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Mary-Kate Olsen Celebrates New Year's in April

Mary-Kate Olsen Celebrates New Year's in April

Mary-Kate Olsen (in vintage Missoni) drowns herself in a glittery pastel floor-grazing gown at the “New Year’s In April: A Fool’s Fête” at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in New York City on Wednesday.

The 21-year-old mini-mogul accessorized with a yellow clutch and a monstrous-sized headband.

The celebrated event was run by the non-profit organization, New Yorkers For Children. Their mission is to improve the lives of children and families by increasing the private sector’s awareness of child welfare issues.

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  • kathy

    she is so weird

  • dfwchick

    good goobly goo. that right there is ugggggy.

  • K

    What the heck is she wearing?

  • yikes

    No no no to the headband..ruins the entire outfit, not that it had much going for it to begin with. Looks like a Missoni, but troll can’t carry it off. The only think positive I can find to say is…she’s put on some weight. Maybe she’s off the blow.

  • Jonas Fan

    umm ok what is she wearing?

  • Hey

    love her! to all of the haters, you obviously dont know what fashion is.

  • Hey

    love love love her dress & headband. mary-kate olsen is amazing. =)

  • shannon

    i do like the dress i think she can pull of thses type of clothing but seriously wtf is on her head!

  • Hey

    just jared, do you know who made her dress? =)

  • boopy boo


    she looks SO bad! there’s no way anyone would think thats a good outfit. and that ass donut cushion on her head? WTF!?!?!!

  • sheryl


  • aussie luke

    ive stopped trying to understand this girl.


    mmm donut

  • PF

    #6, if that’s “fashion” then I don’t want to be in style! I don’t necessarily dislike Mary-Kate, but that outfit is hideous. The dress is way too big, and the headband…don’t get me started.

  • Tyra

    Gross, stop with the lip thing already! Do her and her sister find that to actually be inticing or something? It looks foolish and obvious to me.

  • lindsey

    Wow, congratulations MK … you may have just made worst-dressed red-carpet HISTORY! The gossip rags are gonna have a field day.


  • Q

    I’m no fashionista, and I’m never one to give my opinion on these things, but MK looks awful. I miss the way her and Ashley looked during their tween years. :(

  • LT

    WTF??? Is she high or just blind????
    Is this a joke???

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    hahahahahahah loserrrrrrrrr


    what the heck is she wearing?! thats huge, she has no sence of fashion!

  • Way2bad

    The dwarf-like former child star, Mary Kate Olsen, who just like the mythical Smurfs is a mere three apples high, is she wearing something from the wardrobe of her new fantasy movie where she is playing a lead role as the beautiful troll princess.



  • Britney is a true Goddess


  • alyssa

    mary kate rocks…she’s so far ahead of everyone in the fashion field, they don’t even compare!

  • Kitten

    I adore MK, and understand fashion is at time “avant garde”, but this look is just ridiculous and wrong. She could be so chic and fashion forward but she just loses it with silly stuff like this. Her look itself.. face, build is fabulous tho.

  • me

    Wow what an outfit!

  • Marta

    this dress is to big on her, maybe smaller could look better, but I like cute,yellow clutch.

  • j

    Kitten’s right. I follow fashion but this is just too much. I didn’t like the Marc Jacobs headband on the runway and if a model can’t even pull it off, you shouldn’t take it to the red carpet. She looks horrible!

  • ace tomato

    Ow. My eyes.

  • The Narcissist

    I, just, don’t, get it.

    I don’t think she does either.

  • Me

    she tries way too hard!
    such a wanna be.

  • wow

    Bet she paid at least $50,000 for it though!

  • jade

    I don’t understand it. This girl is rich and she wears the dumbest
    outfits. She could really dress nice,but I guess she would rather look like this,awful.

  • Michelle

    Leighton Meester was there too! Where are her pictures. No one cares about MKA anymore.

  • legs

    the most hideous headband i’ve ever seen. lol

  • Kristen


  • k

    she is crazy

  • Bojana

    She lookes like she is from some kind a circus heeheheheheheh TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kendra


  • elie

    whoa. what’s with the looks? pretty much like a worn out one.

  • mk olsen forever fug

    she’s so fuckin weird..
    What the hell is she wearing?
    She must must must fired her stylist.
    Its a fashion suicide!

  • buckeyegurl

    That has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. Weird chick.

  • Rae

    Oh MK. Normally I’m loving her crazy outfits but this is just bad. Everything looks like it’s 5 sizes too big.

  • YUCK

    what was she thinking? she & her sis are so cute. sometimes they look fab & sometimes they try too hard to be different. that dess is bad enough. did she have to wear that headband too!

  • docomo

    tho this dress is wierd, i still like her with her sense of fashion ! and after thinking about it this dress isn’t that bad at all !

  • kara

    She is one ugly little weird troll. What a freak.

  • Never forget

    Agree with this old post:

    As For Mary Kate, I will never forgive her , or forget her for her behavior concerning Heath Ledger. Never.
    On April 4th Heath would have turned 29 years old. He might still be around today if the people who found him would have called 911 instead of making four phone calls to MaryKate for her “instructions.”
    Her “So what” statement following his death and her callouse behavior are sickening. I think she is despicable and I don’t care to see her pictures or read about her. Whenever I can, I will always post a reminder of how she was involved with Heath’s death. At every single gossip blog i find. If you see her pictured anywhere on the internet, I and there’s a way to comment, I will post, where ever I can. RIP Heath. Your fans will always love you, Bud.

  • Never forget

    and this post:

    If Heath Ledger were alive he would have been only 29 years old on April 4th, his birthday. Every time I run into some stupid gossip item about Mary Kate and Ashley, I want people to remember that. Heath is dead. I will never forgive Mary Kate for the cold hearted statement she released after he died, or the fact she went to a party the night after, then claimed she’d been dating him off and on and made sure that got out,so she could get some attention. But most of all, I cannot forgive or forget that she and her “masseuse” friend talked on the telephone four times while he was laying there between life and death. Four times, before anyone called 911. His body was still warm when EMT arrived on the scene. It is possible he could have been saved. No matter how unlikely that is, the possibility he would still be here and alive is more then anyone who loved him can bear to think about. The Olsens do nothing to contribute anything to the human race. I hope they go into seclusion with all their drugs and anorexia and just disappear. Anyone who buys a single thing from their clothing lines is contributing to making them bigger billionaires then they already are. They don’t deserve our support. They give nothing back. They are just filthy.

  • me me me

    ridiculous.. she’s missing an entire foot for this outfit :)))))))

  • me me me

    never forget, don’t you have your own friends and family etc. to worry about? instead of spending days and nights hating the trollsen, what you should be focusing on is getting a life. seriously, i’m not saying this just to be mean (although that too:), you seem to have a real problem.

  • Helena

    #6, it’s quite evident that you don’t know anything about fashion.