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Miley Cyrus Hosts the CMT Music Awards 2008

Miley Cyrus Hosts the CMT Music Awards 2008

Miley Cyrus (in Roberto Cavalli) rocks a very mature look at the 2008 CMT Music Awards at the Curb Events Center at Belmont University on Monday in Nashville, Tennessee.

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star hosted the awards ceremony with her country superstar father Billy Ray Cyrus.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Smiley’s floor-grazing gown? Too womanly? Or just right?

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus @ the CMT Music Awards 2008

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# 1

Just right.

# 2

She’s so pretty.

# 3

She is not pulling a Panettiere

# 4
woop woop miley! @ 04/14/2008 at 10:06 pm

she looke wonderful!
i loveeeeee that dress.

# 6
mileyrayhater @ 04/14/2008 at 10:07 pm

she looks FAT she was probably smoking it up with mitchel before!!

hannah isn’t so innocent now!!

# 7

When she’s not cheesing it and exposing gums that seem like they are infected with gingivitis, she looks great.

# 8
Jennifer W @ 04/14/2008 at 10:09 pm

miley looks great and i loved her performance tonight on the show with billy it was awesome.

# 9

she looks pretty in this dress! nice appropriate choice miley!…u look like a star

I think you mean her country superstar father not her husband

She looks great =D..
Miley rocks..

just right she looks very sophisticated!! and pretty!!!

lmao husband ? don’t you mean father


And the performance- incredible! She has an amazing voice, for sure!

you wrote HUSBAND instead of FATHER!

Whoever said she looks fat is SICK.

She is so beautiful, it’s insane.

And she sang great. Really great. I was impressed.

I think she is a very pretty girl!
No matter what anyone says, she has a nice unique look.
Everyone says she will be the next Brit, i dont think so….she has a supportive family…and shes intelligent.

Too womanly but she still looks great. LoL She’s only 15/16.

she looks cute!

she looks GREAT

mileyloser @ 04/14/2008 at 10:18 pm

ew WTF she’s so ******* ugly, looks wayy toooo old for 15 with that dress and makeup

ok first of all she does look pretty but that dress has a bit too much cleavage in the front…im 15 and i dont think i would wear something like that! maybe if she was older the dress would suit her more?

although her hair and makeup are just right!!

She looks pretty!!

i like it and i love her she looks soo beuatiful

she look`s gorgeous

she look`s gorgeous

anyone catch her performance?

She sang so well!

ALexa zucky @ 04/14/2008 at 10:21 pm

Just right, I love her soooo much!


yes she looks beautiful and gosh Mileyloser please be quiet. you make yourself look very immature and stupid in your posts.

bIGGESTfAN!!! @ 04/14/2008 at 10:25 pm

i’m the 3rd???
i think so!!!

She’s so Nice!!!
I lov Milez!!!

So.. plz WATCH “The Miley & Mandy Show”
it’s soooooo Funny!!!!

Well…. watch MILEYMANDY on youtube!!!



pshhhhh yeah, she sang beautifully!

Dress is too revealing for a 15 yr old. What’s the matter with her parents?

I think she looks lovely however she doesn’t look 15 more like 20 years old which isn’t a good thing

first look was okay, but after i think she looks too mature in that dress, she should be wearing something more like what carrie underwood was wearing, its more cute and young

just right

i really like it :]


i love her dress!! and miley did a great job tonight on the CMA’S

dont get me wrong, i love miley cyrus , but she is growing up to fast, she looks older than she does, i mean she should be enjoying her childhood, and not trying to be grownup ! but its whatever

i think that drees it not apropiated for her age,, his just 15… watching her make me remember vanessa, in hsm2 premiere she wore a similar dress, but all in red…

I love her dress!

The dress is just right
her make up is too much!

she looks absoulutly gorgeous

love you miley

OMG she looks amazing!! Her preformance was wonderful, I love you Miley!

i think she look really beautiful, she is not putting any of those stupid faces!! looks really rice and mature.

she is so freaking absolutly amazing
i love her

Nessa baby @ 04/14/2008 at 11:02 pm

I think she looked amazing

kind of young for that dress (but it suits her perfectly), and her shoulder it’s looking awful in that second picture!

but always loving Miley Ray! she’s a great person, a lovely girl and fantastic singer!

I’m 18 but i love her songs! hahaha

she needs to stop trying to act like she’s 25, when she’s only 15. and she needs to get over herself. i cannot wait to see her career crash and burn.

How does she need to “get over herself??”
She doesnt take herself too seriously at all, have you seen her youtube videos??!
She’s goofy and fun. Not stuff and boring. She IS a kid, and acts like one. A dress doesnt say anything.. expect for that she has STYLE!

How does she need to “get over herself??”
She doesnt take herself too seriously at all, have you seen her youtube videos??!
She’s goofy and fun. Not stuff and boring. She IS a kid, and acts like one. A dress doesnt say anything.. expect for that she has STYLE!

I think she stole Baby V’s look! (which suites V better than Miley, of course!) That dress is a bit to old for her, she’s only 15!

Miley looks gorgeous! That dress suits her well. I think its really cute. She is such a wonderful actress and singer.

Miley Lookéd so pretty and no she dosent lok fat an dits not to much cleavage shes so amazing i luv her!

Miley Lookéd so pretty and no she dosent lok fat an dits not to much cleavage shes so amazing i luv her!

she looks like an old woman literally lol she can’t pull off this look while trying to maintain her youth and way too much make up she looks like a classy clown

Hey did anyone else notice that Miley appears to have fixed her teeth!! No more fangs!

TOO revealing for a 15 year old. I hate when teen celebs dress like they are 21.

the dress doesn’t make the girl, her personality or the way she is should matter more. Who cares what she wears. She’s still very pretty.

Tonight’s performance!


emm, u are so sweet.. but i just found out your secret that you have joined the online club afromingle DOT co m, by which you are seeking black man to be your sugar baby!

Am I the only one who thinks her dress is totally inappropriate for a fifteen year old??!! When I look at the pictures, my eyes are automatically drawn to her cleavage.

hands down the bset i’ve ever seen her hair is nice not to much makeup love it!!

MILEY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But not liking the dress. She’s trying to be too grown up.

woww…she hasn’t looked that pretty in a long time…gotta admit that dress is soo cute n she looks gorgeous(< i think i spelt it right) BUT calm down miley! if i din’t know who she was n looked at this pic for the first time, wow i swear i’d be like she’s probly 23 – 24..just thinkk she’s starting to be a bit over..n ya the cleavage at the front umm..doesn’t suit her age…..

I dont see any cleavage? She doesnt have any cleavage to show lol. It’s just the cut of the dress, similar to a halter top.

She is way too young for all of these outfits and fanfare. I smell a tinsy bit of exploitation.

The top of the dress was too revealing for her AGE.From the waist down it was beautiful. She is dressing too old for a child of 15.

Brittbratt @ 04/15/2008 at 12:41 am

I think the dress is too mature for her I mean she is only 15. Maybe it would be better on a 19 or 20 yr old. She should start dressing a little more for her age.

It’s too billowy for my taste and the flower pattern is wretched, but kudos to Miley for trying to mix it up a lil’.

Now if only we could get Britney in a ridiculous get-up like this!

she’s so pretty

gonna be sad when her career ends like in a few years…that dress is too mature for her…

The dress is too old for her. She looks like she’s in her twenties. At least she looks prettier than normal here.

Of course, one kid from her TV show smokes pot and we have to assume she does too. She looks fat? You’re a monster mileyrayhater, she’s not even sixteen. Lay off.

That dress is really pretty. I love the print. The cutaway on the bust is fine because it doesn’t emphasis cleavage, it’s just nice shape.

Great dress! But – what the hell is going on in the photo that she’s looking back over her left shoulder? Her shoulder is odd. Maybe that’s what thin shoulders look like…meh?!

GET A LIFE LITTLE GIRL @ 04/15/2008 at 1:51 am


i think she looks great. my mom wouldn’t have let me wear at 15 but for the kind of star she is i think it appropriate for her age.
its a beautiful gown and love her in the floor length

i think she looks great. my mom wouldn’t have let me wear at 15 but for the kind of star she is i think it appropriate for her age.
its a beautiful gown and love her in the floor length

I think she looks amazing.
This Dress Is Just Right.

The dress is very nice, but not for 15 year old girl!

Why does people want her to look like a woman ??

She’s still a teen !! When I was 15, I really didn’t wear that sort of clothes !

Cute dress, but she’s a media whóre.

That is ture! Miley Cyrus is really better than me! I never doubt about that! With such a young age, she even can make such a successful career, which is very talented. Maybe that is because of her fantastic performing skills. I like her role in ‘Hannah Montana’ best: , anyone like it?

new teeth or just highly whitened??

Her dress is wonderful! like alwayzzzzzzzz!!!She’s always so fierce, i love her. It’s reported from NewY0rk times that She created an account at black white kiss DOT co m to date with a young boy in a coffee shop last week.

her face looks surprisingly decent
and that dress is nice..
but not on her. she can pull it off, but its so.. mature! the neckline is too.. showy for someone 15. come ON, her parents should know this!

ilovethejbs @ 04/15/2008 at 7:39 am


sorry its just an opinion no one asked for you to say anything back.
she is a beautiful girl and sometimes has good songs but i dont like the influence she gives little kids.

ilovethejbs @ 04/15/2008 at 7:40 am

why wont it let me say it?

SHE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I like this dress is age apropriate, I like it a lot

i think she looks polish…..

that dress is mature but its really gorgeous. anyone know the brand? miley can pull it off, love the hair and make- up, shoes etc.

She is a pretty teenager. She does not dress like this everyday so I see no big deal with what she wears to and for events.

The dress is nice but not the part the exposes her cleavage. I mean, she’s a 15 year old girl!!!

ohhh theres an arabic reality tv host wore the same dress about a month ago n sorry to say she looked better and shes much older so it suited her more. ill try to look for her pic and post the link .other than that i think it made her look old and it didnt really suite miley. she should try to dress more her age. god why do they wanna grow fast.

just RIGHT! she looks so cute! i love her.. keep posting!

She looks beautiful; a bit too mature, but when I was 15 I would have loved to wear a dress like that

When i first saw her i thought that she was 18+ year old. And now i am really impressed with her! I think the outfit is toooooo womanly for her.

….but she h@s nice eyes….!!!!

At least she doesn’t look like a ****…and her dress is cute, maybe too old for her age, but cute. Also, she has on too much makeup…..

This dress, although beautiful, looks as if it were made for a woman not a girl. Miley sounded very immature and looked very inappropriately dressed. (this includes those horrible vocals)

she looks just right, not womenly, I saw the awards , I love Miley’s performance but my fave part was Carrie she sounds just the same live, her voice is amazing I was also exited about Taylor Swift, but I didn’t like her performance that much,

it’s about time she got a long dress! and i think it looks pretty.

It’s a beautiful dress, but not right for her. She’s 15, and should have chosen something more young and fun.

she looks pretty there a natural look on her face
i dont like it when she has bright red lips etc.
like the dress 2

Just right, i have a dress simular to that, whats the problem, people expect you to cover up every part of your body, but you only live on earth once right?


im not a hoe, or nothing, that’s just my opinion…so haters i have one word for you “YAAAAAHHHHH!”



shes pretty and the dress is totally appropriate.. theres just one thing i realised.. ok. when she wears more.. shorter dresses.. for like her age group you slag her off and say she should wear a longer cut but now shes wearing this you say she looks too old ! sheesh.. theres nothing wrong with either styles.. as long as she weras it well and she does.. and as long as she’s happy wearing it and is not dressing for other people. shes a beautiful well acomplished girl with uber talent, you should give her a break some of you guys, lol. thats just my opinion :]


I personally think the dress in gorgeous, but for a 15 year-old? Come on, where are her parents nowadays to tell her stylists what she’s allowed to wear and what’s appropriate. The other two outfits were equally appropriate for the occasion. But I would’ve gave that red ensemble to her mom or to Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, or LeeAnn Rimes.

I feel bad that she was trying to recover her strepthroat and her voice sounded iffy when she sang. I hope she recovers soon.

she is so sexy


First of all, how can you say that? I admit that I’m not Miley’s biggest fan either, but she looks beautiful! And what do you mean with ‘looks wayy toooo old for 15 with that dress and makeup’? That makeup? She is hardly wearing makeup! Only mascara and glitter eyeshadow and maybe foundation but that’s it! I don’t really like Miley either, but I am not stupid to actually hate on her! I think you need to get yourself a life and maybe her dress is a little to mature for her. BIG DEAL! So many girls dress way older than they really are. Miley is famous and you’re not, GET OVER IT!

miley's #1 FAN @ 07/20/2008 at 12:41 pm

She’s so pretty and i LOVE that dress……… Also, she has a hot 13 year old brother named Brasion, hes cute.

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