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Stopping Inn With Jennifer Lopez

Stopping Inn With Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez shows off her gorgeous games and has a romantic dinner with husband Marc Anthony at the celeb-packed eatery Waverly Inn in New York City on Monday.

Just this past Saturday, J.Lo and M.Ant baptized their healthy boy and girl twins, Max and Emme.

And it looks like Jenny from the Block is shedding those pregnancy pounds by the second!

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38 Responses to “Stopping Inn With Jennifer Lopez”

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  1. 1
    acki Says:

    wow look at her legs….she is so beautiful…and really seems to be happy

  2. 2
    Trinity Says:

    What about her legs?
    Normal legs, yes.
    What sort of legs do you have – tree trunks?
    Why are you commenting on completely normal legs.
    This is so weird!

  3. 3
    Karena Says:

    What great pictures. aw, they look really happy!

    And I agree. Jennifer’s outfit is very flattering. Go, girl! :)

  4. 4
    haha Says:

    oh cool…her fake eyelash is coming off…good to know that doesnt only happen to me in pictures. lol

  5. 5
    tINA Says:

    Jennifer Lopez is just about as fake as they come!!! Whoever told her she can sing and act should get their brain examined!

  6. 6
    legs Says:

    she looks great in these photos actually.

  7. 7
    jenny Says:

    she looks like a totally diferent person compared to when she was pregnant….kinda unbelievable

  8. 8
    msbis Says:

    she’s looking gorgeous!!

  9. 9
    tink Says:

    Sorry I can’t stand her. She is totally superficial and power hungry. She is so fake and has to be in control even if she lives not being true to herself or her feelings or others. And I’m sorry but I do not think she has hardly any talent- she’s been maybe good in one movie and one song. Not that I hate her, but she is one of those celebs I cannot stand, like Faith Hill! -Argggggh……… Both SOOOOOOOO fake but she gets under my skin because I see her thru her too easily tho wish her the best

    If you’re only about looks then maybe you need to question things yourself. I don’t know, ulitimately, I feel very sorry for her.

  10. 10
    diablocody Says:

    how old are those twins? Obviously she needs to get away from them. Obviously she can since she has two baby nurses and doesn’t breast feed.

  11. 11
    Jessica Says:

    I thought once she had those babies she would go away, but she’s back in ALL the tabloids now, and alerting the papparazzi where she’s going to be for her photo-ops. Its obvious that she wants attention focused on HER now, so she can broadcast how she dropped all the weight and to garner news headlines centered on “How Good Jennifer Lopez is Looking After Giving Birth”. I doubt very seriously if she spends quality time with those kids. A good mother’s priority would be her children, and not someone like Jennifer Lopez who’s main focus is to work on attracting the media to get attention and publicity for herself. She’s always been vain and self-centered, so its no surprise that it’s all about HER now.

    , and using her kids as a way to get publicity talking about her dramatic weight loss

  12. 12
    Dickie HatefaCE Says:

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    1) Prank call them endlessly. Make their number unusable.
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  13. 13
    Katy Says:

    Kate Walsh wore that identical dress over a year ago & looked way better in it than JLo esp. given her red hair.

  14. 14
    acki Says:

    @ trinity: she just gave birth a few weeks ago – TWINS – i would like to see your legs just a few weeks later:-)))) and don’t forget she is not 20……greetz to the sweets

  15. 15
    He Man Says:

    I swear she is only with Marc coz he makes her so much better looking.

    Anyone would look gorgeous standing next to SKELETOR!!!

    Imagine waking up next to him in the middle of the night!! Eeek!!

  16. 16
    acki Says:

    ah and i forgot to mention – i can post whatever i want to….

  17. 17
    H Says:

    She looks great.

  18. 18
    BB Says:


  19. 19
    batterie Says:

    i think she looks kind of old…….
    but good…..:D

  20. 20
    Trying Hard Says:

    I think she looks good too, but she is looking old, she looks like a woman pushing 40, she does not have a youthful glow about her. Obiviously she wants to be seen why else go to the Waverly Inn which is the New York equivalent of The Ivy in LA. This is JLo’s way of giving herself much needed exposure, she wants to show the world she is still good looking because that is what she has based her whole career on, her looks and her body not her talent, which she has no of. I bet she is not receiving a lot of good scripts lately, the younger and more talented actresses are going to get the good jobs, JLo will just have to settle for what she can get. She is not relevant anymore, no one gives a **** about her.

  21. 21
    sally Says:

    ok first she is only showing the most flattering part of her legs. (Upper thighs probably r jiggling like jello) She is wearing a potato sack to cover her mid section…this is all perfectly NORMAL, btw. stop the madness.

  22. 22
    [☆F a m o u s☆] Says:


  23. 23
    American Says:

    “I think she looks good too, but she is looking old, she looks like a woman pushing 40, she does not have a youthful glow about her. ”

    Well she IS getting an old. Not her fault.. You’ll get old too.

    “Obiviously she wants to be seen why else go to the Waverly Inn which is the New York equivalent of The Ivy in LA.”

    Or maybe it’s just a really good restaurant?

  24. 24
    cook Says:


  25. 25
    sara Says:

    stop the hate she looks good and happy.


    so I quess that Fergie who also dined there on Monday just wanted to be seen??

    Truth is if paps did not take photos of celebs this SITE WOULD NOT EXIST AND WE WOULD NOT BE HERE BIT#CHING!!

    So lets be real.

    She just had twins she looks good, natural and tired…which is normal and the LEGS do look good.The dress covers a lot so she is not flauting her post preg body…..she is just wearing a flattering dress while she looses wgt….ppl need to just back off and stop obsessing.

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