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Victoria Beckham Patches Things Up With Kitson

Victoria Beckham Patches Things Up With Kitson

Victoria Beckham makes her way to Kitson in Beverly Hills on Tuesday to help promote her dVb denim line, which is not selling very well.

Kitson owner Fraser Ross recently told People, “She’s not supporting the line. It’s not good for her brand and not good for her endorsements. In a tough economy, you need to be in partnership with the people that are selling your line to your fans. That’s the bottom line. Victoria lives fifteen minutes from the store. That’s just bad business.”

Added Ross, “We haven’t dumped it. Hopefully there will be some kind of resolution.”

Looks like Posh (or her people) got wind of the bad press surrounding her line and is out to curb those ailing sales!

UPDATE: A Kitson rep tells, “She realized that there are a lot of growing pains in starting line.We are continuing to sell her denim line and are working on a personal appearance for her fans.” MAY-JUH!!!

15+ pictures inside of Victoria Beckham patching things up with Kitson

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  • debora


  • debora

    yay first!

  • http://justjared mrs channing tatum

    i luv posh she deserves to strighten things out

  • Toby

    It’s not like she is doing a signing or something, she’s just shopping and this is the usual reaction by the paparazzi when she shops in B.Hills!

    No-one said she is having low sales, the publicity-hungry Kitson boss just wants more promotion from Victoria so he’s using her as a publicity tool. Her line is obviously doing fine across the market as she is bringing out a bigger line shortly! Her line is sold at much bigger and better stores in the US, namely Saks! Kitson is just one boutique in LA.

    The tabloids LIED about her line being dumped by Kitson, you can’t believe anything you read.

  • sara

    First of all, she never had “low sales.”

    Thanks for the pics though, she looks absolutely gorgeous. Love the jeans and the top, so beautiful!

  • alison

    Would it absolutely kill her to smile once in awhile? What a sourpuss face she always presents! She takes such pains to diet, work out and dress nice and the one thing that has the most power to make someone attractive she just won’t do. I just don’t understand. Not that I should care.

  • JR

    fraser acutally said this in response to the reports that the line was dropped:

    “The rumours are ridiculous – Kitson is extremely proud to be selling dVb by Victoria Beckham. We are fully committed to the dVb collection and our customers and Victoria’s fans ask for it daily. I’ve seen next season’s collection and I can’t wait to get it in-store, especially the new dVb men’s collection launching in September.”


  • Jesia

    fraser ross is the biggest media whore there is, he probably planted the rumor in the first place! anytime a celeb so much as walks past kitson hes on the phone to the paps – i know coz i used to work in a pap agencies office – and he’d be in touch several times a day!

  • kathy

    her butt is so flat..the jeans not helping..who will buy it?

  • ha

    She looks like a stick. Very unattractive.

  • Larisa

    I think this truly shows that she is dedicated and came to promote the line, and i am sure she would have sooner if she had the time.

    She looks stunning as always.

  • taco


  • !


  • Lillianne

    I think that is a real cr@ppy thing for Fraser Ross to say. Absolutely not a professional way to handle things. No wonder she isn’t smiling.

    Victoria go sell your line somewhere they appreciate and support YOU!

  • patrick

    does anybody know what sunglasses she’s wearing?!
    they’re super nice

  • luckyL

    Thanks for all the clarifications to the people who actually do their homework and I still love this b****

  • Lucy

    patrick: her sunglasses are designed by her, they are part of the DVB line.


    gosh she looks the same in every pic she needs a new hair do and a smile for sure!


  • tata

    Why the paps even follow her skinny a** around, I will never understand… she’s NOTHING SPECIAL! She’s ugly, vain, conceited, snobby, did I mention ugly, and totally has illusions of grandeur… I bet she seriously believes that she is the Queen not only of jolly ol’ England but Hollywood as well! Time for her to “retire” her self-righteous self– just because someone has fame and wealth does not mean they possess grace, class and humility- something “Ms. Thing” is definitely lacking…

  • Love Her

    she has the best sense of style. did she buy that jumbo chanel bag at that 2nd hand boutique she was shopping at the other day? could you imagine selling your bag to a concinement store only to have posh buy it. if she got it there i bet the person wants it back!

  • Gisa

    Larisa: If she “had the time”… Are You Serious???? Her WHOLE LIFE is based on WASTED and USELESS TIME! Puhleaazzee!

  • lori

    isn’t that the bag that she bought at that vintage shop (golyester) 2 weeks ago?

  • Molly
  • T

    reading this was not surprising. i heard that her line with rock and republic ended bc she was difficult.

  • mimi

    amen #20

  • dont know u

    I notice that her chest is flat!

  • legs

    she looks good. i hope she smile even once in a while though.

  • ed

    Her jeans are fab..and they r selling well everywhere..i checked it out myself… this is just prob a publicity stunt for kitson
    and she looks good as always…
    VB rocks

  • jade

    Victoria is pretty,but I sure wish she would smile once in awhile. I read
    somewhere,that she didn’t like her smile.

  • Twin

    Wish she would change her wig – its always the same exact style..!! and length ? (whoops Posh you are slipping)

  • inmomar

    She is so fucking ugly. Greedy, ugly, hedonistic, trashy lookinig, arrogant, ugly, alien looking, ugly, fake boobs, fake tan, looks like a man dressed in drag. UGLY Who the hell would pay over $300 dollars for a pair of her jeans. Americans ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOO STUPPPPPPPPPPPPPID

  • Arab.Aquarius

    Good. I agree with Kitson. Celebs need to promote their line just like CDs and concerts, not just stick their name on it

  • cheetah1976

    How can it be that a beautiful women knows how to look sow ugly!?

  • fiercebitch

    Where can I buy her sunglasses?

  • banana

    she is sooo perfect…ahh i hate it!

  • the truth

    fiercebitch…you can buy her sunglasses at her dVb stockist.

    yeah…i agree that probably it is Fraser Ross who made up the rumor about her dVb line. there’s no truth about it! either Ross himself or some mole in the press who got jealous of the successfull of her dVb line. i read somewhere that Ross probably just made up the story coz he wants Posh to go to his store for him to get more publicity…as his store is not as big or exclusive high-end store as Saks and Hallmark!

    and the media just love to see the down-fall of Victoria as they could get a whole new stories! and none of them has interviewed Victoria or Fraser Ross himself! thank God there’s VOGUE to clear things up! and both Victoria and Vogue went to Kitson to ask Ross personally about this rumor..guess he wouldn’t dare to make nasty rumors ever again!

  • Moon

    this is the truth..

    He (Fraser Ross) tells British Vogue, “The rumors are ridiculous – Kitson is extremely proud to be selling dVb by Victoria Beckham. We are fully committed to the dVb collection and our customers and Victoria’s fans ask for it daily.”

    “I’ve seen next season’s collection and I can’t wait to get it in-store, especially the new dVb men’s collection launching in September.”

    i think that Mr. Ross got scared of being ambush by both Victoria and Vogue!! haahaha..Go Vicky!