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Katherine Heigl Shows The Ugly Truth

Katherine Heigl Shows The Ugly Truth

Katherine Heigl shoots scenes during her first weekend from her new romantic comedy The Ugly Truth.

Katherine, 29, came out out of the restaurant where she was filming for a quick smoke break and an iced coffee. She was accompanied on set by her mother.

The Ugly Truth is about a romantically challenged morning show producer (Katherine), who is reluctantly embroiled in a series of outrageous tests by her chauvinistic correspondent (Gerard Butler) to prove his theories on relationships and help her find love.

The Ugly Truth is scheduled to be released in April 2009.

More pics of Katherine showing us the ugly side of truth…

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katherine heigl ugly truth 01
katherine heigl ugly truth 02
katherine heigl ugly truth 03
katherine heigl ugly truth 04
katherine heigl ugly truth 05
katherine heigl ugly truth 06
katherine heigl ugly truth 07

Photos: Barnsley/Buhl, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Helena

    She looks like she stinks of fags. She even has a face on her that says that.

  • Acel

    I hope I wont hear comments about her smoking.

  • zoe

    she looks cute and i look forward to her new comedy with gerald. i’ll shut up about her smoking.

  • legs


  • Iris

    The ugly truth is that the cancer sticks are making her smell bad and probably killing her at the same time.

  • Lia

    I like Katherine. She’s not a Hollywood identikit like so many.

    And Gerald Butler is HOT !! Well done girl.

  • bejeebus

    i’ve never been so grossed out by a celeb smoking. she’s like a chimney. her breath must be rank.

  • nyc

    So why did she do all this press on quitting smoking for her new husband? Every time she’s photographed she’s got a cigarette in her mouth.

  • bejeebus

    i take that back…pete doherty is def more disgusting. but being second to him is no prize by any means.

  • H

    She really needs to stop smoking.

  • Stefanie

    I like Katherine.. but her smoking is so nasty!!!

  • rebel

    she’s beautiful and talented, but she’s gotta stop smoking…..nah nevermind, at least she’s not doing coke or something

  • OMG

    i cant believe she smokes!!

    completly ruins her beautiful image she should be extremly ashamed of herself..young girs who look up to her will think they can still be famous skinny succesfull and beautiful when they smoke because of her!!

    its disgusting..


  • mamacetia

    They all smoke!!!! Why are you surprised??Actors, actresses, musicians……Maybe .01% do not……..It IS nasty, but not surprising.

  • ll

    Her legs are not cute. Stop smoking those coffin nails.

    Katherine is overrated anyway.

  • Kati

    It’s Gerard!!

  • WTF?

    She’s the number 1 sexiest woman according to wtf?


    WTF? @ 04/14/2008 at 10:30 am She’s the number 1 sexiest woman according to wtf?


    Then I have to ask how much her publicist paid them.

    Sexiest,,, in a world of Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Jlo and hell yeah Angelina Jolie. Heigl sexiest. Yeah right NOT in a million years.

  • alison

    WTF??? Why no pics of Gerard Butler? JustJared… please keep those lenses on the lookout for the Hot Scot.

  • european gal

    americans bore the hell out of me with their smoke talk. dude.

  • esthera

    oh my gawd! her legs look terrible!!!! the worst pair of them in LA

  • Sushi

    When she’s on the cover of People Magazine DYING of lung cancer everyone will be boo-hooing and feeling sorry for her.

    NOT ME.

  • Tz

    #3 and #6, he’s name is Gerard not Gerald, please don’t write something if you can’t spell right, its far too irritating to those of us who like good grammar. (Good grammar shows that you know what you are talking about, at least sometimes anyway) and if Katherine wants to smoke its her decision and her body, let her do what she wants, she can definately make those decisions for herself, she’s a big girl isn’t she?and #20, I totally agree with you what a boring thing to discuss anyway.#19, Gerard probably hasn’t started filming his part yet, that is probably why there are no pics of him yet, don’t worry I’m sure JJ will get them soon

  • Shygirl

    Take it from a non smoker that ALL smokers have a nasty smell right after a smoke break.

    It’s great to see Katherine working on the new film Ugly Truth.

  • JVC

    Where is Gerard Butler you cu.nt !!!? Who the hell wants to see this b*tch? That’s right…NOBODY!

  • JVC

    “he’s name is Gerard not Gerald, please don’t write something if you can’t spell right, its far too irritating to those of us who like good grammar.”

    LMAO, It’s ‘his,’ you a*sehole.

  • anonymous

    they should ban cigarettes and just blow bubbles like in that commercial :)

  • Grace

    Forget about this Katherine lady. I want a dose of Gerard Butler.

  • XXX!

    I agree with number #27 LOL smoking is just nasty! 50% of all smokers die early with smoking related diseases FACT!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    hurry up and die, bish.

  • Rae

    She looks awful here. Not every girl should wear short skirts, particularly not with flats. And this movie sounds just like her last two.

  • Peace and Love

    I just reliased the two things she’s never seen without…her mum and a smoke :)

    This film sounds pointless as its already been done before…well the storyline has get a new one :)

  • lucy

    It’s not the smoking that really gets me, because tons of people smoke and yes, it’s gross, but what can you really do besides not smoke yourself?
    But she seems to…flaunt it wherever she goes. And she always has this idiotic grin on her face when puffing away. I think that’s what makes it even more gross

  • Dancer

    #23 TZ
    First you spelled definitely incorrectly.
    Secondly–she is somewhat of a role model and therefore should smoke in private like most of the other movie stars, celebutards etc. And for those of us who don’t smoke–seeing her constantly taking a drag on her ciggie is absolutely disgusting. Kissing her would be like kissing an ashtray. Being around her would be like being buried in an ashtray.

  • Stace

    I can’t stand even looking at her as long as she’s still a smoker. Why isn’t she wearing the patch? What an idiot.

  • becki

    Smoking is a horrible habit but many other celebrities seem to do it yet no one seems to make so much of a fuss about it.

    And a big up to Katherine for proving that you don’t need to be a size zero and you can still look good.

  • peace and love

    #33 I agree thats my same issue…every day she is out and every picture….she is smoking.

    #36…i think the reason people are more pissed of by her doing it is exactly what #33 stated, i know its my issue with her :)

  • lily

    there is nothing nastier than smelling or kissing the breath and tongue of a smoke and coffee imbiber. GROSS.

    the bi-otch is 29 and looks 40. I guess she figures that she could remain skinny with her dirty habit.

  • Tz

    First, Dancer, for your info, I don’t smoke either, but that doesn’t mean I have to cut her down to make myself feel better, that’s what it seems you are doing and she is doing it on a set where the regular public should NOT be anyway. Secondly, unless you are planning to kiss her, yourself, why should you care? and Gerard is filming a movie with her and getting paid to do it, he’s grown and can make his own decisions about his health. so get over yourself, because he doesn’t need your help to protect him, he can handle it all by himself, those of you cutting her down must really have boring lives to have time to comment constantly on her smoking, she is a very nice person and smoking doesn’t make her a bad one.

  • Tz

    JVC, that’s another pipe heard from, LOL, exactly what kind is your favorite? oh in case you don’t get it, its really close to a brand of pipe! oh and trying to speak like a English person, from a cool country like England doesn’t make you better!!!

  • http://n/a brent

    Katherine is a real beauty, would love to see her in a short haircut as in her earlier quote “I love changing my look. I would love, love, love to cut all my hair off into a really short, punky haircut.”
    She’s woman enough to be hot in that look.

  • brent

    Would love to see Katherine in a short haircut as in her earlier quote “I love changing my look. I would love, love, love to cut all my hair off into a really short, punky haircut.” WOW shes woman enough to pull it off too!

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  • bannas

    who give a flying crap what anybody has to say….pointless to even make this comment ..god damn I must be as board as all of the others on here

  • to: tz

    hey tz, you really shouldn’t be talking about anyone else’s spelling or grammar. it sounds rude and arrogant, and in your case it makes you look like a total moron as it is clear that you are unaware of how piss poor your own grammar is. sentences end with periods, not commas, and definitely is not spelled definately.

  • Videos

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