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Daniel Craig Has Flashbacks of a Fool

Daniel Craig Has Flashbacks of a Fool

Daniel Craig and his piercing blue eyes heat up the red carpet at the premiere of Flashbacks of a Fool at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square on Sunday in London, England.

Craig, 40, was accompanied by longtime girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell.

In the film, the 007 actor stars as Joe Scot, an fading British actor who having had a good run in Hollywood but is now on his way out. Scot looks back at the days of his youth as he returns home from his best friend’s funeral.

“He has failed as a human being, and I wanted to explore that,” Craig told reporters at the premiere. “I think you have to work hard at not becoming disillusioned about what you do for a living. If you have any success in what you do for a living, you have to maintain an energy and love of it. If you can, that’s a great thing.”

Flashbacks of a Fool opens in the UK on Friday, April 18. No US release date has been set yet.

30+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig having Flashbacks of a Fool

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daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 01
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 02
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 03
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 04
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 05
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 06
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daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 16
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 17
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 18
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 19
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 20
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 21
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 22
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 23
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 24
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 25
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 26
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 27
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 28
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 29
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 30
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 31
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 32
daniel craig flashbacks of a fool 33

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  • Diana

    he’s pretty good lookin’ hehe

  • random

    love his girlfriend’s dress! Oh, and he’s not so bad himself.

  • Shygirl

    They make a beautiful couple. She’s pretty!

  • m

    she looks good. daniel craig is yummy.

  • selwyse

    his GF is cute. Him not so much . ..

  • zoe

    she actually looks good for once! she’s really embracing her asian enthicity….good for her.

  • Anna

    Both are gorgeous – great couple!! Love her dress

  • 007

    best 007!

  • cassie

    i ageee she looks pretty but why is she slouching. just because those heels make her as tall as, if not taller, than daniel is no reason not to stand up straight.

  • Ceci

    Yeah his g/f’s dress is so nice…they look good together.

  • Yoko

    Looks like she listened to some of the comments written about her. She looks more like a woman in these photos and she is smiling and i don’t see any wrinkles HMMMMMMMMMM? Much better makeup job, the dress is so so. But I still don’t like her but I love her hair

  • ono

    I agree with Yoko. Makeup and a better dress doesn’t change her its just a coverup

  • Bexxi

    omg harry eden is a hot in these pics

  • LIsa

    Why do women need such large pockets on a dress?

  • Miss Information

    Jealous hussies please! No matter what Satsuki does, you will ALWAYS find something to criticize…….. Satsuki looks beautiful in those pics, and Daniel looks as gorgeous as ever.

  • SF

    I agree about the dress. A bit too overdone. Her make up for once is more subdued than in your face and her hair is the usual. She hardly changed her style, although it looks tousled and quite nice. And what a big ring.

  • FOAF


  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    00fug. lmao

  • angie

    He does nothing for me…I’ve tried…it’s just not happening.


    Daniel Craig’s husband is finally cooling down the Tranny..

    Satsuki listened to the disgust with her manliness.

    I see she got decent make up and they both look like they got some BOTOX!!

    Satsuki’s ADAM’S APPLE is getting smaller.

    Finally she is looking attractive here..

  • adams apple

    the adams apple is still prominent – standing up to attention like a trooper

    but it looks like tranny got a stylist – she looks a lot softer around the face – better make up and loosely styled hair suit her

    the dress is blah – such a bland sense of style

    why the smug expression? looks like tranny might already be married or pregnant

  • yes

    Still looks like a tranny with red lipstick, ina dress and a big adam’s apple Just don’t like ??him/her

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    He’s hot. Look at those eyes.

  • alicia

    Daniel Craig is soooo hot , i have nothing against the GF but he can do better.

  • tigerlily

    Daniel looks as gorgeous and sexy as ever, and Satsuki looks amazing. I love her hair, she’s a very pretty lady. They make a very beautiful looking couple.

  • lover

    DC could definitely do better as far as his gf goes! Really, why doesn’t he?????? Leech comes to mind

  • tigerlily

    Daniel loves Satsuki and Satsuki loves Daniel, it’s as simple as that people. He’s still got his talent and he’s still sexy as hell, so does it really matter who he chooses to spend his life with?? It’s nothing to do with us.

  • fool

    Why does this famewhoring pu$$y demand privacy and anonymity when he parades his relationship on the red carpet?????
    Isn’t it obvious that people will comment on his girlfriends looks???
    Wouldn’t this be hurtful to her????
    In what pea-brained world would they not expect their relationship to be pulled apart and analysed????
    Why so dumb that you wear an engagement ring to a PUBLIC EVENT and then not expect people to speculate about marriage????

    If you sell your soul to the devil for fame don’t be surprised when he rubs his cock up against you.

    This man is a fool and a hypocrite.

  • lover

    Amen to 29. I get so tired of hearing about how sats loves daniel spare me. I think she is GROSS



  • 005

    What a lovely couple. Sets looks stunning. Love the long hair. Dan looks handsome as ever.

  • Lady a

    to #29

    Totally agree with you!

  • BeHINd blue eyes

    Both look gorgeous here! what a lovely couple!

  • Miss Information

    Fool… Your name fits you well. So he’s supposed to hide his girlfriend away from public view? She’s wearing a ring, Yeah and??? That doesn’t give people the right to ask about it. Just because someone is in the public eye, doesn’t give the world the right o get all in their PRIVATE business.

    Many stars bring their significant others to premieres and such, and just as many choose not to talk about their personal lives, and I’m sure if YOU were in the same boat, you wouldn’t want the world all in your business either.

    He’s an actor, his job is to act. It’s extremely ignorant and naive to say that he sold his soul for “fame”. You can become quite famous without ‘selling your soul’ as you say. Fame courted him, he didn’t court fame. Besides he’s not obligated to discuss anything that he doesn’t want to.

  • Miss Information

    Oh, and to all of you jealous hags who are on here complaining about Satsuki, keeping on hating, because that isn’t going to change the fact that Satsuki has him and she’s going to keep him! Daniel doesn’t want YOU!! . Silly wenches!! LOL!

  • toots

    I agree with 29 and it was well said. Oh by the way, Sats can have him. I think they are both repulsive and I have a right to feel that way.

  • bataglio

    tranny got some botox/restylane and used the hair to cover up the sides of her face that wrinkle up like a sharpei when she attempts the slightest smile. i’m honest to a fault, so i have to say it looks better. funny comments re the ring… no pic shows it to be either big or small; wonder how one would know that it’s BIG, unless one really did know…

  • bataglio

    didn’t put in my recommendations – so here goes: eyebrow lift, nose tip/length reduction, laser peel, and some sort of orthodontia for the bottom jutting out teeth that push out the lower lip/upper chin area. c’mon, sets, he’d pay for that!

  • amma

    as a couple they look asexual

    odd couple

  • tigerlily

    I don’t really understand why so many of you hate Satsuki. What has this poor girl done to any of you? Please tell me!! Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter who Daniel is with you’re all gonna hate them no matter what. As i said before, this relationship isn’t taking away any of his talent, he’s still gorgeous and sexy. so i don’t really see the problem. I think some of you would rather him be single so it feels like you have a chance with him and if that’s the case, you have alot of growing up to do!!!

  • 005

    Miss Information..#35 & #36, agreed w/you totally!

    bataglio… are one low life who needs a life!! Thanks for the recommendations -like she really needs it.
    Is that what you got done on YOUR face? Ooh you didn’t have to tell me….you already have it DONE!

  • to bataglio

    i agree with #42 in everthing said. satsuki is a pretty girl who doesnt need to change anything about her appearance, that is unless she wants to. tell me, are you a certified plastic surgeon? the reason i ask is because everything you suggested be done sounds invasive. but then, like #42 said you may be had it done yourself and figure that you have the right to decide for others as well

  • 005

    to Fool #29….

    If you were in the same boat, like every struggling actor/actress YOU wished you received fame, fortune including the ‘walk’ the red carpet thing like any other typical human being in the world would.
    Besides walking the red carpet w/his significant other, he has every RIGHT! Yeah, like you have walked the ‘red carpet’ before?!
    This movie is his baby… he’s the EXECUTIVE producer & has starring ROLE which is HARD WORK(!) promoting a movie. I wouldn’t mind showing off my significant other while I’m at it too since I have so much loving support from!
    Critize all you want. He’s not the only one in this game if you’re doing the critizing, blame game.
    Dan is in his prime….he’s in this to the long haul as long as the big corporations/his many fans like us wants him there. You would do the same if you were paid millions, and you wouldn’t want to disappoint the FANS right?? Enjoying this RIDE while it last!
    One of the highest paid actors in Britain, a REAL good actor/genuine person getting notice by chance, he wasn’t expecting this fame & forture to happen, he worked long and hard to get where he’s AT!
    Due to accepting the role of James Bond… Dan & Sets -yes, they were TOGETHER waay before the James Bond fame…were preparing for this and do know that their life is going to be scrutinized to every detail they make just like any other FAMOUS actor/actress.
    But, but wait….you seemed to know it all smartA** to think he’s a fool and a hypocrite. Back at ya…you bigger FOOL(!!) -what a hypocrite that you are. Get off your lazy*** and DO something like ….a LIFE?!!

  • to 005

    how long did it take to type all this crap – maybe you should take your own hypocritical advice and get a life

  • to fool

    we can definitley speculate all we want about their relationship but there is no law that says he has to answer questions. daniel and satsuki are entitled to some privacy. you may not like that but there it is. as for “parading her on the red carpet” what about brad and angelina, george and his current friend, etc etc. or would you say that george and brad are parading their partners as well

  • bataglio

    it IS invasive, she NEEDS invasive, and you cretins biting my a_ss need glasses and some effin’ gray matter. not sure how one leaps from my recommending the ‘invasive’ procedures to my having had them.

    …why don’t you photoshop her to my specs and see how much better she looks – scram.

  • tigerlily

    Satsuki is a very pretty girl, she doesn’t need any surgery.Jealousy is such an ugly emotion!! Some of you need to seriously grow up and get out into the real world.

  • tracy

    he needs areal woman if im to be honest no tits on this here,and REAL women have curves to get hold of!!like beyonce j.lo shes just after his money to me…and hes falling for it,i dont like the look of her and im going on instinct…

  • tigerlily

    How can you make such harsh judgements about Satsuki when you don’t even know her? Where’s your evidence??