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Gerard Butler is a Potty Mouth -- Literally!

Gerard Butler is a Potty Mouth -- Literally!

Gerard Butler takes a leak in the on-set porta-potty during a film break in Pasadena, Calif. on Monday afternoon.

Gerry, 38, is filming The Ugly Truth with Grey’s Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl, who was seen squatting and smoking as a chimney (as usual).

The Ugly Truth is about a romantically challenged morning show producer (Heigl) reluctantly embroiled in a series of outrageous tests by her chauvinistic correspondent (Butler) to prove his theories on relationships and help her find love. His clever ploys, however, lead to an unexpected result.

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  • Maisa

    First !
    i love Katherine Heigl.

  • Pinky

    I used to think he was quiveration encapsulated.

    Then pictures of him looking puffy and doing the white man’s overbite keep turning up; I’ve since changed my mind.

  • Holly

    He is the definition of zzzzzzzzzzexy! LOVE him!

  • Alison

    There were about 100 pic and you picked the only two of Heigl smoking. Give it a rest already you are becoming the anti smoking brigade. She looks stunning by the way.

  • Sharen

    I adore Gerard Butler, but I am beginning to hate that tickled pink look. I think it’s phoney as he**. Just my opinion.

  • k

    i dont like smoking girl

  • Shygirl

    It’s great to see GB having fun at work.

    Love his smile!

  • flower

    He is cute.

  • bebe

    poor dude can’t take a whiz without the paps following him. Oh the perks of celebrity.

  • DonnaKat

    OMG, did you guys get tired of trying to fabricate a romance between Gerry and Cameron Diaz, so you started snapping pictures of him exiting a porta potty??? Let the man do his business in peace, already!! Some things should still be sacred in this world!!!

  • nmj

    Taking a picture of the guy coming out of the can? Come on, that’s pathetic.

  • noyb

    While I am always thrilled to see new pics of Gerry, this seems a little inappropriate.

  • Josie ann

    Double Snaps to #11 and #12, LOL !!! Can’t a guy take a piss in peace? Pinky, 10 extra lbs don’t make the man puffy, just more huggable!! Sharen, what tickled pink look? Just because he laughs a lot, doesn’t make him fake! You should hang out with the fun crowd more often or develop a lighter sense of humour. Join me and my friends if you are ever in Borneo … my boss says we need sound proof walls for our office!!! And Gerard darling, I love you … warts, farts, portaloo and all!!

  • Grace

    The G-Man is looking good. Going to see the movie just because of him.

  • blehh

    I have just the wackiest, wildest premonition about the plot line.. ready?

    the two characters inadvertently fall for each other, a misunderstanding ensues, then ::drum roll:: forgiveness, love conquers all, happily ever after.

  • just me

    Well I guess our guy has really made it. But really, are pictures like this something we really needed? Yes, we all do it ,but it doesn’t make the news, this didn’t need to either.

    Gerry is one of the most un-fake people out there. On the whole he is a happy guy.

    Quit with the fat comments, that man is not fat!

  • p

    they would make such a hot couple.

    oh, and i love katherine heigl!

  • forever young

    is it just me or did Heigl’s bone structure shrink within the past year or two? I swear she used to have wider shoulders and that she used to be built more like Mandy Moore?

  • Kristen

    Didn’t they already make this movie, but with Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman? Wow, I know that Hollywood recycles ideas, but taking from a movie that was made in the last 10 years – ugh.

  • Daniee

    Well, this movie doesn’t sound predictable!!! *Yawn*

  • danz

    Kristen – the movie was called Someone Like you and yeah, it does sound quite similar but romantic comedies are rarely original these days. It’s the same plot line over and over.

  • Krissy

    gorgeous! nothing can beat ps I love you though!

  • Krissy

    gorgeous! nothing can beat ps I love you though!

  • Rae

    That’s a classy pic of Katherine. She does look skinny and pretty in these though.

  • Ed

    Are there no more new ideas for movies??? This plot was already done (and done badly) by Ashly Judd and Hugh Jackman (Someone Like You). Geez, you’d think Butler would choose better movies than this!

  • He just fine.

    He looks great and yes the potty photo was uncalled for. You are trying to make a big deal out of a comment he made to make a point. One can go on a date. It doesn’t mean they are an item. Man how starved can you get to make a man defend his right to privacy. Then you take that photo. Really, you cross the line and end up trashing yourself as a photographer. Hope someone gets you coming out of a potty someday with a piece of paper stickingout of your pants. Then you can see how the shoe fits on the other foot.

    Gerry I am sorry people can’t get a life and not try to live through yours every minute of every day. How boring would that be from your side of the fence.

  • Flisbeth

    Always such a joy to see pic of the handsome Gerry

  • MiHay

    I love Gerard and all but was it really necessary to get pictures of him coming out of the john? There are some things I don’t need to see.

    I stil can’t believe he is doing a movie with Katherine..she gets on my very last nerve. Fake ass woman!

  • Jackdaw

    I hope that this is the last kind of film like this that Gerard makes.

    He is better than this shallow shite.

    Gerard, you’ve got to make Burns with you as Rabbie. It will be the making of you.
    With the new Evil Twins production company up and running, I have everything crossed that his company will make this film.
    The time is right!!

  • legs

    his face looks bloated.

  • ahna

    He’s not bloated. It’s called facial hair. And it makes the face look fuller. Leave this man alone when it comes to his weight. He looks pretty thin to me. You must remember, the camera adds 10 pounds. So, he’s a lot thinner than he appears.

  • Me

    I love him!

  • G Spot

    He looks so happy! And of course, GORGEOUS! What should a man look like? A skinny stick? ICK. Nope, Gerry is a real man with a real man’s body and face! Perfect and and beautiful.

    But, seriously, potty pics? That’s just tacky and shows how little class you guys have. But hey, you’re getting the reaction you wanted, aren’t you?

    Gerry is just everything that every man should aspire to be . . ..

  • Linda

    It is always great to see new pics of the gorgeous and talented Mr. Butler, but potty shots. GIVE ME A BREAK! un*******believable.

  • crazy4u

    OMG–here it comes—he’s fat, his face is puffy—You people who say this are jerks. In case you haven’t noticed from seeing thousands of pics of this gorgeous, hunky man, the angle the camera catches him has a lot to do with his looks. But those of you who have to trash this man no matter what, go right ahead.

  • katiekate

    Katie looks pretty, but seriously Jared, there were a lot of these pics out there, and you pick all of the ones of her smoking… really just like to give fuel to the haters don’t you? Not cool.

  • alison

    The producers and writers have said that even though this could fit into the ‘romcom’ genre this one is different. It is supposedly much edgier and racier than we’d be used to. They said they are pushing the boundaries. It’s also R rated which is highly unusual for the usual ‘romcom’. I like the sound of edgier and racier and will look forward to seeing what they mean.

  • lulu

    I used to think he was really hot, and even if the camera adds 10 lbs
    he looks much heavier than his earlier pix, I understand the quitting smoking but the down time is no longer an excuse. Just about everyone is sporting facial hair lately and it hasn’t changed their overall look. I’m sorry but he is not looking good lately.

  • Swansong

    Then if he’s not your thing… don’t look, and don’t comment. Have you seen this man in person? If you haven’t then you have NO idea what he really looks like.

  • lulu

    I thought this was a site to view and comment. Maybe you should just
    visit and read GB fan sites if you can’t tolerate any negative comment
    When did you last view him in person so thay YOU really know what he looks like NOW.

  • nisha

    I think Gerald looks great!! I really loved “P.S. I love you”. Haven’t watched “300″ yet but will, on DVD. I saw “Nim’s Island” just because Gerald was in it. LOL!!

  • nisha

    Where is my post?

  • operaghost

    I don’t know much about KH as a person, but I like her as an actress. And Gerard . . . this man could make me laugh and cry through the phone book. This is one movie I will make the effort to go see.

  • RJ

    I LOVE YOU GERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IListen

    Give the guy some privacy. We don’t need to “every” minute of the man’s day documented in pictures!!

    Obviously, this is not an equal opportunity site. If you are going to print pictures of Gerry coming out of the job-johnny, where is the picture of KH doing the same? You are showing your bias when you only pick on one of them!!

  • Tz

    #20, #22 ,#26 and any others that commented on the movie. “Someone like you ” was about a woman out to prove that all woman become old cows after a while and get left. “the ugly Truth” is about a woman who is showed how to date properly to get a lasting relationship, but of course if you have seen the first one and read anything about the second one you should already know that! #30 has NO ONE except me taken the time to realize that there are four (got that, Four) Robert Burns themed movies that are being filmed to come out in the next year (2009, because it will be the 500th Anniversary of Robert Burn’s birth) so the chances of anyone else doing another one is probably not going to happen, beside, one of the reasons the one with Gerard hasn’t happened yet, is because of financing etc. and now alot of Scotlands big contributors to these movies are already supporting other versions of it already. I also agree with others that he has no privacy, even at times like the above pictures, It is disgraceful, just when you thought the paps couldn’t get any lower! that was …….unbelieveable, How low could you go JJ ( very badly done!!!) #40 good for you, maybe they’ll dry up now, we can only hope. #41 actually for your information, a lot of his fans saw him at the “Nim’s Island” premiere in Cali at the end of March! and Nisha, It is Gerard NOT Gerald, please spell it right!

  • lulu

    I was commenting on the pictures posted here as if a few days ago, I saw pictures from the premeire also and I thought he looked chunky then. By the way Burns was born in 1759 so next year would a 250 not 500 year anniversary.

  • Spot

    Who cares if it’s the same old recycled crap?! It’s GERARD BUTLER in an R-RATED movie! The best on-screen kisser EVER! SHOW ME THE TONGUE, GERRY! I want snoggin — and LOTS of it, dammit!

    (I, too, appreciate a picture of Gerry as much as any. But certainly the man has earned the right to piss without it being documented for the world. Come on, Jared — you’re supposed to be the “classy” paparazzo).

  • Josie Ann

    I saw more photos of Gerry taken on that same day at the same shoot at a fan site and OMG, that man is not overweight at all!! He looks super fit, super trim and super sexy!! Gals, go check out his fan site and you will see what I mean. Hmm, I wouldn’t mind some of that!!