra


  • Christina

    people always look better with their natural color imo so she looks better with her natural blonde to me

  • http://justjared saahirah


  • the oc fansite
  • Tracy

    you have to be a dumbass to think her hair is naturally blonde. Check out those eyebrows.

  • oh snap!

    she looks naturally mean.
    but she’s pretty

  • xoxo

    I love her & she looks better as a brunette

  • Isabela

    didn’t like it, but she is beautful anyway

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    this has to be a slow to no news day to be posting this crappolla. lmao

    umm, zhang nan never spoke on the show. so, umm… who gives a flying fcuk about her and why she left… lol

  • carol



    I disagree to Chritina, she looks way better now, blair waldorf <33

  • Sharri

    tracy, her hair IS naturally blonde, she did say that she dyed her hair alot so thats probably why her eyebrows are brown.

  • abby

    Sharri is right. Her hair is naturally blonde because in order to get the part of Blair she had to dye her hair brown. The execs were skeptical of giving her the role if she stayed blonde, soo she’s now a brunette

  • Dee

    Sharri and Abby are right. Leighton, herself, has said she is a natural blonde. Eyebrows are naturally two to four shades darker than hair. Plus the more you pluck/wax eyebrows? The thicker and darker they come back in. I love Leighton. She’s beautiful.

  • jamie

    she dyed her hair for gossip girl

  • Laura

    She looks pretty with both, but better brunette. Love her! :)

    And who cares if Josh got it wrong really? He’s still an absolute legend for bringing The O.C. and Gossip Girl into our lives. What a guy!

  • DeeJay

    Good Luck Nan!

  • Lisa

    Leighton was blonde when she was on Entourage. She played the role as a pop star who was a “virgin.” But she tried to sleep Vinnie Chase. She was really really cute and sweet looking as a blonde. But Blair Waldorf is meant for a brunette Leighton.

  • yaya

    wow she looks really different as a blonde. i love her as a brunette though.

  • Olivia

    Leighton is very pretty, but I think that she looks better as a brunette. It brings out her eyes; the blonde kinda throws her off for me.

  • Olivia

    Leighton is very pretty, but I think that she looks better as a brunette. It brings out her eyes; the blonde kinda throws her off for me.

  • alexa

    I love Leighton. Seriously, she looks gorgeous either way

  • becky

    she ‘ so cute. i think the brown suites her more though.

  • ay

    overrated ugly whore

  • Jughed

    Yecch! I can’t decide who is uglier: her or that schmuck on the right. Whazzzupppppp

  • Lisa

    OMG!!she’s way better as a brunette

  • Rae

    She looks really different as a blonde. I like her better as a brunette. This blonde washes her out.

  • djdanger

    Her porcelain skin compliments her brown hair. She looks hot as a brunette. She looks trashy as a yellow blonde. If it was platinum, then that’d be a different story. Shed look hot as well.

  • odierox

    either way she looks awesome. i just love her for her.

  • londoner

    She’s hotter in blonde. In gossip girl she looks like a vampire, it’s horrible. I want a Leighton more blond !

  • ashley

    SO much better as a brunette.

  • melis

    She was on the short lived Tarzan too, i think theblond hair makes her look plan and ugly,,,, keep the dye lie the Ryder for life.
    Anywho i heard she’s a bitch so blonde or brown it’s said when a litle fan goes to someones head…….

  • niene

    she looks a bit like reese witherspoon with the blonde hair.
    i like her better as a brunette (:

  • joey

    blech! not pretty as a blonde. not talented with any hair color!

  • joey

    blech! not pretty as a blonde. not talented with any hair color!




    I hate when people do their lips that way. Not cool.

  • Melly

    I know she was blond!

    She did an 2 episodes on House, for the third season.
    Plays a teenager that feels attractive to House.

    It’s hilarious hauahua

    But she look WAY BETTER with the dark hair… it’s more glamorous to her character and for her to!

    Blond girls need to be fierce and cause an impact I think… u have to know how to handle the blond hair like Blake Lively does.

    In the case of Leighton… she looks a little vulgar (dunno if is the correct word) to me…

  • isabella

    She looks a bit like Kate Winslet in that pic above, don’t you think so?

    Anyway, I think the brunette hair looks so good on her. Or maybe we just got used to seeing her brunette all this time that’s why we prefer it? Whatever, she’s pretty both ways :)

  • amd

    anyone knows which school nanzhang goes to now?

  • Daph

    Shahine is so cute! I’d love to see more of him on the big screen.

  • missmissy

    but why is her eyebrow brown? :l

  • missmissy

    but why is her eyebrows brown?

  • jenine

    I honestly think she looks better as a brunnette, her hair is naturally bonde though. but i don’t think this picture is a good example of her being’s not very pretty. look at her pictures when her blonde hair is down and’s prettier that way!
    i still can’t believe she’s naturally blonde though! lol

  • marie

    i disagree….my cousin has naturally light blonde hair with brown eyes and black eyebrows!

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