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Ashton Kutcher - "Details" May 2008

Ashton Kutcher -

Ashton Kutcher talks about being Mr. Demi Moore and what it takes to be a good stepfather in the May 2008 issue of Details, on newsstands nationwide next week.

The mag describes Ashton as “tall, slender, and athletic. His feet are notably small, his fingers are long, and the backs of his hands are pink.” How small are his feet?????

Here are some choice quotes from the mega-producer’s interview:

On using shapes to describe his life: “You’ve got a square inside of a circle. So my whole life is this circle. Maybe my life started out inside this circle and I couldn’t see outside. But I just kept putting stuff in the circle and the circle gets bigger and bigger so that it can hold all this stuff.” (Um, what?!)

On his religious preference: “I’ll use whatever works. I’m not a follower of this or that religious leader. More wars are started because of religious leaders, and people are following and they don’t know why….That is religiosity. That is what turns people into robots.” (During the interview, he gives a 20-minute discourse on practicing Kabbalah.)

On wife Demi Moore: “She was the first person who would call me on my s—. She didn’t need me. She straight up didn’t need me. She wanted me, but she didn’t need me, so she could put it on the line.” (How sweet of Demi!)

On how he ended his interview with Details: “She says she’s tired of sharing me. I have to go home now.” (Whipped!!)

Read the full article at Bigger cover picture here.

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  • 47524

    like the sweater more than him.

  • rolling eyes

    Whipped is an understatement…

  • me

    he is TOO hot. its not fair. other men just dont excite me anymore :(

  • omg

    omg he is tooooooooo hotttttttttttttttttt i’m sweatin

  • Gina

    “On wife Demi Moore: “She was the first person who would call me on my s—. She didn’t need me. She straight up didn’t need me. She wanted me, but she didn’t need me, so she could put it on the line.” (How sweet of Demi!)”

    He must be a REAL man with some great big balls to be with a woman like that! Lesser men would run like hell for some airhead who was a total kiss ass. Bravo Ashton!!!! You are a real man!

  • Rae

    I like him and Demi a lot. This interview is great even if he does have his head a little too far up his own ass.

  • remember da truth

    Gina, you are right! Anyone who thinks he’s “whipped” simply because he wants to be with the woman he loves, admires, and respects is an idiot with no life experience, or a guy who is very insecure.

    He says his wife is ‘tired of sharing him” — yeah, a man who prefers the company of his wife to sitting around talking about himself WOULD have to leave right then, and go back to stimulating intellectual discourse and emotional fulfillment!

    Whipped? You people have real problems if you think that!
    I think Ashton is a VERY strong, secure man — and Bruce Willis will attest to that. To walk into THAT situation, with three kids to win over also, you HAVE to have balls of steel and be pretty damned sure of yourself.

  • Gina

    @Remember da truth

    Yeah, well at least he puts his money where is mouth is, I’d like to see more guys do that otherwise it’s all just verbiage.

    And I can tell you for a FACT there is no way Demi would play second fiddle to some other chick!

    He got that message loud and clear, he would not get away with that with her and he knows it. So he finally met someone of value – good for him! :)

  • remember da truth

    Once again, I agree with you, Gina!

    Both are strong people, and they are very good together! I didn’t think much of him until he got with Demi, and then I started to see what she sees — a savvy producer, a smart guy who thinks about things a lot, a secure, sexy man who has no problem walking into a family and taking charge and fitting right in and being loved by all.

  • L.J

    I use to like Demi until she married a BOY thats almost the same age as her daughter thats just gross……

  • Meazy

    He’s not whipped, he’s a freakin MORON! Squares and circles? He’s still playing with blocks for f&*k sakes! Pretetious DBag.

  • mickey

    Who on earth would need him? He is a dolt.

  • california girl

    Wow he is so H-O-T

  • American

    Kutcher is ten whole years older than Rumer Willis.

    You’re so immature.

  • 14

    I dought your american or he’s 10 years older then rumer

  • buenasuse

    It’ll be interesting to see how things are going when she is 50 and he is 35. Maybe the age difference will kick in then.

    Speaking of older women with (much) younger men…..what does everyone think about Ivana Trump and her 30 years younger hubby??

  • remember da truth

    I don’t think that Ivana Trump has a real relationship there. She has arm candy and sex, he has her money.

    Women date men who are as much older than they as Ashton and Demi. If you think it’s gross that he’s only ten years older than Rumer, you haven’t looked around much. I myself was 11 years older than the child of a man I dated, and a friend’s mom married a man only eight years older than my friend!
    It happens. Get over it.