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Simon Cowell: American Idol Contestants Lack Personality

Simon Cowell: American Idol Contestants Lack Personality

When Simon Cowell was asked to pinpoint a collective flaw in the season 7 cast of American Idol, he told Variety:

“Personality. They are giving very safe answers to questions, making safe song selections. We are not getting a sense of who they are. We have to try to pull it out of them more.”

Cowell added, “You cannot deliver an uninspired performance at the top of the show. And you can’t be up there imitating another singer.”

Danny Noriega had personality!!

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  • Helena

    I watch this from the UK and most of the contestants are boring and dull.

  • maidy

    please be first! i love american idol!!!

  • maidy

    hey helena i m from the uk as well, i agree with you, american idol did use to to be quite good and it’s gone quite boring!!! still atleast we have x factor eh??? lol! :)

  • tata

    Go Cook *.* lol

  • SherylSp.

    As usual, I’m in total agreement with Simon here—this season is chock full of drab, charisma-free contestants just rehashing the typical personas of lackluster contestants in past seasons. Last season was bad enough with the Sanjaya debacle, but this one is just plain BORING…no real stand-out’s here, unless you consider David Cook’s faux-rocker presence((which is really just a rehash of Chris Daughtry’s shtick)) and maybe the dreadlocked dude too, even though he has a boring personality as well. I actually miss Amanda O. now; she wasn’t the best singer of them all, but at least she was never boring and always put in memorable, decent displays. Sadly, I think AI’s heyday is gradually coming to an end…

  • Toby

    A bit of pot kettle black from Simon considering he manages Leona Lewis (winner of X Factor in the UK), not exactly the most personality laden artist in the world but certainly doing well.

  • http://msn lips, tits ass OH WTF.

    Simon need to shut the F U C K up, he’s the one who pick them. I think he did it because he wants Idol to bomb so he can bring X CRAPTOR here in the states.

  • Sasha

    To #1 Helena and # 3 Maidy…..

    You are in The UK and you watch American Idol…LOL…What’s about The British Programs?…I guess there must be more boring and duller than American Idol then…By the way,Maidy…the X factor is actually more boring than American Idol…And look at you two now…You are here @…..hahaha

  • Ann

    I find this all little pot and kettle coming from SIMON! LOL! He’s the last one that should be preaching about personality.

  • emily

    Danny Noriega did have personality!
    I love both of the David’s, but I miss Danny!

  • Vicki

    Yeah thats pretty much true. Sister Mary at has been sayin that for weeks. Simon finally hit it on the head which is good. Idol rules.

  • Jennifer W

    i didnt like danny noriega at all he could not sing. david archuleta and david cook has the best voices they are great.

  • Jessica



  • Marieme

    Excuse me? Danny Noriega had a lousy personality. Being a rude, diva queen does not a personality make. His ego was bigger than his talent. I admit it would have been fun to see if he actually grew into a better performer, but do I miss him? Not one bit!

  • Laura

    Danny had personality and a great voice!
    And please, he’s hilarious! I love him!
    But my favorite is David Cook ! He rocks!
    I hope David wins, he’s THE best of the group, and HE DOES have personality!
    oh … And he’s HOT! LOL

  • idoFan

    I’m watching this crap now. And I just can’t stand Brooke !! I wish she’d keep her mouth shut for once !! She’s besting Kristy in that position right now. And her performance last night was absolutely horrid !! She didn’t hit her notes and she rushed through it. And then kept whining with her feedback to the judges. I’m done with her now. And David, with the ridiculous grin. I’m so sick of this purported boy wonder. I’ll never get what they see in him.

    And why in the Hell do they keep dissing Syeisha ? !! I thought she was excellent last night. If they get rid of her tonight, even though Brooke was the worst, I’m not watching ay more.


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  • msraq

    idoFan, you’ve got a stick up your ass.

    stop talking crap about a show you’re watching!! i’d have to agree though, brooke was terrible last night. but i am SOOOO glad kristy lee cook is booted off. poor girl can’t even sing!! i hate her guts!

    i am so in love with jason castro.

    … and david archuleta!!!! :D

  • idoFan

    No. You’ve got the stick up your a$$ for “loving” the stiff Archuleta. But I’m glad that you at least came my way regarding Brooke. Well, at least we’re like minded on that level. :-)

  • krissy

    im aussie, so go aussie Michael Johns.. even though he got booted off…stupid americans…

  • lexi

    I guess, Simon is right. Each time those contestants come on stage, I was hopeful, waiting for something fantastic. Instead, they each come on like normal, nothing that can make you stand out in ovation and remember them! Except David Cook — who by the way, since Simon’s criticism of him had 200% turned himself around ! ! ! Simon develops artists, so he is telling the truth. Much like a director, who must direct an actor! He needs to criticize David Archuletta, so he can lose that baby personality to make much greater. And Smithson needs to be a bit smarter and dig deeper inside of who she is so can belt out that one performance which can make her beat Cook and Archuletta.
    Simon is RIGHT!!

  • hotwired15

    This is definitely a “guy year”. DC is an incredible talent. He knows who he is, what works for him, and is not afraid to push the envelope. People were complaining that he stole arrangements. Give me a break, they have 48 hours to choose a song, select an arrangement, and start rehearsals. Then they have to create a long version for iTunes. Always be my Baby was an amazing arrangement.

    Then the crap began about his tears for a sympathy vote. His brother Adam, on Chemotherapy was there. When they were pre-seating Andrew and his wife, Terry Hatcher and her daughter sat next to them. Adam’s wife is a huge Desperate Housewives fan. On top of that DC had the performance of his life with a standing ovation. It was probably pretty overwhelming, so give him a break. Do a search on YouTube for “David Cook and the Orange Bracelet for Lindsey Rose”. Now this is a class act.

    As far as a boring season, Archie sings Lion King every week., Radio-Voice Carly always looks angry (watch her with the volume off) – It’s Scary. She stayed out of the bottom three this week mainly because the wore long sleeves. Brooke and Jason were born 40 years to late for their style of music, Syesha is lost in the crowd. Now MJ had the best voice and range of the group, however he didn’t know who he was, or at least never let us know. Seventy’s Music and Queen just doesn’t sell.

    The show is American Idol, meaning the most marketable talent, not the best voice or impersonator. If you take away the cute and hot factor, and base it on the soundtrack only, DC is the clear talent with a big future and music that is “now”.