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Miley Cyrus Dances With Channing Tatum

Miley Cyrus Dances With Channing Tatum

Miley Cyrus teams up with actor/dancer Channing Tatum in her latest installment of The Miley and Mandy Show.

Last week, Jon M. Chu, the director of Step Up 2 and actor/choreographer Adam Sevani challenged Miley and back-up dancer Mandy Jirouex to an online dance contest!

Milez with a Z and Manderz with a Z most definitely took on the challenge and enlisted the help of director Cole Walliser, choreographer Teresa Espinosa, actor/dancer couple Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan and a slew of breakdancers. (Channing was in the original movie, Step Up.) Miley even gets her grandmother (the one with the awesome hair!!) to help out with some fancy footwork.

Everyone rocked out to Madonna and Justin Timberlake‘s “4 Minutes (To Save The World).” Watch the hot dance moves in the video below!

Miley Cyrus Dances With Channing Tatum

35+ screencaps inside of the dance-off featuring Miley Cyrus and Channing Tatum

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miley cyrus channing tatum 24
miley cyrus channing tatum 25
miley cyrus channing tatum 26
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miley cyrus channing tatum 30
miley cyrus channing tatum 31
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  • me

    that was the best episode

  • me

    first ^ !!!

  • dani

    firsr!!!! lol i love miley and mandy show!!!!!!!

  • justjared

    vanessa hudgens hidden myspace

  • Lucy

    Wow, I think that ones the best one between the challengers lols. Was really good (=

  • Abby

    Miley and Mandy Show is very cool!!! keep like that

  • sophie

    wow !
    i actually think thats really cool, they sure are good at making videos
    i see she had a throat infection, get well soon miley
    you rock :]

  • jbloveee

    miley cant dance. hate her

  • XXX!

    I just watched it a few hours ago!! It was verry cool! they really took the maily and mandy show to a new level!!


    omg this video is sooo cooool and great ! I love the miley and mandy show,they’re rock !!!

  • gru


  • rebecca

    shes a freak. hate her. now i prepar to be bashed by six year olds.

  • suzy

    Love it. the only good video she has done.

  • rolling eyes

    Channing Tatum was the highlight throughout that entire ordeal…LOL

    I hope him and his girl are doing grrrreat!

  • katie

    by far the best vid shes done

  • hudgelove


  • Serena

    where is jenna dewan in this video?

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    i hate this bish, but this video is actually hot. hahah i cant believe i typed that!

    this shiit is better than madonna’s! lmao

  • Becky

    Jared, I’m so glad you posted a thread about this.

    I just watched this video on youtube, and it’s amazing!

  • kat

    her videos are annoying so i don’t watch them but i liked this one a lot

  • Jessica

    thats was awesome. it was cute and acutally sophisticated. miley was luck to have channing and jenna dance with them. especialy channing, lol.

  • Annika

    Oh Channing bb, why? Such a downgrade.

  • Auch

    Miley and Mandy are so winning, they’re video is awesome, I watched last night like at 12 am it’s sick Love the dance moves, I bet noone was expecting that kind of response from Miley and Mandy and I love the message at the end “ACDC It’s your time to STEP UP 2″ really cool, I love Channing and Jenna on the video I loved Step up one of my faves ever

  • Laura

    Who’s channing tatum?

  • XXX!

    HAHA i just noticed in my other comment ( #9) i said the maily and mandy show haha sorry i meant miley and mandy show !! As i was saying they really took it to a new level and it was AWESOME :)


  • Natalie

    that just shows how much money and time miley has on her hands
    but that is pretty cool, i know im jealous, lol i cant just call up channing tatum anytime i want and be like, hey, lets make a music video! haha

  • Eumsille

    That was so cool! I still can’t believe that they got Channing Tatum to do it with them. So COOL of them!!!

  • Taylor

    That was so freaking awesome! Madonna just got served by a 15 yr. old!!!

  • shannon

    ok at first i didn’t get the whole show thing but this has got to be the most enterianing vid and miley can dance and lesst not forget she had cannong in the vid of the hook!!

  • SkinnyJeanWearinGal

    Can they stop bringing actual famous people on her show? Is that they only way they can get actual good comments on her page? Ugh. This is not the Miley and Mandy show. It’s more of I Know Famous PPL N You Don’t Show!!

    Please. Spare the few people that haven’t been brainwashed by the Hannah Montana Show.

  • Jasmine

    I thought this was the best installment of the miley and mandy show. I thought if they replied it was be some corny “Hannah Montana” moves but this was actually choreographed good lol. I was soo surprised when Channing and Jenna came out i was like whatt huh that was random. I would have been more impressed if miley and mandy did like the break dancing and stuff that would have been awsome lol But other than that it was really good

  • lamee

    but at least channing tatujm was it it. he is soo sexyy!

  • kyooo

    they totally kicked ass.
    they definitely beat ACDC.
    i liked the whole purple theme.
    and ahhh miley had on those Kanye West glasses :)
    all the dancing was sick, and then only came up with it in ONE day.
    Cause ACDC challenged them on the 10th (at 5pm, it says it on the video) and im sure it took miley and mandy and the rest of their crew to get all those moves down, so they probably didnt do it that night. So April 11th is probably when they all got together and did it. Cause April 12th Mandy went to Miami for a performance and Miley flew to Nashville.
    ahh i cant stop watching it.

  • Charlene

    lol that was great, much better than their usual antics :)

  • Kami

    Miley’s grandma is so effin cool

  • Andrea

    Damn! This video is like the best! all their videos are good but this one was like wow. and they had fantastic dancers and miley is really flexible. They should make more dancing videos. :)

  • MELI


  • Russian Girl


  • hannah

    love it


  • Kim

    That was so cute! Looked just like something I would have done with friends when I was younger.

    Good kid, acting her age and just having fun!

  • Alex

    WOW! They soo Sucked. they need to go back todance school. i thought mnady was a dancer, i guess they only know who to dance slutty. typical B*tch.

  • emma

    was this necessary?

    it was cool and all, but really.

  • michelle

    this was the best video ever. I kept watching it over and over cause it was amazing. and channing tatum is so hott! I love the Miley and Mandy Show

  • fiorella

    love it! ;) i think is the best video they have done… and i just love channing tatum i think he’s really hot haha so… great! ;)

  • sara

    I usually skip right over the Miley/Jonas Bros posts, but this video is awesome. I love it and a lot of parts had me laughing!!

  • kors

    come on channing shes 15. get away!!!!!

  • everyone…

    will probably not agree on me with this one, but for some reason this video depressed the hell out of me! Miley we get it, ur life is awesome…while ours is just…not

  • Lina

    ugh. someone take away the little girl’s video camera. please, for the love of god.

  • tiffany

    i loved it! they totally beat the ACDC crew.

  • alexa

    i lovee it!!