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Jake Gyllenhaal: You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Jake Gyllenhaal: You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Jake Gyllenhaal and his personal umbrella holder head to the set of his new movie, Nailed, in Columbia, South Carolina on Wednesday.

According to IMDB, Nailed is an original romantic comedy about a naïve small town waitress (Jessica Biel) who accidentally gets a nail buried in her head, causing erratic and outrageous behavior that leads her to Washington DC. There she falls for a dashing, but clueless, Congressman who searches for the courage to save her. James Marsden also stars.

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  • hannah


  • hannah


  • kelly

    Jake the diva? Hopefully nothing I’ll have to get used to!

  • redsox

    oh how I love seeing him in that hat. = ]

  • me

    He looks good!

  • legs


  • lizzie

    hmmm Jake and James Marsden together??? Hot Hot Hot.

  • kaye

    Aww. Is this another one of those movies where James Marsden is the boyfriend that gets dumped? Sad if it is.

  • gia

    kaye, you just beat me to that comment. hahaha.

  • the shiznack

    cant this fadgehole hold the umbrella himself

    lazy b@stard!

  • Hannah

    It bugs me too when they can’t seem to hold their own umbrellas. Geez!

  • catherine

    they’re filming this right by my school (USC). apparently he’s super nice. hangs out around starbucks alot, restaurants downtown, my friend even saw him at the school gym the other day. unfortunately i haven’t seen him yet! and i haven’t heard anything about the other stars. everyone’s on “jake watch” haha.

  • #13

    Some other girls weren’t that lucky, they approached him and he wasn’t nice to them. I think it depents on his mood!


    He’s cool. I saw many hot guys on ‘sugardaddychat. com’ . Also I saw his profile there. He’s sincere, sexy and honest there. Of course he’s one of the quality men there.

  • youmadethatup

    #13, you saw that on Flynet. It’s not that Jake wasn’t nice, he just didn’t respond to them. Hello – he’s working. He doesn’t have time for teens.

  • faith

    Romantic comedy?? I would have never thought he would ever film one.

  • Carly

    I agree Kaye. lol It always happens w/ him. James is so cute. He plays like the cute and understanding boyfriend.

    I hope Jessica doesnt ruin this movie, it actually sounds interesing.

  • Lish

    I have lost a lot of respect for Jake. Hold your own umbrella. That’s what a real man would do.

  • tool

    This queer is a tool honestly cannot hold his own umbrella. LOSER
    He and that hag Witherspoon deserve each other ick.

  • Please

    Lish, I have no respect for you. I bet you are not a real man or woman.

    Tool, you are the tool and a loser. That is what happens on movie sets. Check out pictures of other actors in the same situation and they are not holding their own umbrellas.

  • bet betty

    Homo. Diva.


  • bet betty

    Too. Bad.

    That. Shia. Boy. will. Replace. the. Homo. In. one. or. Two. Years.

    Mark. The. Words.

  • Leigh

    ew I just lost respect for him. thats’ so beat. a woman to carry his umbrella??!!

  • to you please

    That doesn’t not make it right it is pathetic and sad. A little perspective is in order even on a movie set there are many stars that don’t go along cause it is what happens. Honestly.

  • sam

    Ugh so many pathetic, ignorant, idiotic people posting here. You are disgusting and nasty. Grow up.

  • Tracy

    Ppl get paid to assist actors on set and it’s their jobs. So shut up.

  • joss

    he looks good, but why does he need a personal umbrella holder…

  • Mika

    Hehe, has he been talking to Mariah??

  • anom

    OMG, can´t you see? He was busy with two hands! I am pretty shortter than him (like Reese) but even more I would adore to be his personal umbrella holder head!

  • Halli

    How manly of him to let a woman hold his umbrella for him while he sips his coffee. I guess the neurotic diva antics people whisper about are correct. And I don’t care if he has that privilege, its says something about his character that he would be up for that, douchebag,

  • v

    His father the director Stephan Gyllenhaal help him to work in this film. Or he sleeped with a Hollywood leather to become this place. Let’s see if this film will be failure like the other one hw had made.
    More a mediocre lover of Hollywood leathers that they would like to promote…

  • solaris

    Ladies, Ladies!

    Men like to be spoiled too, from time to time! I don’t mind if they hold the umbrellas… long as they are taller….and may be it is some kind of emancipation…..

    (I see rotten tomatoes coming towards me…I def. need an umbrella now!!!)

  • Ivana

    I’ ll be hold umbrela for you, Solaris…
    Still love Jake…….

  • gay gay…fakeromance…fakeman

  • _nika

    umbrella holders LOL. that movie sounds bad, just from the description.

  • arbuckle

    what a fcuktard!
    hold your own umbrella you lazy p u s s y.

  • Rse

    some people see a little mole on Jake’s face, then mistake Jake as black. in fact, it is only a sun burn–very normal.

  • grow up

    So many idiots here. WTF, you are bitching and moaning and calling Jake names. Some of you really are stupid. That is this woman’s JOB! Jake is not being a diva or a douche. Frankly if you did some research about movies you would know that they do that as standard procedure on a movie set. Ugh, YOU are the ones who are pathetic, lazy, stupid and obnoxious.

  • Lauren.

    resepct is gone. not that there was any considering we don’t know each other but any respect built up based on interviews is gone. the pictures are proof ..diva statussss(:

  • Rse

    Jake had very sick fans who now turn to haters.

  • Martelka

    I would be ashamed as a guy if a women would hold my umbrella while on a walk. Poor Reese!!! Does she also have to hold his umbrella?

  • Kikigirl101

    What the hell is it with celebs having their own personal umbrella holders?! So what if they get wet! They wont freaking melt!

  • solaris

    Explain to me please! So, it is okay for a man to hold an umbrella for a woman, but beware if a woman holds an umbrella for a man? What are men? Donkey – who carry the bags for women? Holding Stick -to take women’s hand if they climb up/down? Umbrella’s holder?

    Thanks Ivana, to hold an umbrella for me. I will do the same to you, too.

  • http://SIMPLYBRAD M


  • Prin

    So true, Rse. It is really disturbing to see how so called “fans”, who are really just sick, are turning on Jake. They don’t know anything yet they call him a diva and all sorts of horrible names.

  • Rse

    yeah, they want Jake has a MALE assistant. that is what matters. haha

  • Anon

    Rse – that is SOOOOOOO true. haha, that is ALL they think about.

  • Ivana

    Ups mistake i’ll be holding……
    This grammar kill me!!!!

  • bet betty

    sam @ 04/16/2008 at 10:32 pm Ugh so many pathetic, ignorant, idiotic people posting here. You are disgusting and nasty. Grow up.



    Who. Is. Talking?


  • v

    The man of USA are died. USA had more them 4.000 soldiers whose had died in Irak war whose will give advantages only for a oligarchy.
    The man of USA disappear and they have this gays, son of bitch, like Jake Gylenhaal when he walks . with a asslicker women whose take a umbrella for him. How humiliate work for a women….Probably she live in a total poverty until she found this bad job.
    Hallo USA. It is their Idol this kind of people? They are very busy with their hands and nothing in brain!