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Orlando Bloom: Pigeon, I Love You

Orlando Bloom: Pigeon, I Love You

Orlando Bloom is surprised by an unscripted pigeon in New York City, on the set of his latest film, New York, I Love You.

Orlando‘s scene was interrupted by the pigeon, which appeared to startle him.

After looking to check the bird had left the area, Orlando regained his composure and was able to continue shooting his scene.

Orlando, 31, also recently shot scenes with Christina Ricci.

More pics of Orlando loving the pigeon that interrupted his shooting…

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orlando bloom pigeon 01
orlando bloom pigeon 02
orlando bloom pigeon 03
orlando bloom pigeon 04
orlando bloom pigeon 05
orlando bloom pigeon 06

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  • dita

    he is so cute….

  • acki

    ja he is soooooo sweet…i love him

  • legs

    haha. nice move by the pigeon – it looks like it wanted to star in the movie. lol.

  • caylee

    I don’t blame the pigeon smart bird… teehee, who wouldn’t want in the scene with orly! He’s so hot!

  • rebel
  • Orlando

    Damn, pigeon trying to steal my scene, I’d like to give him a boot but can’t tarnish the dwindling rep. Do you think anyone will notice I wore these clothes yesterday? I wonder if they smell? Man I am so tired… staying up to read that book, ya read that book was soooo exhausting. I wonder how Johnny is? Funny, ha ha, how I am following in his dating shoes, first an actress, now a model… hey I wonder if I’ll end up with a singer/ artist? Damn pigeon trying to steal my scene…

  • @Orlando

    Doesn’t sound like your lovin New York.

  • Angry Monkey

    Gah, I just adore him. He’s so cute. Thank god he’s working again. I miss seeing him in movies.

  • kayla

    i love him!!! i used to be obsesed wih him!! ♥♥ he is amazing in pirates!!

  • Rose

    I was expecting pictures of him swatting the bird away, but nope…just him looking like a bum.

  • Helena

    That pigeon might be useful, it MIGHT even get some emotion out of Orlando’s stale acting!

  • Ingrid

    “HE’S SO HAWT!” Yes he is, but you cross the line when you call him an amazing actor. An amazing actor, he is not!

  • nina

    I’M soo glad he is working on a fun movie with a lot of good people. He is so adorable and sweet, I love him. I do think he would have made an awesome Prince of Persia. LOVE YOU LOTS, ORLANDO.

  • Veronica

    I believe the pigeon has more personality and talent than Orlando.

  • So Glad

    I’m just happy the guy’s working again. Who cares if he’s just one face among dozens of others…at least he’s in some very good company and getting ‘exposure’ again besides that idiotic circus sideshow known as ‘Kerr-Bloom.’ BTW I just read over on IMDB that Johnny To’s remake of The Red Circle will begin filming (finally!) in Macao and Hong Kong in June. Orlando’s already been signed on as one of the headliners and apparently his ‘partners in crime’ will be none other than Chow Yun Fat and Liam Neeson. (Hell yeah… way to go Orli!)

  • question

    sorry to bring MK into this, but just curious:,23739,23545141-5012980,00.html

    I don’t get the point of this article. Who cares if she used to model for the David Jones’ rival? Why is this such a coup for Myer?

  • @17

    And yet again they mention Orlando and THAT is why she is in the news- least they are honest.

  • @17

    Urgh she is ugly in that pic, god she really is fugly and a butterface- now I get why some of his fans like her- she is prob uglier than them lmao!!

  • #19

    Thats right.

    But so what if her body is toned? Who’s isnt? Anyone can have a toned fit body if they eat well and exercise, its not as if its a rarity having a bod like hers, I like mine better than hers because at least I have good size breasts that arent taken up by a huge brown nipple.

  • @17

    what a silly little article. What’s the real purpose of it?
    They sound like they are slamming DJ who they’ve been plugging
    all along for their girl randa. Why the negative comment at the end?
    I think they just look for a way to put her in the paper every few days.

  • his height


    Elijah Wood is 5 foot 5 inches- that is official now look at this photo>>

    Judging by the difference Orlando is 5 foot 8 or 9, no way can be 5 feet 11

  • Sienna

    Orlando who? He still gets work? Seriously? I thought he gave up acting years ago …

  • Molly

    From what I hear, Orlando is not the nicest person.

  • @22

    Hmmm, you are right as I have also met Elijah Wood and he is definately 5 ’5″ as I am 5’6″ and was an inch taller than him and I had flat shoes on …

    And if thats the case how tall is Miranda Kerr really? she obv lies about her height by a few inches then, but then so many models do.

  • lucky

    Myer’s is probably counting their lucky stars right about now.
    They probably did their homework and didn’t see where how
    she has protrayed herself over the last couple of years would
    be good for their store or image.
    Too bad DJ’s didn’t see the light. All they saw was a hollywood
    celebrity and a wanna be in tow to get their name out there.

  • height

    I wonder if maybe he was 5-11 at his tallest but with his back injury he slouches to less than that.

  • ok Molly

    OK, Molly. I will bite. What do you mean?

  • @17

    I am wondering if this is the first shot DJ is making in an attempt to dump her. She has made some really dumb ass comments that probably did not endear her to their customer base. Maybe they are trying to find a way to wiggle out of their committment to her.

    If Red Circle is not going to start filming until June, why couldn’t he have done education, he is finding time to do this tiny little vingette in this movie, and his part in Education would have been long done by now. Seems odd that he could ift in I love New York, but not the other.

    It will be interesting to see how these movies do. If he is panned by the critics in them, I think his career might well be over.

  • @29

    He just lied. He prob couldnt think of a good reason, so he used the reason of “scheduleing” but people KNEW that red circle would begin filimg in June before he said that, so its complete and utter BS, I think he shouldve told the truth and plumped for artistic differences with the director, that wouldve prob been nearer to the truth after what came to light from Hornby. Why cant Bloom ever just tell the truth, in fact why say ANYTHING at all to his fans about why he pulled out, lying is worse!

    Like I said there is nothing wrong with him pulling out of a movie, but couldnt he at leats been honest and not used a fan to lie through also? Like I said Lori V was the mule that was used to pass on the lie- not nice nor valliant. If I was Lori V I would be pissed off man!

  • karmakey

    I completely understand the pigeon. I’d want to be in a movie with him, too. tee-hee. He took it quite well, I think. No thrashing about or nonsense. He’s such a sweet guy. and so adorable even in a rather tatty costume. I love it that he’s working on films that he chooses instead of just any old thing.

  • @17

    I am surprised there haven’t been any pictures of Miranda watching him on set. You know adoring looks from the sidelines. Kisses in between takes, laughing and hugging while is waiting for his call. God how could she miss the attention, and of course she couldn’t help it if there were photogs there, after all she would just be acting like a good girlfriend supporting her special guy

  • Rose

    Ugh, seriously I used to enamored with Bloom when he first came out. He was the new actor with lots of appeal, but after critics bashing his wooden performances, fangirls lusting over Legolas/ Will Turner fantasies and now this tabloid relationship, I’ve had enough of this guy. I usually never say anything about Bloom and whatever mess he gets himself into, but since this relationship has been splattered all over JJ and other gossip blogs, its like “who cares”.

    Mind you, I was a fan {WAS} but so I’m not defending him or starting an arguement with anyone here, because everyone’s so opinionated here {and I like it}. All I can think of, when Orlando and Miranda are mentioned as a “hot new couple”, is that you can compare them to Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt . What do I mean ? Simple. They’re both not important enough to make headlines, no one really cares if they’re stars and both dont have enough appeal.

    Furthermore, MK is not a Supermodel {in my opinion} but rather commercial-friendly {Victoria Secrets for one…} if she were in that status, then people would automatically know who she is, but she’s not Tyra, Heidi, Claudia, Helena, Kate, Iman, Alek, etc…women who you can call by their first name and people immediately know who you’re talking about.

    So thats my opinion, I’m glad I got that out instead of reading everyone elses’s and never chipping in. :-)

  • B

    Pigions! I like them.

    He tires me. His childlover has new photoes all where of her showing brests and nippels, she is a sllut!!!

  • @33

    Well said, I am in complete agreement with you. Please post more often lol

  • Jaded

    Rose, you just made me remember the first time I have seen OB without make up. He won something at the MTV Movie Awards and when I saw him giving the acceptance speach, I was devastated. I mean, I LOVED Legolas and how hot he was, and seeing him without the blond wig made me soooo disappointed! I remember saying “is that little git really Legolas?” which made my husband fall off the seat laughing. Thanks for bringing up that memory! :)

  • @B

    I saw the photo someone posted them up last night on the last thread. I really don’t get why she just doesn’t become a glamor model and show her naked body off constantly, while her body is her own to do with it what she wishes, I can’t help but wonder how her boyfriends at the time feel about her doing things like that.

  • How I would love…

    To back to discussing Orlando for HIM and him alone.. but I guess he has brought it upon himself by ramming her down our throats, I think if he had a woman who wasnt an Actress or Model or presenter then I think his partner wouldnt get spoke about because lets be honest we wouldnt know ANYTHING about her, see her about whoring his name around or see sluuty pics of her. Imagine how nice that would be!

  • Jaded

    Boys and girls! Are you sick of her? Want her to go away? Then shut the ffuck up about her! It’s that easy. If she’s not getting any attention through him, it’s another reason for her to leave him be.

  • @39

    For as long as she is assocaited with him she will be talked about, thats the way it is.

    But I will try that, I am sick of hearing about her myself lol – but doubt it will make any difference.

    Will everyone else stop discussing her and see what happens?

  • LIAR!!!!!

    Why couldn’t he do an education?? ;LIAR!!!!!

    He lies all the time, what is true about him anymore??

  • agree

    I agree #39 but sometimes the temptation is just so over whelming, yeah?


    He is really aging badly. His deep wrinkles are terrible, he should only have fine lines at his age.. makes you wonder what gives him that aged appearance, hardly working hard becasue he has only aged this past year and he has been unemployed!

  • @38

    I would gladly be his unknown, just tell me the time and place and I’ll be there. I promise not to pimp him/ his name etc. but rather be the adoring woman who has her OWN life and stands strong whilst supporting her partner.

  • B

    He not deserve NO ONE!! Why should random lady take on his riddled Past- could you #44? You not kind he could had 80 sexuals woman partner? You bring that on?

  • B

    How could you alive up to a lady who can twist bodies in the ways she do? How could you if he likes oddnesses in sexuals also??

  • Porky follicles


    I think I know what you mean. I guess for a lot- if not most women it can be bad enough if they fall for a guy who has had say about 10-20 sexual partners, but if it is true and Orlando had had over 50 then yeah, no doubt that would be rather hard to accept, people say the past is the past, but I know speaking personally, I dwell on things too much lmao! So I’d be useless lol So rule me out on that ;)

  • B


    Answer me!!!! please do this!!!

  • al

    when you have so many sexual partners I think at some point it loses meaning, and everyone is just another lay. I think eventually the ability to connect is lost because sex doens’t really mean anything but getting off, there is no emotional connections it is all about the physical and nothing about really connecting emotionall to another person. When you can’t even remember how many you have had, much less their names than something is wrong.

  • @49

    @49 & the rest that say he has had so many partners.
    Not saying he hasn’t but just asking how you know this
    or come up with these numbers? It’a all a guess isn’t it?

  • @50

    no one really knows I agree, but considering he started at age 14 and was really into the club scene in London. then after he got famous there had to be women throwing themselves at him everywhere. I would guess he has had way more than his share