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Heidi Montag Raps on TRL

Heidi Montag Raps on TRL

The Hills‘ feminist hero Heidi Montag rapped during her guest appearance on Monday’s TRL. Here’s how her freestyle went, which rapper Nelly gave an “A” for effort:

Yo, yo
I got Heidiwood
I’m wearing it all day
I like it, so what do you got to say
You got apple bottoms, what
You know what’s going up
Um, keep going, I’ll keep flowing
You know what I like to say
Everyday, I’m in New York
It’s all good this way


Heidi also shared her craziest fan moment while on TRL: “The other day at Benihana, there was a table of girls and they were like, ‘TEAM HEIDI!!!!’ Those are my girls.”

The Hills returns with an all new episode TONIGHT @ 10PM ET/PT on MTV.

Heidi Montag Raps on “TRL”

15+ pictures inside of Heidi Montag on TRL

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  • antonia aka toni

    whata wannabe.

  • abby
  • Helena

    I’ve given up on MTV, all you 90′s kids remember it back in the day, when they actually played MUSIC VIDEOS and not trashy cúnts like this?

  • Just Jared

    HAHAHAHA. Thanks, Abby.

  • Alyn

    What an IDIOT!!! Shameless skank.

  • girl

    that was the funniest thing i’ve seen today. thank you for showing that idiot try and rap.

  • Jackie

    The thing I find funny is people say why would they waste their time reading about somebody like Heidi and post. I actually have a respect for her more than I do Lauren. Lauren needs perfection all the time with friends, boyfriends and whatever. Even though I don’t watch the show all the time I know Spencer is a jerk and Heidi is with him. I just think Heidi understands that everyone is not going to be this perfect person all the time and Lauren excpects everyone to be a peach.

  • kay

    maybe you should set higher standards for yourself jackie. the fact that lauren doesn’t like to settle isn’t a bad thing to me. it make her driven and successful. TEAM LAUREN

  • andrea

    Wow! what’s next. At least she’s dressed here. but she’s still a slut and her rap dosent make any sense. I feel bad for pple who look up 2 her cuz u got nothing good to learn from only shiz and bitchy attitude.

  • SkinnyJeanWearinGal

    Team Lauren? Their are no teams. It’s all fake. Am i the only that see’s that? You people do know that “The Hills” is not really a reality show… right? Wow. Talk about gullible.

  • Kira

    Seriously?? omg, even i think i would to it better that this crap she did…
    i want to throw up right now…

    Helena, you’re just so right haha but here in Latin America things are a little bit different, they actually do play music videos XD i thank God for that

  • brenda

    Who is this little whore anyway.

  • mary

    Ok for everyone who hates Heidi, notice on The Hills that it’s always Lauren who is talking bad about heidi and how she can’t be trusted but Heidi never really says anything bad about Lauren, she just wants to move on with the situation.

  • Jackie

    I’m not saying Heidi should settle for what she has but Lauren is so annoying about everyone being perfect and if they make a mistake it’s like oh my god I hate them. And yet Lauren gets mad when Audrina is with heidi yet lauren has no problem being friends with heidi’s best friend. Lauren has the problem. She wantes everyone to revolve around her and what she wants.

  • Lil

    Seriously mary??? heidi is always trashing Lauren in the media. And I notice on the Hills that Lauren never talks about Heidi unless her name is brought up.

  • Molly

    I don’t think there’s anything more embarrassing than that. Please world shut her up!

  • meeee

    I’m really starting to like Heidi more than Lauren… mostly cause I hate drama queens and Lauren just can’t let anything go. Ugh she annoys the sh*t out of me. Despite the plastic surgery and controlling boyfriend… Team Heidi, I guess?

  • kathy

    what a horse face looking Idiot….stripper clothes..soon all her clothes will be sold at walgreens

  • abby

    Okay, I have to join in on the whole Lauren vs. Heidi thing. I like Lauren better look wise; I think she’s a lot less vain and a lot more comfortable in her skin, while Heidi is verrrry fake. I like Heidi a lot more personality wise; I think she would be a much more fun person to be around. There’s not much going on upstairs with Heidi, but I think she would be a cool friend.

  • abby

    And you’re welcome Jared!

  • denise

    she looks so trashy

  • kors

    attention whore…that should be the name of her “fashion” line. her clothes look like they are for strippers not for everyday girls.

  • taylor

    This girl really annoys me!!! So FAKE!

  • http://JJ.COM Blip

    I just don’t like her at all :(

  • Alexis

    when i catch glimpses of the hills sometimes, heidi’s absurdly collagen-filled lips are the only thing i see. gross.

  • wow

    she’s white trash..


    Though I always root for the underdog, I’m not quite planning to register myself “Team Heidi (speidi?)” just yet… That said, I naturally dislike Lauren more. She just screams high maintenance to me… and Heidi, well, I just don’t think she knows any better. Like a untrained puppy or something.. I’d bet they’re both equally vapid and vacuous, Heidi being more obvious about it.

    And call me crazy, but I do feel a minimal amount of compassion for anyone completely slaughtered in the public eye. minimal being the operative word of course.

  • http://facebook randy

    wat the hell was that thats hilarious haha

  • unnamed

    WOW Many her fans are chatting this on my favorite community called afromingle DOT co m where I met many cute, black, WhIte boys.

  • danz

    At least she didn’t act like she was good at it. She tried and failed, but she knew it.

  • Nives

    OMG why is everybody hating so much on her and her clothing? I´d wear her “stripper” clothes any day over Laurens lame leggings & pregnant women clothing. And who would choose Lauren ” I´ll dump you if I don´t like your chices” as a friend?

  • Shar

    I give her an F for F-cked-Up!!

  • lul

    she seriously has no class and her clothes are really bad.

  • lul

    she seriously has no class and her clothes are really bad.

  • Ingrid

    “I just think Heidi understands that everyone is not going to be this perfect person all the time”

    Well you’re automatically wrong because she had a nose job and a boob job just to LOOK perfect and that failed.

  • msraq

    she’s had WAYYYYYYYY too much plastic surgery. honestly, i don’t like her new nose. but anyway, her and spencer are SAD. they try too hard…

  • msraq

    also, how the f*ck are these reality D-star hasbeens on the news??!! there are way more important PEOPLE and news which should be addressed. i couldn’t give two sh*ts about both heidi and lauren’s drama!

  • julie


  • .

    retarded little girl

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


  • glori

    she’s got the smae shoes as sophia bush but in black.
    really nice shoes !!!

  • KC

    I like that she’s not afraid to be silly and embarrass herself. People care too much about looking cool.

  • bobafett

    Such a pathetic idiot…

  • dirk


  • luckyL

    Um I think that’s an insult to all feminists everywhere to call her a feminist hero Jared

  • Jennifer

    What the hell has MTV turned into? And to answer your question Helena, yes, I certainly do remember when there were QUALITY people with talent and a message and MUSIC ! This chick is a joke, I saw the crap she’s selling, and its not even worth a glance and the music video?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA….is all i could say about that one !, but really Heidi, were you serious about that video?? haha…c’mon now girlfriend.

  • tinx

    I gave up watching “The Hills” because i can’t stand Lauren ,hate her fake smile she always have problem with people around her like she have broblem with Audriana ex-boyfriend Bobbi or something and she’s bossy that’s why she has no luck with guys, she hate Heidi because of Spencer now she befriend with Spencer’s sister??she paties everyday it’s sad that alot of kids look up to her