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Lou Al-Chamaa is Leona's Biggest Fan

Lou Al-Chamaa is Leona's Biggest Fan

Leona Lewis and her longtime love Lou Al-Chamaa, an electrician, departs from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Leona and Lou currently live together in Hackney, London. They have known each other since she was nine years old–she’s now 23!

Last month, Ms. Lewis became the first British woman in 20 years to top the Billboard charts with her smash hit “Bleeding Love.”

If you haven’t checked out bikini-clad Leona and shirtless Lou, click here now now now!

10+ pictures inside of cute couple Leona Lewis and Lou Al-Chamaa

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Photos: Dean /MO, Bauergriffinonline
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59 Responses to “Lou Al-Chamaa is Leona's Biggest Fan”

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  1. 26
    sarah Says:

    cool a brit no1 in usa she rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 27

    She is black and very beautiful.. He is hot too..

  3. 28
    gOssipBitch Says:

    she has talent and who needs another diva !!! we like her shy!!!

  4. 29
    ashley Says:

    Love Leona! British Beauty and Amazzzzzzzzzzing Voice. Cute BF. Shes a lucky girl.

  5. 30
    lily Says:

    I am glad to see her new found fame has not clouded her from what’s real and that is her bf. Glad she didnt go trading in for someone more famous etc.

    Leona has an amazing voice and anyone who watched the X factor would know it.

    I wish her much luck.

  6. 31
    lily Says:

    oh and for you racist stupid people who want to negate her and say she is not british just because she is black or half black or however you want to see her…um yup she is. She is just as British as Amy winehouse who is jewish.

    SHe is a nice, humble and soft spoken girl and she is going nowhere else but up.

  7. 32
    court Says:

    Wooooow go leona!!!! rule britannia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 33
    iloveyoohBabeyy Says:

    Hey, im sorry to say but,, Mariah Carey is kinda better then leona. She has a voice that i cant listen to too much other wise,, it would hurt. But i LOVEE her songs, she’s a great singer.

  9. 34
    iloveyoohBabeyy Says:

    I love her voice. Its so pretty. <33 But. Mariah will always be Number.One. <33 iLoveMariahh

  10. 35
    iloveyoohBabeyy Says:


  11. 36
    iloveyoohBabeyy Says:

    Ohk. :) Yooh Know what,, LEONA LEWIS is pretty :D and so is Mariah. I dont think anyone can ever take her place. Both Leona and Mariah are one of a kind. <33 I love them both. And lets not brag about who’s best because we love them and their one of a kind.

    Lovee Yooh Babeyy Gurll <33 :D

  12. 37
    iloveyoohBabeyy Says:

    Mc; Uh Uh Uh Uh; Yooh da place to bee!

    Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah.

    I know that yooh been waiting for it, Im waiting too
    In my imagination I’d be all up on yooh
    I know yoh got dat fever for me hundred and two
    Boy i know i feel the same my tempratues through the roof
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    I will hunt yooh Down
    Cause baby im up in my bidness like a wendy interview
    But this is private Tween’ yooh nd I
    Touch my body; Throw me on the floor; Wrestle me around;
    Play wid me some more; Touch my body; Throw me on da bed
    i just wanna make yooh feel like yooh neva did.
    Touch my body; Let me wrap my theighs; all around your waiste;
    For just a little taste; Touch my body; Know yooh Love my curves
    C’mon and give me what i deserve

    Boy yooh can put me on yooh like a brand new white tee
    I’ll hug your body tighter then my favourite jeans
    I want yooh to carres me like a tropical breeze
    and float of wid yooh to the caribean sea
    If there’s a camera up in here then its gone leave wid me when i doo
    If there’s a camera up in here then i best not see this flick onYoohTube
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    I will hunt yooh down
    Causee’ babeyy im up in ma bidness like a wendy interveiw
    But this is Private Tween’ yooh and i.

    Touch my body; Throw on the floor; Wrestle me around;
    Play wid me some more; Touch my body; Throw me on the bed;
    I just wanna make yooh feel like yooh never did
    Touch my body; Let me wrap my theighs; all around your waiste;
    Just a little taste; Touch my body; Know yooh love my curves
    C’mon nd Give me what i deserve.

    I’ll Treat yooh like a teddy bear
    Yooh wont wanna go nowhere
    In the lap of luxoury
    babeyy, Turn to mee
    Yooh wont want for nuthin Boyy; i will give yooh plenty;
    Touch my body; Throw my on the flour; Wrestle me around
    Play wid me some more; Touch my body; Throw my on the bed;
    I just wanna make yooh feel like yooh never did; Touch my body;
    Let me wrap my theighs all around your waiste Just a little taste;
    Touch my body; Know yooh love my curves;
    C’mon give me what i deserve.

    Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh Oh Oh, Oh yeah.
    Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh Oh Oh ,Oh yeah.

  13. 38
    it's K baby Says:

    Wtf you guys are tools .
    She’s hell pretty & so is her
    boyfriend some of you cows are
    jelous that you can’t get a guy :P
    x cyazzzzz

  14. 39
    Natimeee Says:

    she is a plain singer with no amazing talent.
    i’m not being racist, because i am also dark skinned
    but this girl is an average singer who got famous for
    her pretty face.

    all of my friends also think so.

  15. 40
    Natimeee Says:

    btw, how is #15 racist?
    he/she are saying that whitney and mariah are amazing
    and they are black

  16. 41
    Natimeee Says:

    37, wtf are you smoking??
    ‘yooh’ sound like a *****.

  17. 42
    iloveyoohBabeyy Says:

    Uhh Nuh, im not smoking, You dont have to be so ****** about it, Heyy This chick didnt get famous for herpretty face. No offence but you try sing like that. She hits really high notes. She must have dont Oprah training first. otherwise she’s pretty tallented.

  18. 43
    iloveyoohBabeyy Says:

    Heyy, and what one do yooh think is bettah?? (L) 01.Leona :D 02.Mariah

    (wish yah all votee.)

  19. 44
    iloveyoohBabeyy Says:

    Yeshh. Do any of you think LeOnA is a good singer?? :P I fink she is.
    Mariah is too. And i love her new song so i wrote it down :D:):P

  20. 45
    iloveyoohBabeyy Says:

    WAit, testing how many workk

    :P :D :) :| :(
    :’( <:o) <o) :o

  21. 46
    iloveyoohBabeyy Says:

    :P :D :) :| :( :o 8-| ;-) ^o) :-S

  22. 47
    babyface Says:

    Leona is great she making money at end of day so who can comment sayin this and that about her. And it is her choice who she wants to be with i think her and lou look fab together. She is living the dream so why hate on her for that cuz she havin the last laugh.

  23. 48
    Sandhita Says:

    i relli like leona’s voice and her album is absoloutely AMAZING. Her bf is soooooo hot and she’s relli pretti. Its gr8 tht she gets 2 go 2 LA and travel the world cuz she has a great talent. Her voice is sooo good and all the h8ers are just jelous cuz she has more talent then you’ll ever have!!!!

  24. 49
    lennie Says:

    Hot or not, she certainly is, her boyfrien I don’t think so yet he looks kind of normal, not hot, not ugly. I just think that it’s cute and very precious she manages to be with her non celeb longtime boyfriend no matter how famous and rich and succesfull she has become. All yay on her, I love girls of her kind.

  25. 50
    liya Says:

    HE’S SO HOT …!! *.*

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