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Orlando Bloom and Chow Yun Fat Team Up

Orlando Bloom and Chow Yun Fat Team Up

Orlando Bloom and action star Chow Yun Fat are reportedly teaming up with Liam Neeson on a heist-themed film called The Red Circle according to the Chinese news site, Apple Daily.

The film will be a remake of the 1970 French film of the same name where the trio hits up jewelry stores and casinos.

All three actors are reportedly all signed up with the female lead still up in the air. Shooting is tentatively scheduled for June in both Macau and Hong Kong.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of an Orly/Chow Yun Fat tag-team?

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  • jp

    wow Jared, guess it’s “All Orlando All the Time” now around here.
    We know what gets the hits!

  • legs

    is it gonna be like an action movie? i mean, most of chow yun fat’s movies are action/drama, i think.

  • stumach

    its gunna be a shoot em up i hear :/

  • Molly

    I don’t really see Orlando being very active. He always just seems like a pretty boy to me.

  • OMG

    They mentioned his name without Miranda’s. Guess the whole world will stop spinning now. Good he has work to concentrate on, and not the s*lut. Maybe she will fade away, I have my fingers crossed that she is history

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    chow yun rocks. i hope bloom doesn’t fcuk it up.

  • @5

    Im hoping that is what will happen, after all she is sooo busy too now what with DJ, VS and that “book” of hers, how can the darlings find time to make a relationship? lol
    I say no more on “her” for this thread :)

  • lylian

    Chow Yun Fatt is HOT.

  • gotta say it

    his wiki says he has been linked to her and at least five other actress also, but he is reportably seeing Jennifer Anniston. Her’s says he is her boyfriend, Two different presepectives and as her people do her Wiki page it sure says something about her. Wonder who does Bloom’s wiki page? Seems like the only one calling her is girlfriend is her, he sure hasn’t officially said anything like that at all. She has the unique quality of being able to stick her foot in her that big mouth with the freaky dimples in a mulitude of ways. Ok, no more about randy mirnada

  • nunny

    i luv orlando and i can’t wait 2 see it

  • http://JJ.COM Blip


  • moi

    Well they did POTC3 together and that rocked some serious socks, so I’m guessing this will too.

    @1 – Dunno about you, but I sure don’t mind! ;) Keep it coming, J!

  • KC

    OMG enough with the Orlando posts! Who cares what movie he’s going to stink up with his lousy acting.

  • Mike


  • orli pops

    Love him to look at. Thats all I can say.

  • #9

    sssh!!! Don’t tell anyone. Miss Carly might go and play with his wiki now.

  • miwwanda

    Prob plays with Orlandos wiki all night ;) pmsl

  • Ali

    Chow Yun Fat is the most extraordinary presence on the screen. He carries his masculinity and tenderness with grace. Orlando is looking more and more weak. He needs to get his life together and stop the stupidity.

  • hope

    I certainly do hope that this movie does what it needs to do for him.

  • anon

    can you all stop bringing up the catalouge model every time his name is mentioned??

  • last chance

    I think this movie will be orlando’s last chnce to prove he is an actor and not just a teen/oldladies idol

  • EshaJain

    orlando bloom is an awesome actor, totally hot, and I will def go and see it.

  • toolip

    looovesss it

  • @21

    I agree, if he gets bad reviews in this and in I love NY he can pretty much write his career off.

  • hope

    He has the lead in this movie doesn’t he?

  • karmakey

    I’m glad there is finally a real timeline for filming on this movie. I love Orlando and Chow Yun Fat. They’re both really good with action movies. I’m jazzed about this one.

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  • @4

    Are you serious?
    He may be pretty, but almost all of his films have been action movies.
    Sword fighting, bow twanging, horse riding ACTION films.
    Give me a break.

  • LOL

    Wow, it only took 5 posts for Miranda’s name to come up, in a thread with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with her.
    What a surprise!
    Go ahead, give her more publicity.
    Pathetic morons.

  • yeah!

    I think that this is a fantastic cast!
    I can’t wait!

  • Rose

    Agreed w/ #28…I think the reason why critics also beat down on Bloom is because {and of course we ALL know…} nearly every single movie he’s done requires a horse, a sword, and no sign of electronics-cars-modernity anywhere! I’m starting to understand it myself why the fangirls have this set fantasy of him; its the romantic swashbuckling hero with dark eyes…but cmon, LOTR?POTC? Troy? Kingdom of Heaven? Its no wonder critics dont take him seriously : he requires a sword, his voice has no range or emotion and he’s always a sidekick!

    Talk about being molded. I dont mind the Summer blockbusters, but could we get a little more variety out of him? Maybe a thriller ? Romantic comedy {and if someone says Elizabethtown, then no, it was almost a 2hr music video}? Anything where he isnt holding a sword, knife, boxcutter…hell a butterknife.

    Someone please reach his agents or whoever and tell them to STOP putting him in roles with settings back when trees could talk and Kings claimed lands. Newflash : people drive cars now, use cellphones and we go to McDonalds {or Potbelly’s if you’re like me…}.

    Have I said enough? ;-)

  • last chance

    Ive said I wont say her name so it werent me.

  • Hellyeah

    This is something quite different for him. A crime caper/buddy film. No horses or swords. A few fistfights and gunfights, but modern, not a period piece.
    I have to admit, I’m excited about this film.

  • angel hair

    holy crap, i LOVE chown yun fat and and liam neeson. dunno about orlando bloom is obviously extremely good looking, but i’d hate for him to steal the show from the other two legendary actors because of his looks.

  • good feeling

    I have a good feeling about this movie.
    Orli has been in a funk but this sounds like a fun movie to make
    with two actors he already knows and likes.
    Might bring out the best in him and be just what he needs.
    We might be surprised.

  • Trisha

    I agree with #31. I know that I am not the only person who is tired of seeing him either with a sword, or he’s on a horse. It’s like his agent is standing by and letting this mans acting career go to waste.. Now don’t get me wrong, i am a HUGE orli fan, But I widh they would put him in something else… I can’t wait to see this movie because maybe, just maybe, us fans can see him REALLY ACT!! You never know, if this movie works out, they might just do something like put him in a horror flick. Like I wouldn’t care if they put his arse in something like SAW V. We all know he would die, but you know what? It would be a hell of a lot better than seeing him doing the bullshit that he’s been doing. He’s a better actor than people take him for.. He just needs a chance to prove it. So hopefully, this movie is the start of a better career for him…

  • bonjour824

    CHOW YUN FAT is one of the most wonderful actors !!!!!
    Actually, Chow is his family name and YUN FAT is his gien name,
    like Wong (Family name)Kar-wai(given name). Just to point out as I see a couple of people have made this mistake !!

    I am really happy to see so many Westeners being so seportive to Chinese Actors and Cinema.

    The director of this upcoming film is renowned for producing Gangster’s movies and Action films, like Blood Brothers kind of men’s movies~

  • jolierocks


  • Jaded

    I’m looking forward to this movie! I love Asian movies, they are much more original than Hollywood pics. I wonder what will come of a classic French movie in the hands of Johnny To. As for the actors: wow!

    My personal favourite of OB’s movies is The Calcium Kid. I LMAO every time.

  • Clara

    Except for his fart face I don’t see what’s good about Orlando Bloom… oh nvm even his face looks like a fart… oh well… the movie will sucks because of him.

  • curious

    Hey , give boy a chance to prove hisself! :)

    #39 Jajded,btw Calcium Kid is also my favorite.

  • Jaded

    Oh dear, oh dear, here we go again:

    • Orlando Bloom, taking a 90-minute Kundalini yoga class at Golden Bridge Yoga NYC with model girlfriend Miranda Kerr.After their workout, the pair spent time in the retail space – and Kerr tried on some Satya jewelry while Bloom bought a singing bowl.,,20191625,00.html

  • curious

    @ Jaded
    my hope that their story is over died before it even started. I guess i am going to cry. WHY???? What for??? And of course our cabbage slut goes to jewelry , where else could she go to prove that they are exclusivly together?

  • http://justjared Grace

    I’ll give it a couple of weeks he needs to focus on this movie. I do believe this movie can do a lot for his career he needs to let a lot of people go around him so he can focus on what’s at hand. I also hope before he goes off to hong-kong he goes to england to see his family it seems like he hasn’t been there in a while.

  • @44

    Hope I’m wrong, but I bet he’s along for the ride in Oz.

  • curious

    Why do you think so? I thought he would be in NY on filming at that time,doesn’t he?
    And one more thing. I alwas thought that when you practice yoge you do it at private place or special club, but not in public.

  • @curious

    I think as it is a short scene, filming isn’t supposed to take that long for the New York, I Love You thing. Then based on the fact that TRC doesn’t start until June, his time seems to be pretty freed up. Like I said, I hope I’m wrong. The Australian PR machine will go into overdrive if he does show up.

  • #42

    Well at least whoever is calling in the ‘sightings’ is learning not to
    be so OTT with the “omg, they were so good looking” bs.

  • @47

    I hope you’re wrong too but prepare for it anyway.

    Regardless if they have any kind of real relationship or not-with all we saw the last two weeks there is no doubt they are playing a
    game or have some sort of ‘agreement’ about all of this stuff.

    If it’s true she’s had someone read here and knows the ‘vibe’-which is that most people can see right through it all, then they will try and ‘act’ better at it.
    Any pictures or sightings are going to be looked at that way if people think you lied to them before.

  • http://justjared Grace

    That’s why I said after all the bs is done we won’t have to hear about it again. I think her people called that sighting in I wish and pray instesd of him going down to australia he would go home to see his family. Ihope something comes up were he can’t go and she has to settle for dinner and a movie in nyc.