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Heidi Montag is Riled Up to Register

Heidi Montag is Riled Up to Register

After rapping for Nelly, Heidi Montag leaves MTV TRL Studios in Times Square, New York City on Monday.

Earlier this month, Heidi, 21, declared her support for John McCain, but had not yet registered to vote.

But she recently told MTV News, “I am definitely registering to vote. I’ve just been so busy and crazy filming and working on my album and working on my fashion show that I’ve hardly had any time,” she said at the Heidiwood fashion show.

Heidi also shared about her aspiring movie career. “The perfect movie I want to do is like [Jennifer Garner's character] Sydney Bristow on Alias. I want to be, like, an action star. I want a big gun,” she laughed. “Like Angelina Jolie roles. I want to be the badass.”

She also turned down doing a movie for The Hills: “I’ve never discussed a movie possibility for The Hills…and I’m not sure if for my first movie I’d let Lauren Conrad narrate me, so I don’t think that would be something I would do. If I was doing movies, I’d want it to be with Denzel Washington or something like that. If they were to make a Hills movie, I wouldn’t be in it. No, thank you.”

15+ more pics of Heidi and Spencer leaving TRL

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Photos: Patricia Schlein, WENN
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    first! and we love HEIDI

  • L

    She’s just so dumb.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    i cant wait for the days of being a celebrity for not being a celebrity are over.

  • hannahh

    denzel washington? ha… dream on princess

  • legs

    she kinda looks like gwyneth paltrow in photo num 7



  • Lyn

    is the other barbie her mum?

  • #1?

    the the hell is *we*

  • quiet no more

    isnt that lady from the insider lara spencer or something?

  • zephi

    she wants to be in a movie with denzel!!!!


  • Interesting

    If she were a dog, the frisbees would hit her between the eyes.

    Denzel? In a movie with Heidi? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Oh and just because you put a bucket of collagen in your lips, doesn’t mean you can put yourself in the same sentence with Angelina Jolie. Please.

  • Bubbaness

    Keep dreaming, girl. You need something to fill that empty head of yours.

  • lara

    I hope she stays too busy to register. She’s only voting for McCain because of her republican upbringing.

  • Jess

    Heidi, you are absolutely delusional. First off, America already knows you as a media wh*re. How will you ever get roles when all we see you as is a ditz w/ too much plastic surgery for your age?And, btw, have you ever gone anywhere without your boyfriend? You are so dependent on him, it’s disgusting. One more thing: How can you support McCain when he’s pro life, and one season one of the Hills when you thought you were pregnant you contemplated having an abortion?? You’re just voting McCain b/c you think it makes you sound so upper class to say you’re a republican. Forget what image you want to achieve when voting for someone and just vote for someone who’s policies you agree with, please? Thanks.

  • Uhm

    could somebody please inform me why this gal is so bitter about lauren conrad/the hills? All i know is that lauren is said to have critisized heidi’s fake and cheating boyfriend, did I miss something?

  • liz

    She is SO fake. I can’t even watch the Hills anymore because of her disgusting nose job.

  • Cassie

    good heidi, i’m glad you wont do the hills movie cause no one wants to see you in it anyway.

  • tony

    she a HOT MESS !!

  • Helena

    The only badass thing about Heidi is her ability to kill a man by looking at her horseface.

  • emilie

    fuck Heidi
    she sucks!

  • duh

    As much as I hate this blonde bimbo, you have to admit she has really nice legs. I’m super jealous of her for that…everything else about her is just retarded.

  • Lisa
  • rolling eyes

    I can’t believe she would even use Denzel’s or Jolie’s name in any her of sentences concerning movie role, as if she’s on the same level, or even on the same planet.

    She brings new meaning to the word delusional… honestly

  • Molly

    Does anyone else agree that she looks like a horse?

  • josh

    It takes two minutes to register to vote. I can’t stand this insipid idiot.

  • eira

    haha!!! whoah! she wants to co star with denzel!!! whoah, dream big!!!!
    ure not even that famous! and FYI ‘the hills” made ‘heidi montag’ u would be nothing without it!

  • eva

    and please tell me why the hell anyone would even CONSIDER giving her a role in an ACTUAL movie, let alone cast her to be in a movie with denzel washington!

    no one gives a fuck about you heidi. peace out.

  • geee

    heidi you stupid b*tch. if you dont want to be in the hills movie why are you even in the show? and yeahh..denzel acting with you? NEVERRR

  • geee

    heidi you stupid b*tch. if you dont want to be in the hills movie why are you even in the show? and yeahh..denzel acting with you? NEVERRR

  • she is so stupid

    why in the hell does she think she is going to be a movie star. the girl is such an idiot. & she is not sexy at all. she is kind of pretty but she is too awkward to be sexy. i wonder if she makes those weird hand gestures during sex. when the hills ir over she is going to be a nobody & she isn’t going to have any money because she spent it all at the chanel boutique. at least she will have her heidiwood clothes, those should score her a few tricks.


    she actually looks pretty here.


    SHE ACTUALLY LOOKS REALLY HOT IN THESE PICTURES!! Her outfit with the jacket and sunglasses are really top notch.


  • Critic

    boycott this dumb ass repub.

  • Marieme

    Film career? Earth to Heidi: It ain’t evah gonna happen! The camera will never love that face and the audience doesn’t like liars and fakes. You lie so much and so often it makes me sick. You make a lot of people sick btw.

  • ****

    heidi is a f***ing idiot!! she’s so lame and untalented and a famewhore…she should quit while she’s ahead because she is just embarrasing herself she is nothing compared to lauren conrad and she is trying so hard to be like her with her lameass pathetic so called “fashion line” why doesn’t she just stick to what shes good at…getting plastic surgery….what a worthless freak.